The Eight Ways
of Tai Chi Chuan


Join us Thursday evenings, 7:30pm, starting October 29th, for our course exploring Cheng Man-Ching's Eight Ways of
Tai Chi Chuan.
These simple movements and postures come from the Yang style tai chi form, and are ideal for brand new beginners and experienced tai chi players alike. 
With the use of both detail and imagery, The Eight Ways quickly bring us into the essential principles of tai chi – conscious ways to stand, move, and go through our daily lives. 
For the brand new beginner, The Eight Ways are a simple method to awaken your consciousness and train your body. If you have been tense or anxious, the slow movements of The Eight Ways can help you by cultivating a relaxed awareness of your body. If you are recovering from an injury, or haven't been physically active in a while, they can help you recover your balance and flexibility while strengthening your legs. If you are new to tai chi, this class will acquaint you with its key principles and inspire you to explore further.
For the experienced student of tai chi, this practice deepens and refines your understanding and embodiment of tai chi principle in the tai chi form, push-hands, and sword. 
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New York School of T'ai Chi Chuan