The fmfirst® Efficiency Countdown
April 2017

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Efficiency savings special edition 
How can we help trusts reduce costs and still deliver
the same high quality standard of service?

This question is at the forefront of all our fmfirst® development work - finding ways to provide an answer by applying the very latest technological innovation to make our systems work harder to maximise results for the end user.  This spring edition of the fmfirst® newsletter outlines our current top five efficiency savers, with our recent SFG20/fmfirst® integration achieving the coveted number one slot!  The efficiency Top 5: 

1. SFG20/fmfirst® integration
2. PLACE Audit tool
3. System Reviews
4. Surveys
5. Targeted training packages
1. SFG20/fmfirst® integration  

Asckey have signed an agreement with BESA to become their first Approved Provider of SFG20 and w e are now able to to supply fmfirst estates and facilities ready programmed with the latest SFG20 core and HTM schedules. These will be automatically updated each time SFG20 is revised.  Benefit from:
  • Potential cost savings on annual maintenance budgets*
  • Statutory and mandatory maintenance compliance
  • Colour-coded task criticality ratings (Red-Pink-Amber-Green)
  • Customisable maintenance schedules
  • Over 500 maintenance task schedules
Maintenance savings 
Taking BESA's experience of other industry sectors into account, this could mean savings to the Trust of up to 25%*  of your annual maintenance costs. Even if we took a more conservative view say 10%, this could see a Trust saving over 1m pounds across 3 years. In addition, benefit from knowing that you are working to the latest HTM guidelines and therefore meeting compliance requirements.

Find out more visit the SFG20 website
Contact Asckey on 0845 270 7747 to find out more

  2.  PLACE collections made simple 

PLACE data collections can be time consuming, paper driven and error prone...! Since the launch of our fmfirst® PLACE mobile and fmfirst® PLACE lite mobile modules, we now have a number of trusts benefitting from:
  • Time and resource savings with reduced assessment time with one point data entry
  • Direct data uploads from a mobile device to central NHS Digital's efm portal
  • Precision monitoring of problem areas with targeted action plans using fmfirst® PLACE lite mobile
  • Enhanced data security, and more...
Contact Asckey today on 0845 270 7747 and ask about our current fmfirst® PLACE mobile free trial offers. 
  3.  CAFM system review - what's working and what isn't?
It's time to take a step back.  By regularly reviewing your systems and processes you can uncover inefficiencies, areas that could be improved and find the most efficient solution to benefit your organisation.    

Start the process today with our help - request your free, no obligation CAFM system review today.  
4.  fmfirst® surveys  
Under current health and safety legislation, trusts have a number of obligations including a duty to monitor and rectify risks associated with hazards in the work environment.  
How can you ensure that vital maintenance tasks are being carried out correctly?  A bespoke online survey tool can support your vital compliance and monitoring obligations.  On-line surveys are more accurate than paper-based surveys as well as being time and cost efficient.  Surveys current available include: Waste, Catering and Fire.  

Need a specific survey? Get creative
Create your own online surveys; any paper-based survey can be transformed into an interactive mobile application that can be used to collect essential data and create related reports. 
Read more... 
5.  Training and support 
Get the most from your CAFM system with our bespoke training packages. Mirroring the fmfirst® application itself, our training packages are modular and can be tailored to fit the exact needs of individual users/organisations.  

Have you tried our self-service support portal?
Our new self-service fmfirst support portal* enables users to log faults and system observations. With this faster, self-service method of support, users can keep track of status and outstanding actions. 

New support staff 
Join us in welcoming our latest addition to the team - Leon  Petch, our new Systems Support Technician!  Leon is on hand to answer queries, resolve issues and provide advice for how to get the most from your fmfirst® system. 
Contact Asckey today on 0845 270 7747 to discuss your system requirements and ask about our upcoming fmfirst® training courses.  * Contact us to register for log-in details 
fmfirst® estates & facilities - system updates
New release - fmfirst® estates and facilities v17.1
fmfirst-estates and facilities This new release for Spring 2017 contains a range of enhancements to ensure that system functionality continues to meet our users current needs.  New features include:
  • Assign multiple trades and/or operatives to a job if required (existing system functionality has been maintained)
  • Ability to schedule your ppm run for overnight creation
  • Task tickets can now be created with multiple elements of work which can then be assigned to single or multiple staff
  • New task element sign-off on MTM allowing staff to identify which parts of a job have and have not been completed
  • New Task Planner allows quick and easily allocation of work to staff
  • New integration with SFG20 data
Contact the Asckey office on 0845 270 7747 for further details and details of our user group meetings.
Health and Safety modules

fmfirst ® health and safety - asbestos 
In order to comply with the HSE recommendations, it is essential that organisations keep a register of all Asbestos containing materials.  fmfirst's Asbestos Register calculates and displays the Asbestos assessment scores in alignment with the current HSE calculation.  Asbestos related remedial work can be linked to estates tickets Read more...  
fmfirst ® health and safety - legionella 
Where there is a risk of Legionnaires' disease it is necessary to monitor any assets /equipment on a regular basis and to keep detailed system records of any non- conformities an
follow-up actions .  fmfirst® health and safety - legionella is for estates managers looking to formally monitor Legionella.   Read more...  
Health Sector Conferences 2017

Taking time out to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and government directives ensures that you are always one step ahead.  Discover new approaches and technology that could transform your organisational efficiency and output.  
Facilities Show, Excel London, June 20-22nd, 2017
Visit Asckey on stand N950  

This year we will be showcasing the latest innovation from fmfirst® including v.17.1 and our new SFG20* integration module.

Now one of the world's largest dedicated facilities management event, the facilities show attracts Facilities Managers and suppliers from a growing range of sectors.

The theme of this years' forum is - ` Learning Together Growing Stronger'.   This years' new format provides delegates with more educational based workshop sessions and face-to-face time with exhibitors.

Running alongside the forum will be a dedicated exhibition, showcasing products and services from over 40 leading healthcare cleaning suppliers.

`If you are a cleaning professional or a supplier to the industry who is looking to stay ahead of the game then this is the event for you!

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