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The Effect of the Pandemic on

Women in the Workplace

Over the past decade, many companies have integrated diversity and inclusion programs that enhance the overall workplace balance. One of our goals is to enlighten others on how gender and race perpetuate discrimination or hinder equity in the workplace. Although significant progress is evident, the pandemic and everything that followed brought new challenges for women and women of color in the workplace.

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Many people lost their jobs, but most of them are women.

Several reports from all over the globe highlight unemployment rates among women during the pandemic. The term “she-cession” was coined, revealing that women, who are often in low-paying jobs, were the first ones to go. In January 2022, the US Department of Labor disclosed a report saying 467,000 new jobs opened to citizens. However, more than half of those jobs employed men.

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Women of color prefer to work from home.

Zooming in on women of color, who experience biases based on gender and race, a recent study revealed that they prefer to work from home. Women of color working in tech navigate the industry with patience and precision. These women constantly monitor and edit their behavior in the office to fit in. Working from home eliminated a lot of gender and racial biases, allowing women to take control of how they are perceived.

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Continue to pursue diversity and inclusion.

Truly the pandemic has been challenging for individuals and businesses. However, as we emerge from the ruins and rebuild what was lost, it is imperative to reassess the needs of all employees and redesign work patterns. More opportunities for women are needed, and updated policies that ensure diversity and inclusion for women of color are also of the essence. 


Elevate Your DEI Programs

We want to share materials that resonate with diversity, equality, and inclusion using different platforms and formats. Feel free to check them out!

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In this news report from Citizen TV Kenya, a celebration is in order as Martha Karua was nominated to be a major party’s running mate in the upcoming elections. Kenya’s women’s rights movement pushes for women’s role in high politics. If successful in the elections, Martha Karua will be the first woman to be elected as deputy president in Kenya. 

Kenya’s Fight for Gender Equality in Politics



Collaborating Through DEI by the Institute for Developing Across Differences

In a two-day master course, Global DEI Benchmarks Coauthor and Expert Panellist Nene Molefi teaches how to make DEI practices a collaborative effort in organizations. The event is on June 22-23, 2022, and is open to human resource executives, chief diversity officers, transformation executives, equity executives, and leaders at all levels. 


2022 Virtual Conference: Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

On September 21, 2022, the Human Captial Institute will hold its virtual DEI event aimed at helping businesses empower their workforce through implementing DEI practices. It is their goal to create a fair, equitable, and inclusive workforce that helps companies thrive.


Global Inclusion 2022: 10th Annual Diversity Abroad Conference

Open to members of the academe, stakeholders, and DEI practitioners, the 10th Diversity Abroad conference spotlights diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education and cultural exchange. The event will be held in San Francisco, California on October 3-7, 2022.

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