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This month's Emerging Leader is dedicated to two of life's great wonders - reading and dogs. I hope you are inspired to read more and find a way to support the canine world!

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What we've been reading
Leaders are readers, as the saying goes. But the percentage of Americans who read literature fell to a three-decade low last year. As different platforms compete for our attention, what is the implication of this dramatic change in our habits? (Washington Post)

This is a beautiful article about how reading takes us to a special place in which we are free to escape. Reading lets us "pass over" to the world of others to learn what it means to be a person with emotions and aspirations that we might otherwise never have know. (Literary Hub)

Comfort in - dump out. I highly recommend this incredibly useful article which describes a simple ring model that shows us how to help those in need and avoid causing more discomfort (LA Times)

College is increasingly seen by high school students as a means to an end: getting a job. Since the recession, the degree choices made by teens are showing that higher education has become less about preparing for life or learning something that interests undergraduates and much more about securing employment . (Washington Post)

What we've been watching

"Bailey, the dog, and his homeless friend, Andy" (3:07)

This is a heartwarming story of a dog who gave a man a purpose, a reason to remain accountable and a greater understanding of love.

"Saving Dogs From the Rubble" (3:40)

Takis is a man on a mission. It started with the rescue of a few dogs. From there, his passion grew as he pulled dogs from the refuse rubble and opened up his home to each one. He started with one small step and proved, once again, that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.
What we've been thinking
A New York Times reporter recently tweeted a sincere and concerning question to his thousands of followers. He asked, "Do you find yourself reading books less and less"? Overwhelmingly, the replies were guilty admissions of agreement. They stated that, more and more, they had succumbed to a world of online short bytes, quick reads, and ad-littered articles. This edition of the Emerging Reader has a focus on the decline of reading and particularly the kind of literature that builds empathy, fiction. The concept of "passing over" lives as we read to see the world through a new lens is vital to growing the ability to empathize. The country of Denmark, deemed by some as the happiest country on earth, is so dedicated to building empathy in its citizenry that it intentionally builds empathy into its early age educational curriculum . If empathy is a weakness in culture today, maybe a return to literature can help.

So, take one small step this fall and read a book. Not a non-fiction self-help book, but a wondrous escape into fiction. As the season turns to winter, find a favorite chair, a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy the journey of "passing over" a new life or land. Happy reading.

- Mr Charles Kafoglis
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