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The Elimination of Discrimination 


"We have liberty in order to reform our social system, which is full of inequality, discrimination and other things which conflict with our fundamental rights." - B.R. Ambedkar


This quote by the prolific revolutionary B.R. Ambedkar identifies the problem of discrimination within a society, and notes the solution as freedom. We as free thinking people must modify our social systems to incorporate the fundamental and unalienable rights of everyone. Unfortunately, equal freedom does not translate to equal power, and power struggles are one of the main factors in discrimination.


Discrimination stems from societies systematic way of placing people into groups or categories. These sub-groups soon define these individuals in the eyes of society, and will begin to color their experiences. Soon society stereotypes these groups, believing they are nothing more than those perceived notions. Within our society discrimination is rampant, and on most occasions crippling; demoralizing a people without reason.


In history the human race has struggled with discrimination and power. For centuries groups of people have been discriminated against because of their gender, ethnicity, religion, age or socio-economical class. This blind prejudice has led to inequality, mass murder and even enslavement. Many of our most heroic historical figures have stood against hate, believing that above all else human nature and love will prevail. We have seen proof of this, but more must be done. Unfortunately, we still struggle with prejudice and discrimination today.


During the last few years, the issue of marriage equality has been of great concern to the nation. Lawmaker's debate on the meaning of marriage as it relates to gender. Essentially, there is no such thing as "gay marriage" there is only marriage. With each passing month a new state votes in favor of gay marriage. Despite these triumphant occurrences, discrimination towards the LGBTQ community still exists. Marriage between two loving and consenting adults should not be curbed due to gender.


It is imperative that we work together to dismantle these societal norms that justify discrimination. Eradicating prejudice within our society begins at the most basic levels of beliefs and ideologies. Historically, there has yet to be a society that exists without discrimination or micro-aggression, but it does not mean that it cannot be done. As children discrimination and prejudice aren't existent, instead these are learned behaviors.


As a whole we (society) must come together to do away with the destructive forces of prejudice and discrimination. Instead of grouping individuals together we must appreciate diversity, encourage individuality and practice unity. We can set the example for our children who in turn will produce generations that no longer see people of difference backgrounds or life experiences as part of anything else, but the human race.




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