We are excited to announce The Ellen Goldberg Excellence in Teaching Mentorship Program. This initiative, which will launch in September 2018, will pair Temple Isaiah religious school teachers with a qualified mentor and mentoring team to help each individual teacher work to their strengths, allowing each to become the role-model they always wanted to be: a guide through Jewish learning who has the ability to change students' lives. The teacher who inspires. The teacher who opens students' eyes to the joys of Jewish learning, and the positive example who inspires students to consider becoming teachers themselves someday. This was Ellen's life goal, and now is it up to us to take up the cause.  
We are grateful to Michael Goldberg for honoring his late wife's legacy and making this program possible through a generous donation and vision.  
"A Torah of kindness is on her tongue." (Proverbs 31:26))

For thirty years, Ellen Goldberg z"l raised mensches at Temple Isaiah and taught thousands of children to see the world through Jewish eyes. Ellen was teacher, principal, educator, mentor and role-model. With compassion and grace, Ellen led students of all ages to discover their Judaism. Ellen believed that everything depends on the strength of the teacher, and that to best way to take care of students is to take good care of their teachers. Through her wise guidance and consistent motivation, Ellen nourished teachers to grow to their full potential.  
Everything depends on the person who stands in front of the classroom...To guide a pupil into the Promised Land, the teacher must have been there themselves. - Abraham Joshua Heschel