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The new year is energized with fresh goals and optimism. This month's edition introduces the Power of Moments a useful leadership tool you can try out this year.

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Are you an introvert? D espite growing social acceptance, introverts are still wildly misunderstood. People may be more open about being introverts, but they cling to assumptions that don’t stand up to the evidence. (Quietrev)

During a eulogy of George H.W. Bush last year, it was said, "Those who travel the high road of humility in Washington, D.C., are not bothered by heavy traffic." Leaders intentionally take the high road. (Farnam Street)

The human desire for companionship may feel boundless, but research suggests that our social capital is finite—we can handle only so many relationships at one time. But what should you do if your social life is lacking? (The Atlantic)

Shane Parrish recently retweeted "Writing is often the process by which you realize you don't know what you are talking about". The replies to his tweet proves everyone agrees so write on! (Shane Parrish)

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"Steve's Pizza and A Very Special Delivery" (2:38)

An 18 year old pizza restaurant employee proves that kindness has no limits. This story confirms the power of compassion and the instinct to go the extra mile to help someone in need.

"My Job Isn't To Judge Him" (1:25)

This fall, an armed man entered a synagogue in Pittsburgh and gunned down 11 members of the congregation. The gunman was shot and rushed to a local hospital where he was cared for by a Jewish doctor a member of the same congregation.
What we've been thinking
The Magic Castle Hotel is rated on Trip Advisor as Los Angeles' 4th best hotel. A room will cost you $199 a night. The top three, including The Beverly Hills Hotel, start at $700. The Magic Castle is a converted apartment complex and is not luxurious. But it has something the others don't have a defining moment. It started with the red wall phone known as the Popsicle Hotline . Any guest can pick up the hotline phone and in minutes a cool free popsicle will be delivered by a butler in white gloves. This and other moments created by the hotel is why customers return time and again.

At one tech company, new employees start on Fridays. There first day is a fun "get-to-know-you" day. At 5:00 p.m. they receive a weekend dinner gift certificate for their significant other. Imagine the good will they feel as they return to work on Monday. It's a simple defining moment.

In a school class, on a trip, on a date, at an event, we don't recall everything we hear or see, but we do remember unforgettable, impactful moments. A manager doesn't have to create a moment, but a leader is always motivated to create moments for others . If you want a motivated and loyal team, you must create those defining and memorable "wow" moments. Next time you are on a team, planning an event, or writing an essay, go the extra mile and include a defining moment. In an increasingly competitive world, being memorable could make all the difference. If you create or experience a defining moment, be sure to let me know!

- Mr. Charles Kafoglis
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