Happy 11th. Well, it's been an interesting month and a crazy couple of days, wouldn't you say? Last month featured wildfires close to home (the Gorge, Breitenbush) and now that those have calmed down California is ablaze. Though it's been challenging to keep up with all the things going on, I've managed to stay active on a few issues that I care about - feel free to join in or help spread the word.

  1. Oregon's $6,000 Solar Tax Credit is going away at the end of the year. If you've thought about getting solar panels, now's the time to move on that! Please share this link with Oregonians.
  2. Something that's really on my mind right now is our country/community's historical knowledge. As we all watch 45 and his allies attack various systems - it prompts me to think of what we know and how to pass that information along to future generations. A place this has come to mind is Breitenbush - one of my favorite places on Earth. I paid close attention, recently, as the area around Breitenbush was engulfed in forest fires. That area has a history of forestry activism - read more, here. Now that the fires there and in the Gorge have died down, there is a call by Republicans (who I blame for climate change's increasing adverse effects) for salvage logging which has proven repeatedly to be the wrong solution over time. In this case I'm wishing those with information on how to protect forests can quickly pass that knowledge along to the generation which is living at Breitenbush and other affected communities, quickly. This is just one place where the activists and social change agents of the past can transfer their knowledge along and I'm thinking a lot of how I can do this, personally, as well as how I can encourage my peers to do the same. More on this to come.
  3. My friend, Jenny Pell, who lives on Maui, is teaching an incredible permaculture course this coming January. I feel honored to share what she's up to, here.
  4. I've written about how important it is to take care of our health when life gets stressful. I've written about this a lot in the past. Feel free to check out The Eleven Wayback Machine.
  5. I've been really busy on, lately. Most recently, I was posting about gun control and moderating a long discussion on that topic (the NYT has had some incredible good writing right now) - but more recently, I became interested in a nearby land use issue - a company sold their 1.5 acre property and the new owners intend to build a 100,000 sq. foot storage unit place (replacing a nursery). Neighbors are upset and I'm coaching a few people who are fighting back on how to do it effectively - wish us luck (the spot is at 62nd and Powell).
  6. I've been feeling drawn to playing more music, lately. Cause you gotta get it while you can!

I hope you're doing well - feel free to write me back and tell me how life is treating you. One thing I sense that's happening right now is that there is a tendency for all of us to want to hide - to not step out; speak out; and stand up for what we know is right . Please join me in fighting that pull as much as you can - while taking incredible care of yourself and being safe. The world needs our voices and our leadership right now.



PS - for something light and fun, see below!
PPS - Below that see the launch of a new community rights effort by Paul Cienfuegos and Co.