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Can helping others improve your health? Studies show the health benefits of a life balanced with personal pursuits and making personal sacrifices for others. (Scientific American)

Have you ever had a conversation with a new acquaintance and thought it didn't go well? You are probably being too hard on yourself. (Psychology Today)

Do you wish you had a word for overly huggy people who invade your personal space? What would you call someone who just can't get the day going? Well, other languages have special words for these and more! This is a fun read and dedicated to all you ochtendhumeurs! (BBC)

Much has been said about the pay gap between women and men. But less has been said about the savings gap. Even though women manage expenses better than men, they under-save compared to men, undermining their ability to become financially independent. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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"Haircuts for the Homeless" (1:34)

Jason Schneidman, aka The Men's Groomer, has taken to the streets. Spurred on by his personal experience with addiction, the Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist provides grooming services to the sprawling city's  homeless population.

"The 5 Minute Favor" (4:21)

Would you give 5 minutes of your time to help someone out? If so, you might end up on "The Bachelor" or meeting your favorite chef. This awesome video showcases the power of favors.
What we've been thinking
A generous student gave me Simon Sinek's bestseller "Leaders Eat Last" recently. I had previously read parts of the book and always have enjoyed Sinek's videos. So I was thrilled to finally take the time to read it cover to cover. The book is a call out to leaders to protect and nurture those they lead, above all else. His tagline goes something like, "great leaders would never sacrifice the people to save the numbers but would sooner sacrifice the numbers to save the people." One of the book's metaphors compares how a leader treats her teammates to how a parent treats her kids.

Think of those you lead as you would your future children. As a parent, your commitment to them is for life. You want them to be the best they can be. You work patiently to develop your children because you want them to succeed well beyond your own successes. If they get a C on an assignment or give up piano lessons, you would not think to fire or "lay off" one of your kids. Rather, as a parent you support, guide, and correct so their choices or outcomes are improved longer term.

Similarly, a leader of a team must see her teammates through the lens of this metaphor. We want each teammate to grow, learn, and be successful. When a teammate struggles we would not give up on her but rather support her and help her achieve. As we think forward to Valentine's Day and take the words of Simon Sinek to heart, we remind ourselves that there is little distant between leadership and love!

- Mr Charles Kafoglis
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