The Eleven
April 11, 2014
Hi, and welcome to the April edition of The Eleven, my monthly e-letter. 

First up - here are two cool projects I want you to know about. 
1. Robin Bodhi and friends are collecting funds to set up and outdoor watsu pool in Portlandia. Watsu is a magical massage modality in water. It's heavenly.
2. Someday I hope to visit the Omage Sculpture Garden in Ojai, California. My friend, Brian, is putting this one together - think permanent outdoor Burning Man-esque sculpture garden. Yes, nice! 

I've been having some interesting times of late. Farm My Yard continues to be interesting, to say the least. After the TV interview - a number of people have been drawn to the project and I'm expecting that we'll have an app ready shortly. The developers live in Croatia, and got in touch with me after learning about FMY on Facebook. 

I realized today that one of the secret reasons I started Farm My Yard (and there are many) is to reduce the number of weed-wackers and leaf-blowers in the world. In my neighborhood. Like you, I get plagued weekly by "lawn maintenance" teams coming in and destroying the peace. Add in lawnmowers and edgers and you have a power-tool orchestra of NOISE! So, if you agree that this nuisance would be nicer to live without, help me get yards farmed - put up a sign; spread the word; remove grass and plant alternatives! 

My bizness, teaching classes about email marketing and social media continues to roll right along. Last week, Constant Contact sent me to Boise, Idaho. In 4 days I spoke at 3 events - Emmett, Boise and Nampa. I met a lot of interesting people; heard their small business stories and shared some of my knowledge of the field. The classes I'm teaching in the PDX area are listed below. If you've never come to one, come! They're free, and the networking is a lot of fun - people meeting people in a safe, gentle environment that I create. As you know, I like to throw events :)  These have an Albert-flavor and people seem to enjoy them a lot. 

I certainly have a lot more that I'm thinking about - I've been reading more, lately - and am considering taking some time to myself to write a book. It's got 11 chapters and will cover some of the chapters of my life - Habonim; Burning Man; The Grateful Dead; Activism; My Dad and our Shticks!; Farm My Yard; Freecycle - and how I've participated in all of this and the useful parts for passing along!  Speaking of passing along... Happy Passover
I hope Spring is treating you fantastically and that you are finding life fulfilling and that you are happy

I'd love to hear back about anything you'd like to tell me about!

With Gratitude,

Stewardship Weekend at Camp Westwind
PS - if you live in Portland, please consider participating in these two events coming up. Want more community in your life?  Want to meet cool people who care? Help put these on - don't wait until the day of the event - contact the organizers and volunteer!
1. Earth Day Portland - April 26th in Kenton 
2. Village Building Convergence - May 23-June 1st

Upcoming Events


Social Media Marketing Made Simple - Free - Microsoft Store, Downtown Portland

Wednesday, April 23rd, 8am-10am

In this session you will learn why you should add social media to your marketing mix. We'll take a look at some of the most popular social media networks. We will discuss how each one can fit into your overall marketing plan for the most impact to your business and teach you how to get started! 


Getting Started with Email Marketing - Free!

Thursday May 15, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT

Getting Started with Email Marketing - a guided discussion about how email marketing works and how to get up and running. 5.15.14

Holladay Park Church of God

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