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What if those same habits that propel girls to the top of their class — their hyper-conscientiousness about schoolwork — also hold them back in the work force? (NY Times)

We know. We know. You're tired of people telling you to go outside your comfort zone. Here are more facts to inspire you to welcome uncertainty. Could uncertainty signal the brain to kickstart learning? (Inc.com)

As a zero inbox person, this article hits home with me. This is a provocative article which is sure to stir emotion on one side or the other. Teens and college grads moving into the professional world, take note! (NY Times)

recent opinion piece  in the New York Times discussed how the College Board is pushing for students to focus on mastering “two codes” — computer science and the US Constitution — but are those truly the right areas of focus? (Forbes)

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"Stepping up and Leveraging Your Influence" (3:22)

The star football players on this Arizona high school team knew they had influence. The QB is always the stereotypical cool kid. But watch how they gave away their power to another, who desperately needed the support of her community.

"Hailey Dawson's Flight Home to Houston" (2:03)

Hailey Dawson threw out the first pitch in Houston with her 3D-printed hand and then flew home with a pilot from United Airlines, who was born without a right hand. Together they show that physical limitations don't have to be life limitations.
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It's that time of year when many seniors are finishing up their portfolios by reflecting on their Distinguished Leader Extraordinary Solution. Two of my Extraordinary Solution heroes have always been Bill and Melinda Gates. Their foundation seeks to solve those problems in our time that negatively impact the greatest number of people. They started their Foundation years ago in response to solving childhood death due to, surprisingly, diarrhea. They have just released their 2018 report which highlights 9 new problems that all will require extraordinary solutions.

The issues include creative uses of all that DNA information that humanity is now collecting, toilets which burn the waste instead of requiring sewage systems, and innovative breakthroughs in education.

Bill and Melinda Gates are truly leaders who create extraordinary solutions which make the world special. They state, "When we're feeling overwhelmed by negative headlines, we remind ourselves that none of us has the right to sit back and expect that the world is going to get better. We have a responsibility to do everything we can to push it in that direction."

While their foundation has $50 billion to invest to solve the toughest problems of our day, we all have time and gifts to make our own special corner of the world just a little bit better.

- Mr Charles Kafoglis
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