Happy 11th. Here's my monthly newsletter - thoughts, ideas, tools, and action items. Below I share the lyrics to the Grateful Dead song The Eleven and my most recent blog posts on some issues I've been working on. It's been a rough time for many - the smoke in Oregon was so intense last week (due to wildfires throughout the state). I'll have more to say about that soon. I hope you are doing well.

Sincerely, Albert

Events: 1. Come Sing - with community songweaver Annie Zijlstra A La Singing Alive at Awakenings this Thursday, September 14th - 7:15pm
2. One of my teachers, Paul Levy is hosting his teacher, Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche in Portland for a number of public events. More info, here .

Request: I'm seeking a relaxing house/cottage to retreat to this Fall for a week or more to write a book.
Words by Robert Hunter; music by Phil Lesh

High green chilly winds and windy vines
In loops around the twisted shafts of lavender,
They're crawling to the sun.
Underfoot the ground is patched
With arms of ivy wrapped around the manzanita,
Stark and shiny in the breeze.
Wonder who will water all the children of the garden
When they sigh about the barren lack of rain and
Droop so hungry neath the sky.
William Tell has stretched his bow till it won't stretch
No furthermore and/or it may require a change that hasn't come before.
No more time to tell how, this is the season of what,
Now is the time of returning with our thought
Jewels polished and gleaming.
Now is the time past believing the child has relinquished the rein,
Now is the test of the boomerang tossed in the night of redeeming.
Seven faced marble eyed transitory dream doll,
Six proud walkers on the jingle bell rainbow,
Five men writing with fingers of gold,
Four men tracking down the great white sperm whale,
Three girls waiting in a foreign dominion
Riding in the whale belly, fade away in moonlight,
Sink beneath the waters to the coral sands below.
Saving the Tidbit Food Card Pod on Division

Let's preserve something that we all love - the Tidbit Food Cart Pod on Division Street in Portland, Oregon. It's central to our lives and our future.

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Cool your roof/house/planet by painting it white with...

I've been having a conversation about roof cooling products (yes, I know solar is coming, etc..) - and, in the meantime - one can paint the roof with this or something like it. Here are some more comments on this from Mark Lakeman, one of the...

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Social Media is Many Things to Many People

The more I use social media over the years the more convinced I am that it is very hard to say exactly what it is. There are various platforms and these are often hard to explain simply. I've been training people how to use social media platforms ...

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Pickathon 2017

Here's my note toGeneral Questions Pickathon: ( - regarding the noise levels at this past weekend's festival - and some commentary from friends on FB. FYI - Trade Up Music in Portland sells a variety of earplugs. "Hey there, I ...

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