2021 Education Catalogs are Here!
Get your planners ready because there’s a wealth of training opportunities coming your way in 2021! Your catalogs have been mailed and should now be in your hands. Additionally, you can click below to download the electronic version. 

4:00 PM ET
Education Express
Year-End Reminders for December

  • Verify Equity Loan categories to ensure proper 1098 reporting
  • Verify Share and Certificate configurations to ensure proper 1099- INT reporting; check settings on the credit union account
  • Verify Accounts Payable Vendor settings to ensure proper 1099- MISC reporting
  • Order special envelopes for Auditor member account verification mailing (if necessary)
  • Clear statement messages for December statements (if using substitute 1099-INTs)
  • Modify statement messages/instructions
  • Modify December e-statement notification message (if using substitute 1099-INTs)
  • Enter mortgage points paid and other 1098 data into the Tax File
  • Statement inserts due at Sage Direct

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 3:00 PM ET
Learning Café

CU*BASE Customer Master Database Information

Consider the Customer Master Database as your online contact directory. Here you will find important demographic information about your unique profile, your branches, and your staff. Being “in the know” is crucial in today’s business world. How your business partners contact you or your organization at any given time might be paramount to your success. When decisions must be made, can the proper information be communicated to the proper people in a timely manner? 

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The CU*Answers OnDemand site is a growing library of CU*BASE training, special events, and multi-media presentations provided at no charge. Over 100 items are posted on the site, ranging from CU*BASE training to informative
regulatory-compliance reviews.
Have you checked out the Client Services and Education Store? There are a variety of products including Educational Resources like our CU*BASE Custom Training Edition (CTE) and our Exercises for Success Training Manuals.
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