Happy Eleventh!

Can you believe another month has gone by since I wrote you last ? In that time I finally completed a 3-year long goal of mine - to play a show based on the music of Steve Goodman. The fun happened last Friday and was recorded by my friend and neighbor, Ronald. I didn't know he was recording the concert, but I think it came out just right. I had a nice crowd of friends and fans of Steve Goodman who'd heard about it via one of the two FB groups devoted to his music. I encourage you to join one of these groups and hear some of Steve's music and learn about him. We also raised $215 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Steve died of Leukemia in 1984 at 36 years old).

I'm looking forward to doing this again. If you'd like me to come to your < house/town here >, please let me know.
Politics? Here's what I'm thinking about that.
Our no Gas-Powered Leaf Blower group (Quiet Clean PDX) continues to make headway. We're communicating to a broad audience and having some impact locally. If you know of a landscaping company that offers a no-blow service, please have them fill out this survey - thanks! Please repost this link on Nextdoor or social media! (you could use something similar to move things in the right direction where you live, too :)

I'm in my 2nd month in the place I'm subletting in the Richmond neighborhood. In early March I'll fly back to the East Coast and hang out with my Dad for a week while my Mom flies to SF to be with her Sister, Fran. After that I plan to visit my brother in DC and hang out with him for a bit before - well, I'm not exactly sure what the future has in store. I am putting out feelers for places to live in Portland and so far nothing has been a match. I've also signed up to be a Trusted Housesitter . If you're willing to provide a character reference for me, please write back and let me know, thanks.

I'm also open to a travel partner - if that's you, get in touch. I know I want/need to be back in the Portland area from June-September, but before them I have a bit of open space/time to jam a little. Want to visit a hot springs? Or beach bum in Mexico? Let me know :)

I hope you're doing well. Keep in touch.

Much Love,


PS - I learned about this cute community garden (top pic and below) at Ivon and 38th on Saturday. The City (Parks Dept.) intends to put a 6 ft. high chain link fence around it - boo! Anyway, if you're curious what I do in my free time... read this . Feel free to take action if you wish. As Greg Brown once penned: why does bad change happen so fast and good change take such a long long time?