We've been hosting house concerts this year and on Tuesday, June 11th, we'll be featuring Marco de Carvalho, Brazilian Guitarist - potluck @ 6, music at 7. More info here . If you'd like to receive updates about upcoming house concerts, click here . The video below is the Dead playing The Eleven last year in Eugene.
Life is good. Last weekend I attended a men's RC workshop. I've been doing co-counseling since 1989 and it's one of the things that really helps keep me sane and thriving. I wish everyone were doing it or at least understood how to use the tool. It's simple and profound - basically, people taking turns listening to one another and allowing the physical effects that come naturally to come. Crying, laughing, yawning - the things we all do when someone pays attention to us well.

On the business front, I got a call today from a woman who sought email marketing training. Which spurred this email - if that's something you're interested in, please let me know. As I shared in last month's The Eleven, I've been putting together my various skills in digital marketing to build neighborhood groups for action and recreation. It feels very experimental - I talk about some of this, here , but really, it's a work in progress - and something new gets added every couple of days. My next foray will possibly be a way to take the neighborhood's emotional health temperature! (then, pairing those who have a high EQ and life experience with those who could use a hand).

I'm still working on the Gas-powered leaf blower ban. Our website is coming along (look Mom, I know Wordpress), and here's the most recent news on that front . We have a courtesy hearing on our bill HB3350 on 6.18 in Salem. We'd love your testimony (explained in link), if you want to support this effort. Thank you.

One of my main joys these days is people stopping by and joining me on our porch. I have some regulars and some new folks who stop for a bit, chat, water their dog, and catch up. It's pretty sweet and feels very community/neighborly. A new friend, Vicky, just stopped by and wanted to thank me for one of the songs she received via Song a Day - something I created years ago - you get a new song each day - for quite a while. She said it led to her writing a song! If you want to join up click here (you'll be taken to my favorite online radio station, but you'll be added to the Song a Day email flow - hop off anytime by adjusting your preferences at the bottom of any email I send you!)
My recent love/addiction to chess continues. And the Summer is looking fun and inviting.

I hope you're doing great and perhaps I'll get to see you this Summer?

Lots of love, and health, and great food.


PS - you know how much I love music camps. My friend, Robin Jackson, is starting one that will happen this Fall. Check it out !

PPS - below, a porch on Sherman and 49th.