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I've been organizing up a storm recently which is partly why this is coming to you on the 18th and not the 11th! And so I can get on with making sure things I've set in motion go well, this edition is going to be somewhat no-frills with mostly event announcements and a call to action or two.  

Constant Contact is running a special this month which is splendiferous. They've unrolled their social campaigns product and are continuing to impress me as the go-to source for email marketing/newsletters. Use my affiliate link and win a prize from me :) - I've also set up a biz page for my efforts vis email marketing support for small businesses. You can see an example of the social campaign software here. It's not as snazy as what Lujure is up to, but it's pretty good for a first attempt.

Mother: Caring for the 7 Billion. I'm organizing a FREE showing of this important new documentary on 2.20.12 at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon. Start time is 7:30 and I'll be part of a Q&A after the film. I've decided that the current attacks on Planned Parenthood, birth control and womens' rights will be helped by having a donation basket for Planned Parenthood at the event. You can donate to Planned Parenthood at any time.
See this show!
I also see that the current discussion of womens' right is moved in the right direction when we learn more and are open about our sexuality. That's why I've been a proud booster of my friend, Eleanor O'Brien's show GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies which is playing in Portland through the end of the month - and is fantastic. I'll be performing in the open mike tonight after the show - 2.18.12.  More details about the show here. If you'd like to invite Eleanor to perform her show in your town, contact her, she'd like that.
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Wileyware creator, good friend for a good reason, and mistress of fun, Marcia Wiley will be coming to Portland as part of the SE Artwalk on March 3rd and 4th. She'll be set up at KORU House @ 1704 SE 22nd Ave (Map) - join us for Marcia's work and much more from 10-5 on both days. Marcia will be showing off all sorts of new work that will thrill and exite you!  Also, Sharon Flegel's latest creations will on display! 

Come plant trees with me and Friends of Trees! Irvington, Portland, Saturday March 10th, details 
. Special this year will be silk-screened shirts with a special image made for the event and music by our friends Steve, Maria and Heather of 
at lunch.  

Saturday, March 25th, 7pm - House Concert @ The Happy Clam with Dana Lyons - 7pm  Also featuring discussion by local anti-corporate rights activist Paul Cienfuegos. $10 or pay what you can, noone turned away due to lack of funds. 

House concert with Katya Chorover on Sunday, April 1st. Not at our place, but instead in nearby larger house - more info in next newsletter.  This is going to be sweet! 

Movie Recommendation: If you get the chance to see this movie (3D), do not delay. See it. By the magnificent director, Wim Wenders: 

My friend, Maren Souders did a movie project recently: How We Found Our Happiness: Four Journeys from Darkness to Light, and I asked for the raw footage of Amira's interview. If you want to meet someone who is/was very close to me, make some popcorn, and have a seat. it's 50 minutes long.  It's not edited, but it's so real and sweet.  


Aaron Trotter
I met Aaron on Alberta Street many years ago and we became quick friends. He's one of those people who makes the world a more interesting place. I've been working lately to help him make his dreams come true - draw world cities, make amazing art, make a living at it, have fun while doing it :)  If you're a card player or know someone who is, visit his site and have a look:  He's got a show up at the (Portland) Architectural Heritage Center with a talk there on March 2nd. Here's a link to his fan page on FB.  Go, Aaron!

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I've got a few more packets of sunflower seeds for this year. Let me know if you'd like some! I've done a bunch of thinking about the environment recently. This article on whether or not the recent rain "event" in the Pacific Northwest is the new "normal" got a lot of notice on Daily Kos, the website I go to for political relief and progressive perspectives.  

My life has changed course over the last month or so. I'm laughing more. I'm also being called on by more people for support/ideas/networking/ and collaboration. This has been interesting to me as it's been something I've been calling in for a while. It has also been a little stressful as I find myself in a bind to take care of the projects I'm mainly interested at a level that I'm happy with. Something for me to keep balancing.  

I'm happy with my life right now - the Birthday Garden is gearing up to be a beautiful and productive place this year; our home is a clean and warm and welcoming place; my health is good and a personal priority for me; my gal and I are doing well; and though there are a lot of challenges in the world I feel poised to play a big role in bringing about positive change.  Thanks for your continued support. If there's anything I'm working on that you want to be involved in, please let me know - many hands make light work :)  And, if there's any way I can serve or support you, please let me know.

Albert Kaufman