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One of many Intersection Repairs created during the Village Building Convergence over the years
The Eleven: May 11th 2013 - My Birthday
Hi there,
I hope you're having a great Spring.  I'm out in Chicago visiting my friend, Susan Keats and her family and am on my way to be with family for a bat mitzvah in South Bend, Indiana this weekend - so, that's where I'll be for my 52nd Birthday. My birthday has always been very special to me - that day and New Years are really when I celebrate the most. OK, and Halloween. And Burning Man. OK, there are a few dozen other times when I celebrate - ya got me!
Since I'm traveling I'm going to keep this very short. Thanks for being there - thanks for reading - thanks for all the work you do in the world that makes things better!
I've got a bunch of presentations I'm doing in the next month that I'd like to share with you - if you know someone who wants to up their game around social media and email marketing, please send them to one or more of these - thanks! Links/Info Here
Take care, and thanks for being there.

With deep gratitude,

Albert Kaufman
Albertideation Medium
happiness sprinkling
Happiness Sprinkling in Portlandia
PS - please join me in voting NO on fluoridating Portland's water. And, if you're feeling flush, consider a donation to Clean Water Portland, the folks working hard to fight an uphill battle to stop this from happening. Thanks. Voted ballots must be received by 8 p.m., May 21st. For more information about the May 21st election, please visit 

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Thursday, May 16th: Social Media for Artists (Portland/TaborSpace): Learn more and Register Here

Monday, May 20th: FREE seminar on The Power of Email Marketing and Getting Started with Email Marketing - Irvington, Portland - Register Here

Monday, June 24th: FREE: Grow Your Business with Email Marketing and Social Media (the latest offering from Constant Contact) - Irvington, Portland - Register Here

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