Promoting Early Development and Childhood Education in Tunisia
The Elissa Project

Dear Friends,
A few members responded to the call for ideas published in the October issue of the Community Gazette concerning the Elissa project (Promoting early development and childhood education in Tunisia), thus initiating a discussion about the project's objectives and how best to achieve them.

The exchange of ideas among members has so far shown support for the project. There is a wide agreement that an advocacy effort by the Center in favor of quality education during the years leading to formal education, constitutes "one of the best investments" members can make to promote child development in Tunisia.

Several fields of action were explored and ideas were examined, including advocacy for quality preschool teaching, creating partnerships with various organizations involved in early childhood development (educators, researchers, parents), coordination with civil society entities and the introduction of innovative techniques, such as arts-based learning.

Members interested in joining the discussion and/or being part of the project are most welcome. Please use this form to contact us.

Thank you.

Mohamed Jendoubi
Project Director
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