That's the intersection at 33rd and Belmont in Portland, Oregon in 1915. It's the site of the Belmont Dairy Building - which, until a few weeks ago, housed a Zupan's Market. When their rent was increased, they decided to close shop. The neighborhood will not starve - there's a Newsies, Wholies and Fluffies all within a mile. That said, as I'm house-sitting/cat-sitting (Daydream) for my friend, Steve for the month of February, it looks to me that this nearby situation is something I could move towards an elegant food solution. 

I posted about it on and got some reassuring responses that people are interested in having a new grocery store there. My personal wish would be to see a daily farmer's market - a la Pike Place - end up there. I included this in a survey I created. So far there have been 40 responses to the survey (feel free to join in!) and the farmers' market idea is in the lead :)  I've also written to some of the market store contenders and started an email list for those who are interested in the topic. 

Though the world is acting a bit crazy it's always seemed to me like change you can effect is available at the local level. This doesn't mean don't write your Congress people - nor stop protesting in the streets. Not at all - the orange menace and his team of malcontents do need to be stopped. I just think it's also a fine time to make change at the local level and thought I'd share an example I cooked up 48 hours ago. 

I'd love to hear what you're doing. So many new people have joined the fight - it's quite refreshing. 
That's Daydream! I haven't cared for an animal in so long! I kind of get the attraction that dog and cat lovers have. It's sweet. Meow!

Another activisty thing I'm up to, is organizing a tree planting. I've planted trees before as a neighborhood tree coordinator for Friends of Trees and in Seattle, too. This, is different. The Archangel Moving the Giants project is something I'd love to see happen in the Portland Metro area. If this ideas tickles you, please pencil in 11.11.2017 and come join me. I'm connecting with Plant it for the Planet and local parks departments to get some sequoias and redwoods planted. Very early planning stages - ground floor opportunities :)
That's me
That's me, and I'm 55 and single. I'm seeking a female partner - if you know someone who you think I'd be a great fit with, please introduce us! Thanks.

I've been adding to my blog. Here's an article where I discuss what people who'd like to work with me should do first. Feedback welcome. 
From post-inauguration rallies to #NoDAPL and the Black Lives Matter movement to the global Women’s March on Washington, the people are exercising their power through protest and community organizing in a way that hasn’t been seen in years. For those looking to organize for the first time or for seasoned activists looking to update their repertoire, the time is ripe for a playbook like  Becoming a Citizen Activist. A longtime Seattle city councilmember and one of the city’s most effective and inspiring leaders of progressive political and social change since the 1960s, Nick Licata outlines how to get organized and master the tactics to create change by leveraging effective communication strategies (such as creating community through online channels like Facebook and Twitter), how to effectively engage traditional media channels, and how to congregate local and national people power. Licata demonstrates by example that we  can fight city hall. Balancing an idealistic vision of a better world with the clear-eyed pragmatism necessary to build it from the ground up, this smart and powerful book will empower any activist with the tools they need to effect change.


I hope life is treating you well.  Take good care of your health - get plenty of rest; e xercise; eat well; and get lots of hugs and connection.

And, change the world with me!

Lots of love,