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Happy Spring!

Welcome to this month's The Eleven - a place I've been sharing my thinking and calls to action since 2008. If this is your first 11, welcome! I always love to hear from you if you want to write back with what's making your life come alive these days - or struggles you might need a hand with. Last month's Valentine's Day edition led to the most responses ever and that was great. I love hearing from you!

First, in the 15 minutes of fame category, Annelise and I are featured in a recent episode of the Dating While Gray podcast. Our part of the story starts about 20 minutes in right here. We talk about what it's like to share a house as single friends. I also want to recommend the podcast, in general - it's the first one I've ever seen dedicated to those of us who are single and seeking and over 50.

Last month I talked about a decision to try out involvement in an MLM. After consideration, I realized that the business model really leads to a lot more delivery van trips and I decided to back out. Even for the best product, there's something wrong with encouraging more vans to drive around neighborhoods.

In our ongoing effort to rid the world of gas-powered leaf blowers - our QCPDX group is distributing 10,000 door-hangers around Portland. If you'd like to be part of this effort, please let us know. We also have 5,000 postcards - these could really be used anywhere - so if those interest you just write me and I'll mail some to you.

I feel like a big part of my life these days is contemplating the question of how much action to take in what direction. I've been growing a group of local activists who are interested in keeping trees standing and right now we're focused on a big stand of trees in Gresham, Oregon. Most of the action is happening in a Facebook group, here. Then, there are the many ideas like Farm My Yard which I've really let drop because I guess there's a season for everything.
When will things return to normal?
I have been hoping that our society would learn a lot through this year of change. I really hope we have. How to commute less. How to support front-line workers better. How to do so many things differently. How to cook more vs. going out to eat. How to take better care of our health both mental and physical. I know it's been a hard year - and, returning to where we were before the pandemic is a recipe for climate change to wipe us out. We have to make so many changes. So fast. The "baby bust" is a positive, if you ask me. Fewer people on this planet would be a great thing.

I know we all want to return to many of the ways life was before the pandemic, but I really hope we don't. Some of my takeaways - and they keep coming, changing by the day: we all need to stay put more. Doesn't that sound awful? Well, really, it's not. Flying less, driving less - it's what's for dinner :)

One last way I'm trying to make a difference is by returning to something I've had a lot of fun with in the past. Making short "educational" videos. I'm still ramping up and learning a program I've used for this in the past. If you visit my youtube channel you can view some of my recent creations. Be gentle as I'm just getting started. One of my big goals is to create some "deprogramming" videos. To help get the Q-anons out of the hold of the conspiracy theories they are captivated and guided by. Here's one, though, where I ask about whether there might be an Oregon Country Fair this year. If you have an idea for a script - send it my way!
I hope life is treating you well and that you are getting vaccinated as soon as possible. That's my plan. Once I do, I plan to head to Pennsylvania and visit my family whom I miss terribly. My brother, sister (and her family), and parents have all been in a bubble together for months! I want to squeeze them all!

And, Spring is coming on strong. I can feel the temperatures rising and the bulbs sprouting out. New growth. New energy. New life!

Take care and keep in touch.


Albert Jan 2021
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