Happy 11th. It's been an interesting time for sure. Unless you're living in a remote jungle somewhere, political/social life is pretty fascinating. I don't think any of us have ever lived in a time where there were so many scandals happening at high levels at once. I'm tempted to share the upside as I just found this interesting blog by Rebecca Solnit yesterday. Yep, good things are happening. It's hard to believe as so many days are full of woeful actions by 45 and the red coats. But, life is a long game - and let's hope that the boomerang effect and our collective efforts will turn this ship around as soon as possible. We'll have a lot of fence-mending to do around the world, that's for sure. 

Since this is my personal newsletter I thought I'd share something interesting that I've been turned onto - Send Out Cards. As you may know I've always been a fan of sending mail. From my years as a kid collecting stamps to my many Summers helping make the BRCPO at Burning Man happen - I've had a love of things postal. Now, I've found an app/business opportunity that let's one send a personalized photo-card from computer or phone - and I'm having a blast with it! 

Give it a try and send me a card :) My address is below. Win a prize! 
New Juice Bar @ 12th and Division
This is a mural on 12th and Division in Portland, Oregon - I love taking pictures - most of mine from the past 10 years can be found here.

I've been having an interesting time lately. It's been a very heady/internal/reflective one - if you recall from my last Eleven, I referenced a book I've been excited by - You Can Be Happy (No Matter What).  I'm still musing, and have been following the guidance from that book and doing a lot of thinking about thinking! That's led to some insights about my diet and body that are new to me. Luckily, I have the time and space to reflect - it's Summer, after all. 

It's about to be festival season. If you're heading to a music festival in the PNW this Summer and would like to connect, please send me a note. I've also got a class and webinar coming up this month - if you're curious what I do work-wise, feel free to join me! These are free.

I've been wishing for years for a moratorium on tree cutting to combat climate change and give us a better chance to continuing to live amongst other species on this planet. I learned recently that Portland has lost 7,000 large trees since 2005. A while back I started a group to fight this onslaught by greedy developers. Please feel free to join us.

I hope your life is going well and that you have lots of love, great food, interesting thoughts, and some fun Summer plans ahead!

Lots of love,


PS - Happy Father's Day!