Newsletter - Issue 10 - Mar. 7, 2022

Newsletter Topics:

-Who Created Hollywood

-Who Took Hollywood Down

-Who Was Running The World?

-Why Do Transgendered Women Hate Us?

-Hollywood's Gay and Transgender Agenda

-What is Really Dividing Us

-How Hollywood Lied To You

-What You Think You Know and What Is Really Happening

-Entertainers Are Not Leaders

-What about 'Lil' Hollywood - The ATL

-What Laws are Being Introduced and Passed?

-What They Are Putting on the Market

-Do You Know The Difference Between a Man or Woman?

-The Truth About JonBenet Ramsey, Katy Perry, Caylee and the Little Tiaras

-Cloning is Real

-Feminization Surgeries, Transgender Ads and Commercials Have Come a Long Way

-Why I Fell in Love With The Movies and What I Saw From An Early Age

-Why Did I Start Doing Breakdowns

-The Apparent Transgender Deception


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CEO, Cathy Harris

Austin, TX

Welcome to 'Cathy's Corner'.

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist

Welcome to

'Cathy's Corner'

Welcome to the 10th edition of 'Cathy's Corner.' As an Investigative Journalist and #InformationJunkie, this is by far one of the hardest topics that I have ever had to report on.

I chose the topic because it needed to be exposed so that many can transition into the new Golden Age (#GoldenEra) with no burdens on them.

Not only will this topic today take many of you down the rabbit hole, but it will also expose "Hollywood's Dirty Little Secrets."

Learning this now rather than later will also put many of you in a position to be able to move forward and build a beautiful life -- especially once you understand how you have been lied to your entire life.

I have been awoke since blowing the whistle ( in 1998 but had 2020 never happened, I would not have known what I will be educating you on today so understand up-front this e-newsletter is a classroom.

You don't have to read it all at once but come back and study each section so you will understand clearly what has happened in this country and how you have been lied to since you are a child.

My articles and e-newsletters at are to get you thinking. If you want to know more about the topics I discuss, then you need to conduct your own research.

If you are not a reader (forward to other readers), you probably need to keep it moving because as an #InformationJunkie, I tend to pack my e-newsletters, which are classrooms with powerful, powerful information on how to move forward. The only thing I am selling here is THE TRUTH.

As I write this e-newsletter -- I do so with a heavy heart because what most people need to understand is that Hollywood is now over. It is in fact "The End of Hollywood."

So, therefore, try to spend the next few months grieving it, but you have to move on. Many people might think that I am mean or hateful for writing about this topic today, but someone has to speak the truth in a world where everything has been one big fat lie.

As a former federal government whistleblower, I know the difference between what is right and what is wrong so someone like me should be the one who tells this story. I also grew up watching TV and noticed how some things just did not make sense.

I am trying to be as sensitive as I can when speaking on this topic today, "The End of Hollywood," but no matter how I put this information out there, chances are it will make you feel a little uncomfortable and a lot of it will be disturbing.

I know when I first found out all of this in July 2020, it took me a good six months to get over it and move on. The biggest thing that I did with that 6 months was to fall out of love with these Movie Stars, Celebrities, and Entertainers.

Unlike many people who view these Movie Stars, Celebrities, and Entertainers as a family member, I knew these people weren't my kinfolks.

And the fact that I had stopped watching TV for at least 4 years earlier in 2020 -- it was just easier for someone like me to find out the truth and move on.

Just understand that not everyone is given choices in this life on whom they must become. Many are transgendered at birth so that their parents and other relatives can live a life full of luxury and fame.

Children are transgendered simply because many Movie Stars, Celebrities, and Entertainers want their kids and themselves to live a life full of FAME and FORTUNE.

Therefore, this is what I am attempting to explain in this e-newsletter:

-Firstly -- you need to know that everyone in Hollywood is either gay or transgendered. Natural-Born or Biological men and women are not allowed to be in the Movie Industry or to be an Entertainer on the World's Stage.

-Secondly -- the movie stars, celebrities, and entertainers that you think are alive are actually dead and the ones you think are dead are actually alive.

-Thirdly -- many of these celebrities and movie stars are actually playing 3 to 4 or more roles.

Once you get your head wrapped around all of this, keep reading and conduct your own research.

Again, if you have more questions, please reach out at, and/or

Freelancer, Syndicated

Columnist, and Digital Soldier

Who Created Hollywood?

Hollywood and the Media were created by the, and they also own Academia, which is why they have been able to indoctrinate our children who went to colleges and universities.

Just keep in mind that most of the people who took the JAB were highly educated individuals. You would think these highly educated individuals would know better but this is where we are as a society.

The CIA used 'mind control' especially on TV to create a 'dumb down' society -- a society that could not think for themselves -- a society that depended on messages coming from Movie Stars, Celebrities and Entertainers, and even Academia on how to live their lives.

The Movie Stars, Celebrities, and Entertainers are the same individuals that told everyone to go out and take the Genocide COVID Vaccinations because they wanted to #Depopulate the world -- and it worked.

Who Took Hollywood Down?

The Global Satanic Elites didn't expect Donald Trump to win in 2016. If Killary had won, we would all be sick and dying in FEMA camps. They had a 16-year plan to depopulate the world - Obama = 8 Years and Killary = 8 years.

Trump came into office in 2016 and the first thing he did was to declare war on Child Traffickers so most of the perpetrators were taken down at the beginning of his Presidential term.

What you are witnessing now is a movie to wake up the masses of people so that we can transition into a NEW ERA, #GoldenEra.

Understand that Hollywood did not end because they ONLY ALLOW gay and transgender individuals to be in the movies or in the entertainment industry, which is an atrocity in itself, it ended because they used the LGBTQ community to create much larger pedophile communities by creating laws that targeted our precious children (our future generations).

Sexual orientations and gender identities that aren't heterosexual or cisgender are often described by the acronym LGBTQ2S+. LGBTQ2S+ is an acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Two-Spirit.

Don't get this wrong, the Global Satanic HYBRID elites and the LGBTQ community went after our kids. That is all over now because the Good Guys are now back in control.

Hollywood has been taken down by the "Good Guys" (aka "White Hats"), who have been the protectors and "Guardians of the Universe" for quite sometime.

Their reign of terror is over thanks to Donald Trump and the "Galactic Alliance" along with "The White Hat Alliance" - the true "Guardians of the Universe."

The White Hats along with Donald Trump, who was selected by "The White Hats" to run for President in 2016, will be handing the power back over to the people as we transition into a NEW ERA, #GoldenEra.

Since we are transitioning to a NEW ERA this meant implementing a new financial system and stopping all crimes in the country.

Therefore, they started out attempting to stop one of the worse crimes ever, which was Sex and Human Trafficking and especially Child Trafficking and Child Pedophilia.

So understand up-front that the 2020 Great Awakening was about implementing a new financial system (#Gesara/Globally and #Nesara/U.S.) and rescuing the children.

We are at the #EndGame of the movie and because we don't want to see a sequel, everything had to be carried out the right way.

The upcoming EBS, which is right around the corner will explain everything so go back and catch up by reading all my articles and e-newsletters at

Who Was Running The World?

Society has been transgendering the world since the Greek and Shakespearian ages. They did it initially to star in the plays and movies so this is how they took over Hollywood.

The people who were running the world were the Satanic Transgender Global HYBRID Elites, who are the one percent (1%), but understand not all the Global Elites or one percenters are evil -- but many might be transgendered.

The evil ones have met their fate after being arrested and taken to GITMO and executed for 'Crimes Against Humanity."

The Satanic Global Elites (aka 1%) owned Hollywood, the Media, and Academia and they all have been taken down. The last Oscars, Academy Awards, and many other shows were performed by Doubles and CGIs.

Most of these A-Listers, B-Listers Actors, and others who committed all of these crimes, especially crimes against children are either jailed and/or executed for 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

Many who may or may not have been involved or those who witnessed something and refused to come forward have taken themselves off the scene (disappeared).

They have chosen to leave Hollywood for other smaller and quieter cities and towns. Many others told the truth about what they witnessed and decided to go into Witness Protection (over 900) -- many, many years ago.

Very few of them escaped, however, a small portion of them did initially try to escape through underground tunnels, where they kept children for organ and adrenochrome harvesting, Cult Worshipping ceremonies, etc. -- but most of these evil beings have been wiped off this planet by the White Hats (aka "The Good Guys").

The people who were running Hollywood were basically RUNNING THE WORLD. They had NATIONAL and GLOBAL agendas to rule the world.

As I stated in my last newsletter, 9th edition, entitled "The Birth of a New Nation" -- many people and leaders overseas looked at the U.S. for the creation of new laws, rules, and regulations and sometimes just hope that life would get better.

So the U.S. and Hollywood had a significant amount of power over the entire world. Therefore in order to make changes and create a society where everyone is viewed the same, Hollywood had to be taken down.

The goal is to view the homeless, mentally ill, former prisoners, single mothers the same as politicians, movie stars, celebrities, and entertainers. No one will be viewed better than anyone else in this NEW WORLD, #GoldenEra.

Why Do Transgendered Women Hate

'Natural Born'

and 'Biological' Women?

Transgendered women or men who become women or Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders have a strong dislike for Natural Born and Biological Women. Why is that?

Well, it's easy once you understand the reason. They hate us because they can't fully transition into a full-fledge Natural Born or Biological Woman because they don't have a womb to carry a baby.

Once you understand that then some of this should be much clearer for you to understand. Just know because many gay or transgendered people are in power in many, many different industries, I believe this is another reason why so many women are coming up missing. They are missing because they have wombs.

Not only are many women missing today but others are just oppressed and living in a downtrodden society simply because many gay and transgenders over certain industries especially workplaces, have instituted programs to keep NATURAL BORN WOMEN and BIOLOGICAL WOMEN in a saddened state of depression.

It all started with the feminist movement when these feminist activists, who were transgendered, got other women, especially African American women to leave their homes and spouses to become breadwinners in their families.

Then they created an impossible workplace system,, for women or men to be successful.

Meanwhile, these transgendered FREE Masons (or Deep State Politicians, Lawyers, and Judges), who thrive on sadness and depression, were creating laws to take men away from their families, especially by imprisoning them with laws such as 3 strikes.

Three (3) Strike Rule ---- If you have two prior felony convictions of any degree (except a state-jail felony) and you are subsequently convicted of another felony of any degree (other than a state-jail felony), you can be sentenced to imprisonment for life or for a period of 25-99 years.

These evil one-percenters, who run the world, sterilized many women with GMOs, which was created in the late 80s -- but probably sooner. Then they sterilized them again by forcing them to take COVID vaccinations.

They had been sterilizing women for a very long time through Planned Parenthood clinics. And that was their plan the entire time -- to kill opportunities for NATURAL-BORN and BIOLOGICAL WOMEN to bear children #Depopulation.

Despite transgendered women not being able to carry a child -- I believe many are still trying through many experimentations.

Today they are growing all types of test-tube babies and many are even doing transplants in artificial wombs.

If you haven't been paying attention then you need to start now because this is serious. We have all seen Hollywood movies about pregnant women having their babies ripped from their wombs.

Now that we found out that all women on the World Stage or in Hollywood are actually men, how do we know they are not doing this in real life?

Just understand that many Hollywood movies are based on #RealLife. These are things that people have tried before.

Scientists announce the production of the first living reproductive robots called "xenobots" and is a type of living cells powered by industrial structures that can reproduce, renew and move around during several days.

Hollywood's Gay and Transgender Agenda

There is an agenda to transgender everyone -- everywhere, but not all transgendered people are evil. Many of the Patriots and Truthers are also transgendered so they are good people.

Just understand up-front there was a Hollywood Gay and Transgender Agenda, which was also trying to legalize Child Pedophilia.

Child Pedophilia is not frowned upon in most Hollywood circles but is instead promoted. In states like California (and New York) where you have Hollywood, they tried to create laws to make it legal for 11 and 14-year-olds to date and sleep with adults.

Hollywood, CA is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, CA. Police Officers in Los Angeles County, which is over Hollywood, even had the pedophile symbol on their badges.

Most of Hollywood, including Celebrities and Entertainers, also many in the Sports Industry, Newscasters, Politicians, and even many in the Military, including Police Officers, Lawyers, and Judges are gay or transgendered.

The plus on LGBTQ+ (LGBTQ Plus) means #Pedophile. Just remember that not all transgendered people are pedophiles because many were transgendered at birth -- but most of the Satanist Pedophile Cult or Devil Worshippers, who were eating kids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner were probably also transgenders.

It started with the FREE MASONS who are also part of the Cabal, Illuminati, Globalists, Deep Cult, etc., which polluted the Democratic Party.

FREE Masons have a big presence in every community out there. They have FREE Mason lodges where they meet to plan how to keep people, especially families in a form of despair and hopelessness because they thrive or feed off sadness and depression.

These individuals have been killing the family structure for years. Their goals are to keep everything in turmoil and pit everyone against each other especially Republicans vs. Democrats.

They are in a position to create laws to totally break up the family structure with their FREE MASON high ranking military and other government officials, including politicians, police officers, lawyers, judges, etc.

They especially do this in churches where people go to pray for help. This is where they send in their FREE MASON Pastors, Priests, and Bishops to finish breaking up the family structure.

We can stop all of it if we just turn off the TV and other entertainment outlets, elect proactive politicians who will put our interests at heart, and tune into our ownselves and our own lives.

They even use some of the highest laws in the land -- federal laws -- created by the Department of Justice and -- to break up the family structure.

If people want to be gay or transgender then be gay or transgender -- but just stop trying to tell other people how to live their lives.

What Is Really Dividing Us and Killing the

'Family Structure'

The gay and transgender movements go hand in hand. It always has. Now let's discuss the real 'Elephant in the Room' and what is really dividing us and preventing us from empowering the structure of the family -- The Man, The Woman, and The Child.

It's not Republicans vs. Democrats or Liberals vs. Conservatives, not even Blacks vs. Whites, Hispanic or Asians -- but instead, it is Transgenderism vs. Natural-Born or Biological Born.

The world is run by Satanic Elite Transgenders. The evil ones have been around for thousands of years and they have created a transgendered society, which now actually rules the world especially in Hollywood because Hollywood was ruling the world.

They have successfully been able to force families to transgender themselves and their entire family members in order to gain FAME and FORTUNE.

How Hollywood Lied To You

Hollywood's Dirty

Little Secrets

Catfighting in Hollywood Movies:

We have all been hoodwinked or deceived by Hollywood. For years on TV catfights, which consisted of two women, were actually men fighting.

They forced women to be aggressive and when the fists started swinging, knives and broken bottles came out and chairs started to be broken over their heads, these were women disguised as men fighting.

Lifetime TV:

Remember Lifetime TV when they had all the men beating up the women -- they were actually men being beaten up by women.

Body Doubles:

We knew they had used body doubles for years but now if you look closely, they are so bold that they are not even doing that anymore so it is fairly easy to tell that it is a man in a dress and/or wig. Even the way they sit or stand -- you can easily tell it's the opposite sex.

Women Characters Not Attractive:

I especially enjoyed the British TV shows specifically the Crime, Drama and Action Series -- but now I understand why the women characters were never attractive -- because they were men.

Kids Grow Their Hair Out:

Many of the children actors that were born male already have eyebrow ridges on them so you can easily tell this is a male child in a dress.

All they do to the transgender kids on TV is they grow their hair out or put a wig on them but once you pay close attention to the children's mannerisms, you can tell right away they are transgendered or living the opposite sex.

Women Carrying Men:

No natural-born or biological woman in their right mind wants to pick up a male. We refrain from lifting heavy objects because it can damage us internally and even prevent us from having a baby.

But Hollywood is forcing women Females to Males Transgenders -- (FTMs), who was actually born women to lift and carry men in movies.

They feed Testosterone and other chemicals to women and force them to become strong men and they fed Estrogen and other chemicals to men and force them to become women.

Pairing Up a Big Woman with a Small Man - #HollywoodCouples:

In the movies and in REAL LIFE -- Hollywood would just pair up a big woman (a Male to Female (MTF) Transgender) with a small man (a Female to Male (FTM) Transgender) -- AND CALL THEM A COUPLE.

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What You Think You Know and What Is Really Happening

When I first found out that everything we have learned since we were a child is a LIE, it took me a good 6 months to get over it even though I consider myself WIDE AWAKE.

So you can imagine how others who are still sleeping -- the #Sleepers and #Normies, who are mostly Democrats and Liberals are going to react to this e-newsletter and this news.

Read and study these two e-newsletters also:

-July 11, 2020 - Hollywood Gay and Transgender Agenda.

-Aug. 27, 2020 - The Truth About the Entertainment Industry

Between those two e-newsletters and this e-newsletter, many will go through different stages of grief and denials.

However, for others, it will be the push they needed in their lives for their lives just to make sense.

Many will use this news and discoveries to come out of their shell and prepare for change as they transition on over into a NEW ERA, #GoldenEra.

Let me repeat or do a summation on the FOUR (4) ALARMING FACTS that is either going to make you go into a shell or make you live a liberated life as it has for me:

-NUMBER ONE - Everyone in Hollywood in the Movies or Entertainment Industry is Gay or Transgendered: Everything you have been taught since you were a child is a LIE. The world is not what it seems. Everything is a stage and they have lied to you your entire life.

All of Hollywood, the Celebrities, the Entertainment Industry, and many of the Sports Figures, Newscasters, Politicians, Educators, Police Officers, Lawyers, Judges, the Military, etc. are actually living the life of the opposite sex.

All Hollywood is transgendered and many, many others. All, or most of the women were born men and all the men were born women.

You had to invert and live the OPPOSITE GENDER in order to be on the "World Stage" (on T.V., in commercials, on covers of magazines, etc.) and gain FAME and FORTUNE in Hollywood and they also had to invert their children.

-NUMBER TWO - Dead People Are Actually Alive and the Ones You Thought Were Alive Are Dead: Not only has everything that you have been taught since you were a child is a LIE, but many Hollywood Celebrities, Entertainers, Sports Figures including Newscasters and Politicians that you actually thought were dead are actually ALIVE (over 900 are in Witness Protection) and others that you think are ALIVE have been arrested and/or executed for 'Crimes Against Humanity' -- so they are dead.

Many were arrested and taken to GITMO and convicted of 'Crimes Against Humanity.' They used DOUBLES and CGIs at the latest Oscars, Academy Awards, and other shows so many of these people especially A-List actors are no longer with us.

Hollywood, like Washington, DC (the home of the "Devil" where over 90% of politicians have been GITMOED) is #GhostTowns or #Graveyards.

-NUMBER THREE - They Are Playing Different Roles: Hollywood Celebrities, Entertainers, Sports Figures, including Newscasters and Politicians are playing 3 to 4 (or more) different characters, parts and roles.

Many who were in Witness Protection (over 900) had surgery and are even playing different roles.

Many times a character will die off and they simply change or disguise how they look by wearing a facial or body mask or they would have some type of surgery and come back as another character.

-NUMBER FOUR: I wasn't going to discuss this topic because again it is almost too 'far-fetched'...even for me, but many of these movie stars and celebrities look like our ancestors from years ago so are they reincarnated, or are they some kind of devil or demon?

Even as I write this e-newsletter, I am still not up on NUMBER FOUR above. I will call it Past Lives Reenactments.

Again, the world is not what you thought it was. I am a Spiritualist and I do believe in reincarnation, but the similarities in these movie stars and celebrities today with people from the past are uncanny.

Check out the videos by Conscious X (his channel is constantly under attack) on youtube so you can see which of these movie stars and celebrities were supposedly born years ago -- and have actually come back.

Many are playing generational roles...roles from past lives when they were younger to now. But many times in past lives -- they might have been deceased or declared themselves deceased to play another character or another role.

So the characters they are playing are going to be confusing and it will take months for you to study and unravel it all. If you choose to. 

Entertainers Are Not Leaders

They Have Made-Up Lives

Many people especially the black community really think that these entertainers are going to somehow pull a 'secret magic rabbit' out of their hats and come and save them. #DoForSelf.

They haven't done it all these years because the truth is these are all Females to Males (FTMs) Transgenders (in the picture above) and they can care less about the structure of the family unit because they have a very strong dislike for Natural Born and Biological women.

Leaders are people who care about themselves, their families, and their communities -- so understand up-front that Hollywood Entertainers are not leaders.

These so-called ENTERTAINERS have a MADE UP and PHONY lifestyle, but many flaunt their FAME and FORTUNE in front of us so we bow down to them and spend our entire lives wanting to be like them.

Men and especially women have gone to their graves trying to be like someone on TV and these people on TV on the World Stage are all gay or they are transgenders.

We know is part of the Deep State Agenda so use or when conducting research.

Many entertainers have admitted the funds they are supposedly making that are posted in stories and on these shows that feature their lifestyle - are not correct. It's all a LIE. They all have made-up lives.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, who are actually men, have admitted that they only rent their homes that are featured on those reality shows.

They all have signed blood contracts with Hollywood, which means because of their contracts, they have sold their souls to the devil, and the only way out these contracts is to die off, disappear or hide out in some type of Witness Protection Program.

Per their blood contracts, they have to keep up with this level of deception to keep you from learning the truth and to keep you in a saddened state of despair and hopelessness.

However, as we transition into the #GoldenEra (#GoldenYears), we will leave all of these entertainers in our rearview because none of these individuals will be better than anyone else. We will no longer idolize them and their made-up lives. They are history!

We will give our energy to building beautiful lives for our families and many, many future generations to come -- #GoodbyeSadness, #HelloHappiness.

Hollywood Was the 'Head of the Snake'

Hollywood was the head of the snake and in order to stop all the corruption and wrongful killings of our children -- especially all the Cult and Devil worshipping that you see in the movies -- that were actually happening in real life, "The White Hats" had to cut off the head of the snake.

New York was just as bad too and Netflix was Hollywood's sinister steaming company, which featured many occult shows and movies, but has probably been taken over by the White Hats.

So, therefore, the one thing you need to understand is that Hollywood had to be taken down because of its sinister movie industry.

For instance, popular Movie Writers, Producers, and Directors such as Steven Spielberg, Steven King, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino were some of the biggest pedophiles that ever roamed this planet.

Understand that most of the people behind the camera including the Movie Writers, Producers, Directors, Costume and Makeup Artists, Agents, etc. were all a part of the Hollywood Gay and Transgender Community including the LGBTQ community to increase pedophile communities.

For years Martin Scorsese was a Cult Leader for the entire West Coast until he turned it over to Actor Jim Carrey and Actor Tom Hanks, who also produced and directed movies was the largest adrenochrome distributor for the entire west coast (aka 'Hollywood').

What About

'Lil' Hollywood - "The A-T-L"?

Now that BIG HOLLYWOOD in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California has been totally wiped out and taken care of -- especially with the arrest and execution of Governor Newsom, Nancy Pelosi's nephew, and others being dealt with -- let's look at Atlanta, GA (aka "Hotlanta") -- who have referred to themselves for ages as "Lil Hollywood."

I don't know who named Atlanta, GA #Hotlanta or #LilHollywood -- probably all those rappers and other entertainers out there with those #MadeUpLives.

I just hope due diligence has also been carried out in Atlanta too. We saw during the movie that Tyler Perry, who was born a female and is transgendered, who is also an Atlanta Producer and Director -- worked alongside of the White Hats to help produce the movie at his studio.

When everything started falling apart he probably had no choice but to come over to the side of "The Good Guys" because I did hear that originally -- he was a BAD GUY just like all the other movie producers and directors in Hollywood.

Tyler Perry is supposed to be one of the most richest men in the world but his life is probably made up too. If he is rich, it was black women in those FREE MASON churches that made him rich by going out to see all his plays.

Who is laughing now that they know he is not even a man -- just a big woman who wears dresses.

I just knew back in 2013 that I could no longer live in the area or city of Atlanta, GA because everyone was perpetrating to be someone else and they were desperate to keep up with the Joneses.

Even the people I had known over the years were pretending to be rich as if they were some type of Hollywood movie star, but many barely had lights on in their homes.

They put getting their hair and toes done, before filling their refrigerators with good, clean organic foods so I just could no longer be a part of their masquerade. I had to get out of dodge.

I felt I could no longer thrive or breathe anymore being around these types of individuals. That is when you know it's time to cut ties and venture on elsewhere because that is when something inside of you begins to die -- which is your 'spirit'.

I left the city and did not return for 6 years. I knew the type of life I wanted and I knew I could not have it living in Atlanta, GA because it was robbing me of my will to live.

What Laws Are Being Introduced and Passed to Stop the Butchering of Children?

Laws are being introduced and passed to protect the rights of children. Anyone who changes the sex of children before they are old enough to make these decisions are being declared child abusers in the state of Texas.

Can you imagine mutilating or cutting off the genitals of children who are not old enough to make these decisions?

This is probably why there are so many suicides of young people in the gay and transgender community.

Laws have to be passed and put into place especially out in Hollywood. Despite so many California families leaving for greener pasture, there were so many illegal practices taking place there.

For instance, in order to grow their transgender communities, they were forcing boys in the Juvenile Detention Centers to take Estrogen and the girls to take Testosterone -- hoping that when they were released -- they would continue with the transgender transformations but many parents have filed lawsuits.

What They Are Putting On The Market

If you look at the shape of the Barbie Doll, that is a Male to Female (MTF) Transgender. She has the long male 'tree trunk' or 'giraffe' neck, wide broad shoulders, and arms that go below the crotch area.

How could we have been sleep on all of this? They have been telling our little girls and daughters for years, this is how you are supposed to look.

It is a 'rite of passage' for all little girls to eventually buy a Barbie Doll. Every mother or caretaker needs to experience stepping on a Barbie Doll's shoe -- barefoot, which is some of the worst pain ever.

They have done their best to feminize the Ken doll. This was all done on purpose so all boys and men would think this is how they should look.

Again this is a feminized version of the Ken doll and he is even wearing the rainbow (Gay and Transgender) colors.

They made sure this transgender doll represented a black person by using the one with the darkest skin. Then they gave her red hair. This is why many transgenders wear red and blond wigs. Many are fairly easy to spot too -- first of all because of their mannerisms and their red or blond hair.

They gave the first doll blond hair and blue eyes and this was all done for a reason. They are trying to normalize that it is okay to be like this.

I can't believe they had the nerves to put the Baphomet Doll on the market, but they did so others can know whom they are paying homage to. Transgenders are represented by the two horn goat -- The Baphomet. It is part of their cult.

Can You Tell the Difference

Between a Man and Woman?

Read this article

"Men and Their Lust - Can You Tell the Difference

Between a Man or Woman?

Check out how to tell the difference in a man or woman at

The problem is so many of us have been looking at TV for so long we can't tell the difference between a man and a woman. Therefore, just start looking at people especially people in your own family and communities to recognize the differences in men and women. I do this especially when I go to the gym.

You Can't Change the Shape of the Back

The back is a permanent fixture on any person and that straight back is a sign that person was born a male just like a person who has a curve in their back was born a female for childbearing purposes.

You might have to take someone to the beach just to figure it out. If you live in a hotter climate, where very little clothing is worn -- it would be easier for you to see if they have a straight back (male's back) or a back with a curve in it (female's back).

A Natural-Born or Biological Female's

Back is Curved for Childbearing

After the shoulder blades, the female's back on Natural-Born or Biological Women goes into a curve for childrearing.

You Can't Change the Shape of the Skull

Men have larger skulls than women and it is shaped differently. Natural Born and Biological Women have oval-shaped skulls while a man's skull is more square. Growing up I used to call my 3 little brothers egg heads because their heads were shaped like an egg.

I have learned how to tell the difference between men and women just by looking into their eyes. Female eyes look very inviting, flirtatious, and feminine but men's eyes look confrontational. Men are supposed to be the protectors of the family so therefore they have eyes that stare and are confrontational. This is just how they were created.

Long Giraffe Neck ('Tree Trunk' Neck) Women are Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders

Since men have larger skulls some of them will have longer necks and wider clavicles or collar bones to hold up their big heads. Many times the MTFs will wear chockers or necklaces to hide their Adam's Apples.

Male Clavicles and Collar Bones,

Broad Shoulders, Straight Bodies, High Navels, Wide Male Dental Arches, Adonis Belts, and Other Male Features

The clavicle is the bone that joins the shoulder blade and the breast bone. It is a horizontally located long bone, and collarbone refers to the same bone. Therefore, there is no difference between clavicles and collarbones. 

Male clavicles or collar bones go straight across and Natural-Born or Biological Women's clavicles go down in a V shape. You can hold your shoulders to make it look like your clavicles go down in a V shape (like most Natural Born or Biological women), but these are all men's features with these prominent clavicles and collar bones.

Men have straight bodies and more muscular bodies than women. Remember men don't have cellulite. They also have wider and longer tongues and wider mouths (Dental Arches) than women. Only men have Adonis Belts. Some of these women have the cold confrontational male stare. They are Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders.

Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders With Square Male Faces

A male's face is usually square whereas a female's face is oval-shaped. So look at the shape of the jawline (square jawline) when trying to figure out the difference between men and women.

Men also have higher cheekbones than women and many men have deep-set eyes with eyebrow ridges. Many of the male foreheads might slant back but there are feminization surgeries that can raise their forehead and make it go straight up and down.

Natural-Born and Biological Women usually have smaller mouths (dental arches) and tongues, smaller noses, and smaller ears. Again, you can see the male's confrontational stare here.

Women With Long Arms are

Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders

This is not always the case but many times it is the case. Natural-Born and Biological Women have dinosaur arms that reach the crotch area but MTFs transgenders hands and arms hang below the crotch area.

Many people even call these gorilla arms. Many times they will also have big male hands and big male feet too. The shoes they make for women are not made for men with big feet so many times you might see their feet falling out of their shoes because they were born men.

The Truth About Katy Perry, Jon Benet Ramsey, Caylee and the Little Tiaras

Hiding in plain sight...

Katy Perry was born a male and was actually JonBenet Ramsey who never died. Katy Perry bragged about eating people and has since has been GITMOED. She dated Russell Brand who is a Female To Male (FTM) transgender.

All the little Tiaras are actually little boys. Just like all the housewives franchises, bachelorettes franchises, all the professional models and playmates franchises -- are all men (Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders). These are just other industries like the movie industry where Natural-Born and Biological women are not allowed to go into professionally.

Caylee was also a little boy and her mom was transgendered. They use transgendered people to put stories out in mainstream media to keep you from seeing the truth. Who knows if the child ever died. It was just a distraction.

Cloning is Real

Initially, the White Hats used Doubles and CGI and the Black Hats (aka 'Bad Guys') used Doubles, CGIs, and Clones. Haven't you ever wondered why all the transgenders in Hollywood look alike? They have been cloning people for years.

Are These the Same People

Playing Different Roles?

The Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders Tell Us Who They Are By Their 'Transgender Poses'

They have even taught this pose to their children. I can't say why they specifically do the pose. Initially, I heard they do it to push out their hips. Then I heard they do it as a sign to tell others they are transgendered.

Look for the Deformed Looking

Short Female Torsos on the

Females to Males (FTMs) Transgenders

They put out these airbrush pictures so you can't really tell what they looked like. Natural-Born and Biological Females have short torsos whereas Natural Born men have longer torsos.

A Natural-Born or Biological female's navel will go below her waistline but in Natural Born men the navel is sometimes above the waistline especially because of their longer torsos.

Transgenders Mannerisms

Sometimes they forget who they are supposed to be and they will revert back to their natural selves. You can see this in how they stand or sit.

Many Females to Males (FTMs) Transgenders Want to Know What It Feels Like to Wear a Dress

Especially since they had to give up their womanhood

for FAME and FORTUNE...

These Are Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders

Look for the confrontational male eyes on the Males to Females (MTFs) Transgenders, who were actually born men. They will have larger skulls, square jawlines, Adam's Apples (but there are surgeries to remove these), larger eyes and ears (eyes will be further apart), board straight shoulders, straight across prominent clavicles or collar bones, longer torsos, higher navels, adonis belts, straight bodies, longer arms that go below the crotch area, bigger hands and feet.

Look for the Flirtatious Inviting

Feminine Eyes in the Females to Males (FTMs) Transgenders

Men and others can't help to fall in love with women. These are women so they will have sparkly, feminine, flirtatious, inviting eyes. Natural Born or Biological Males will usually have a longer ring finger than the index finger but not always.

The FTMs will also have female fingers -- where the ring and the index finger are the same height. Even though the fingers are a good indicator on who they are I would not solely base any decision on the length of their fingers.

Look for at least 5 or 6 more strong indicators. Many FTMs will have other female features such oval faces (not a square jawline), small dental arches, smaller ears and eyes, tiny necks, slopped down shoulders instead of broad straight across shoulders, V-shaped clavicles, shorter torsos with navels below the hips, wider hips (almost the same length as the shoulders), short dinosaur arms, tiny hands, and feet. They will even wear larger shoes to hide their small feet.

Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders With Cold Confrontational Stares

If you really want to witness some cold killer confrontational stares by men watch the women on "The Bachelor". They go on to star in "The Bachelorette" and some go to the show "Bachelor in Paradise." Check out the women when they put on bathing suits. They are all men. You can clearly see their male Adonis Belts. Only men have Adonis Belts.

Males to Females (MTFs) Transgenders Who Lied About Being Pregnant

Of course, men can't have babies. They have a bare womb. Google and these stars' agents airbrush pictures so we can't see where the #MoonBumps starts or ends.

-Beyonce in the pink dress on the left even went on live TV and when she went to sit down her #MoonBump deflated.

-Rihanna's husband is obviously a female on the picture of the little girl.

-Rihanna on the section with the straight back is obviously a male.

-All the models and playmates are Males To Females (MTFs) transgenders so there is no way Model Naomi Campbell had a baby.

Transgendered People Who Are

Saying They are Gay...But Are Actually Transgendered

Ellen was one of the first people to come out of the closet when Obama took office to help him grow the gay and transgendered community. If you check out Ellen closely along with her partner they are both men - not women -- but Males to Females (MTFs) Transgenders.

Ellen was evil. She even had a picture of Epstein Island on the wall of her studio. Ellen has been GITMOED. They are using someone wearing a mask and CGI to continue her show but she is gone. Queen Latifah even has that male energy and mannerisms.

Transgendered Men Who

Have Given Birth

Most people in Hollywood use a surrogacy program to have children. They usually take some of the DNA of the father to create these children, however, it is highly suspected that many Females To Males (FTMs) Transgenders have had their own children.

Many would just disappear off the scene for 9 months. Sometimes some of the entertainers will even say they are doing time in jail but are actually off giving birth. Many will wear much larger clothing to hide their pregnancies. For instance, Jay Z supposedly wore large men's suits during both of Beyonce's pregnancies so many people believe he/she carried his children.

I don't know why Elon Musk's mother who is actually his father would pose in a picture being pregnant but men want to have babies. Demi Moore who is also a man took that famous airbrushed pregnancy picture, but did Bruce Willis actually carry their 3 daughters?

Transgendered Couples and Families

Understand that the CIA Mockingbird MEDIA is part of the Cabal -- the Illuminati, Free Masons, Deep Cult, etc. They don't help you advertise when your child go missing because they are the ones kidnapping your children.

Anyone on the "World's Stage" -- this means anyone in front of the cameras on TV, in commercials, at movie theaters, online, or on front pages of popular magazines (unless they are a small Mom and Pop Business but then they are suspect) -- in any country -- is "Transgenders".

They help each other become rich and famous by featuring each other on TV or online in ads or on commercials or on primetime TV. Every once in a while they will put some Civil Rights leaders on TV or show a person who have been killed and the people who killed them, but overall, only gay or transgendered people are allowed to be highlighted on the "World's Stage."

Again, this has been going on since the Greek and Shakespearian Days so many of you will have to cope with it. Unless they are living evil lifestyles, just leave people alone. Just remember no one will be above anyone else as we transition over into the Golden Era #GoldenAge.

Go ahead and mourn and grieve now that you know that these individuals are transgenders, but forget these people and forget their lifestyles and concentrate on your own life.

If They Openly Invert Their Children They Gain Big Film Roles and

Many, Many More Riches

Cher is very evil. She has been GITMOED. Sony left Cher because he is a good guy now hiding out in Witness Protection (he is one of the 900).

Will Smith was evil and has been GITMOED. Dwayne Wade was born a female. Gabrielle Union said she had 5 miscarriages but she has a #BareWomb because she was born male. She often display male mannerisms.

They Use Hand Signals to Communicate

Yes, symbolism will be their downfall.

Think twice when you see any celebrities or entertainers throwing up these devil signs. Even the peace sign today is no longer the peace sign. They are paying homage to the two horn Baphomet -- the God they represent.

Stop supporting anyone and stop using any products where you see these signs. I bet you did not even know they had the Baphomet dance. This is how they have been influencing families forever.

Feminization Surgeries, Transgender Ads, and Commercials Have Come A Long Way

While you were sleeping. The deception went deep. Transgenders can't have babies so many have money to further their agendas., which is part of the evil Cabal, removed all the pictures of natural-born and biological women in underwear. The transgender community now owns the rights to all the online pictures of men in underwear.

Most are now men in women's underwear, men in women's clothes, men wearing women's jewelry, men using women's makeup and skin cream.

Transgenders have taken over all ads and commercials on TV and online and natural-born or biological women are no longer allowed to be in these ads or commercials. Instead of using, use or to conduct research.

Understand that makeup was made for Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders, but many natural-born and biological women and especially drag queens wear it also (Maybelline aka "May-Be-Lying").

No one knows the long-lasting effects of having all these facial and body surgeries. Coupled with all the chemicals and hormones you have to take for a complete body transformation can be hard on any adult and especially children and teenagers.

Many times they get their penises removed and reshaped along with their ribs removed to get those hourglass figures. This is why these procedures should not be forced on young people. Think hard because many of the things you do to yourself you can't change back.

None of us are hearing the true statistics of those who wish they never did these body transformations in the first place but we are witnessing a rise in suicides amongst young people, especially those connected to Hollywood or the entertainment industry.

Why I Fell In Love With The Movies and What I Saw From An

Early Age

My friends tell me now that I am very observant. Some intuitions come from within but I felt from a very early age, I was supposed to see things and even question them -- but it would be many years later before I would be given the answer to many things in my life.

As a young child growing up in the Deep South (aka 'Country' -- 'The Sticks') in Georgia and being a 'Black Sheep' child, I spent a lot of time in nature by myself.

When I would go and sit on a big rock in the woods and talk to the trees and sky, I felt encouraged. I didn't know back then whom I was talking to, but now as an Intuitive, I realized it was probably Angels, Spirit Guides, or maybe even God himself.

Whomever it was, they kept me encouraged my whole life and made me look forward to everything that life had to offer.

They told me if I could just survive this small phase of my life called 'childhood' then I would have a beautiful life and I have.

They also prepared me for other challenges I would encounter in my life and again told me to never give up.

They told me my life would be very instrumental and I would be in a position to encourage and motivate others.

They told me the mental neglect and abuse by my family was only temporary and even if I had to go through many more challenges in my life, I would be okay.

I was raised by a two-parent family along with my 8 siblings. There started my long life lessons to understand how the world actually worked.

From an early age, I fell in love with movies. That was the only entertainment we had except for a 45 old record player so watching TV and the movies was another place I went to dream about my life.

Therefore, from a very early age, I just paid attention to what was happening around me. I really did not understand what was going on in Hollywood and how it really worked but it was an escape from my abusive family members so it fascinated me.

I really did not understand back then that these characters were just acting or playing a part. I was just drawn in by all the different roles and characters.

I was very inquisitive and curious about things. For instance, I never understood how women in Hollywood had those extremely long necks.

I had seen other girls and women growing up in the south in church and school, then in the military, and then when I worked in Customs, despite seeing plenty of women pass through Customs over the years, I never once encountered women with long 'tree-trump giraffe necks' like they had in Hollywood in the movies so it always struck me as kind of odd.

For the next few years I put those thoughts out of my head and carried on with my life, but for years I carried this curiosity with me hoping to one day figure it all out. Flash forward -- that is exactly what happened in 2020.

As I was conducting research in July 2020 to find out the many agendas out there I ran across a youtube page of a black female named Chinese Black.

I figured that really wasn't her name and she rarely showed her face on camera. Many times her videos would be clips from another black Jamaican guy, Mag - The Bitter Truth so I started watching his clips directly.

They both seemed to be experts in the anatomy of men and women so as I watched their videos daily, I was shocked to learn that one of the largest secrets in society today especially in Hollywood is that men were imitating or pretending to live as women.

I knew about drag queens from the movies but it was more than just drag queens. It was a complete transformation to the opposite sex.

I found out pretty quickly that all the women that I had eyed from Hollywood my entire life were actually men.

Not only did they have the long tree-truck giraffe necks, but many also had Adam's Apples and Adam's Apple tracts, which if you know anything about the anatomy of men and women, you would find out these belong to men -- mostly -- but a female did send me a picture of her with an Adam's Apple and she had had 3 children.

However, the Adam's Apples and Adam's Apples Tracts that these women had in Hollywood were totally different from her because most had the long tree-trunk necks and an Adam's Apple.

She had what looked like an Adam's Apple, but she had a small feminine neck, which I learned quickly was another trait for a Natural Born or Biological Woman.

I thought I would take the puzzle of why women in Hollywood had the long necks to the grave with me but in 2020, the year of the great awakening my question was finally answered.

So for the next two months everyday I had class. I went on these transgender breakdown artists' websites and watched all their transgender breakdowns and as an information junkie, I was just hooked on how the world was nothing but one big fat lie.

After being overwhelmed with all the info on women in Hollywood and finding out they were actually men, I asked myself well where are the real women then.

I knew that you could not have that many couples that were homosexuals in Hollywood despite Hollywood being a weird place.

Then I was able to figure out that their spouses and partners with the oval-shaped skulls, small necks, slanted shoulders, short dinosaur arms, small hands and feet were actually women dressed up and disguised as men. They were living their lives as Females To Males (FTMs) Transgenders.

That is when I learned to be in Hollywood, a Movie Star, Celebrity or Entertainer or even a Newscaster, Politician, and even Sports Figures (anyone on the "World's Stage"), had to live a gay or transgender lifestyle and had to transgender their children also for FAME and FORTUNE.

To be in the movies they would just put a bigger woman with a smaller male and call them a couple.

I felt so let down by society and then I spent the next 6 months conducting more research on transgenders -- while getting over these people.

Coming up my youngest daughter and I shared a great love for the movies. We would never miss the Oscars or Academy Awards.

Their lifestyles never fascinated us because neighter of us are materialistic. We were mostly fascinated with the plots of the movies -- but realized early on that many were just sinister plots coming out of Hollywood. We couldn't put our finger on it until 2020.

Why Did I Start Breaking Down Transgenders

Shortly after learning the truth in July 2020, I also became a transgender breakdown artist just because I wanted to know who was who.

Any NATURAL-BORN or BIOLOGICAL woman that has had a child should be able to tell the difference between a man or women.

You should be able to recognize the opposite sex just by looking into their eyes because men have confrontational eyes that stare -- while women have flirtatious, bouncy, feminine eyes that look like they are smiling at you.

I raised two daughters for 18 years before they went off to college and I was able to view my daughters daily to make sure they were groomed properly so they could become young ladies.

I remember specifically that my daughters had these small skulls when they were born and they always had small necks, small hands and feet. So I knew early on there was a big difference in men and women.

I never had a son but I was raised with 5 brothers and I grew up with my male cousins. Then I ended up working with mostly men in the Military and in the federal government for over 25 years so I have been around both sexes quite a lot so this is why I found it easy to do all the transgender breakdowns.

I became a transgender breakdown artist (there is no such thing) especially since I was from Atlanta and since Atlanta is called "Lil Hollywood" -- I knew sooner or later I would probably be confronted with people in Atlanta and I personally wanted to know who was who.

I also did it because I felt sorry for men who could not tell the difference between men and women and many said they rather stay single than pick someone up who wasn't a natural-born or biological woman.

I found the process to be fairly easy but I never wanted to accuse someone of being transgendered if they weren't -- so I took my time.

After getting on several of the groups that did this full time, I just watched and observed and even if they said the person was transgendered, I would never post them on my page or say they were transgendered unless I did the once over myself.

I even took 6 months to breakdown some people but others -- most of them -- were fairly easy to do especially the Males To Females (MTFs) Transgenders.

The Apparent Transgender Deception

Many of the people running these transgender breakdown groups are bitter because of all the LIES ad DECEPTION so you have to be careful joining any groups because you can pick up on people's negative energy and end up in a really bad place.

What I found to be particularly disturbing is that the GAY and TRANSGENDER community run the entire movie industry and as as former Workplace and Discrimination Consultant, I just find all of it to be extemely discriminatory.

But who are you going to report these illegalities to since many of the politicians, lawyers, and judges are also gay or transgendered?

Learning all of this has affected me just like it will affect others -- but you have to grieve, mourn and move on.

How I view or see the world have been permanantly altered.

When I turn on the TV in the future, or watch these Movie Stars, Celebrities and Entertainers online, I will never see the world the same again.

Sometimes I have a hard time looking at anything on TV or online because I can see first-hand the apparent deception - where you have women playing men and men playing women.

But the goal is to get passed this and recognize that all people in this NEW WORLD (#GoldenEra) will be treated the same.

No one will be treated better than the next person so we will look at the homeless or mentally ill, former prisoners and single mothers with compassion, love and hope -- just like we will look at Movie Stars, Celebrities and Entertainers -- but we will no longer be bowing down or idolizing anyone.

So therefore, take some time to grieve and mourn your loss because this is a loss when you find out you have been lied to your entire life.

Meanwhile, you have to get over your fascination with these Hollywood Movie Stars, Celebrities and Entertainers.

Stop idolizing these individuals because they are not your kinfolks. Most would not even give you the time of day -- if you met them in person.

By all means stop listening to any messages that they might have especially if they are trying to tell you how to live your life.

Many have set up podcasts since Hollywood is dead. They are still trying to be relevant in your life but you no longer need to follow what they are doing so remove yourself from their platforms.

It's time for all of us to move forward and build beautiful lives and we can only do that by loving one another.

I don't know which social media platforms is going to survive the cut as we transition into the #GoldenEra.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about the transgender breakdowns you can go to the below groups or websites: This is my page and my goal is to educate everyone on the differences in men and women. I have taken a hiatus running the dating services there.

-Fighting Back 101 on facebook. On my group I sometimes do the transgender breakdowns there along with posting other timely information.

-Transgenderism: The Bitter Truth on facebook.


-The Shills Have Lies on youtube.

-The Shills Have Lies on instagram.

Go back and read all my articles and newsletters at so you can see who is actually alive and who is dead and you can see how we are transitioning into the NEW WORLD.

Read and study these two e-newsletters also:

-July 11, 2020 - Hollywood Gay and Transgender Agenda.

-Aug. 27, 2020 - The Truth About the Entertainment Industry

More Words That Might Be Confusing:

-Male To Female (MTF) Transgender: These are Natural Born and Biological Men who choose to live their lives as a woman.

-Female To Male (FTM) Transgender: These are Natural Born and Biological women who choose to live their lives as a man.

-'White Hats' or 'White Hats Alliance': 'White Hats' is a term used to refer to "The Good Guys." They are also referred to as 'The White Hat Alliance' or 'The Alliance.' These are individuals (probably strongly connected to "Q" -- Military Intelligence) who have been working on behalf of humanity for many, many years. They are located in every country.

-'Black Hats': 'Black Hats' are the evil group of Cabal, Illuminati, Free Masons, Deep State, Globalists, Deep Cult, Satanist Cult Worshippers, etc. who have been spreading evil across the country for many, many decades and centuries. They have been putting people's minds and bodies into bondage for many, many years. They are being taken down as we speak.

-Whistleblowers: Whistleblowers are true 'American Patriots'. They are indeed known as "The Good Guys." They expose their particular industries and workplaces. Whistleblower exposes corruption and other illegal acts which affect the safety and welfare of an entire nation of individuals. They put their lives on the line in order to save yours and many die or end up in jail because of their whistleblowing activities. Don't forget that I am a "Whistleblower" ( so I know all Whistleblowers are genuinely good and truthful individuals.

Whistleblower laws in this country still remain weak. Some of the whistleblower law firms trying to strengthen the laws include:

-Government Accountability Project (

-Project on Government Oversight (

-Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (

There are Whistleblower law firms and Whistleblower News Channels in every city. Don't forget that the 'best outlet for a whistleblower is the media'.

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