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New Circle Mentoring Program Director Discusses ACEs

Parental incarceration is ranked among the ten most serious "adverse childhood experiences" (ACEs) which are statistically linked to health and social problems in adult life. (Resilience Beyond Incarceration Fact Sheet) With this fact in mind,...

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We strongly believe it is important to understand the effects of parental incarceration; learn the signs of childhood trauma known as Adverse Childhood Experiences; and have resources available for children and families who are affected by parental incarceration.
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Safer Society Foundation Podcast, Episode 2
Listen to Dottie and Mary discuss why it is important for New Circle Mentoring to have a Clinical Director and how they support the mentors. Some of the challenges our mentees face are discussed along with program activities that help mentees build new skills with their mentors. 
When a family member
serves time, students also
pay a price
Parental incarceration of is one of the 10 adverse childhood experiences and it affects more than 5 million school-aged children in America today. Adverse childhood experiences affect learning — such as a student's impulse control, concentration and judgment
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Developed to assist caretakers and professionals in their efforts to provide kids of incarcerated parents with emotional support and counseling.
Published for children of incarcerated parents, this bill addresses the special needs of families affected by incarceration. 
Having a parent in prison has a major impact on a child's mental health, social behavior, and educational prospects. Visit our website to learn more.
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