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-Benjamin Franklin
Greetings Everyone,

2019 is almost over, and we're on the verge of entering a new decade. Here at ROMAC, we want to thank all of our customers, associates, and friends for being part of our extended family over the more than six decades we've been in business. This month we're going to give you a taste of the exciting things our product groups have in the wings for next year (2020) such as more options for PCI switchboards, a new way to insulate our HRC hardware kits, an online store on the horizon, and the new Hotwire website. We're also going to reflect on our company's rich history. On behalf of everyone here at ROMAC, we want to wish each one of you a happy holiday season and a happy new decade!

Now, enjoy the Hotwire...
PCI - Redesigned Switchboards
A Smaller Footprint With Our New Design
ROMAC's PCI product group has redesigned our off-the-shelf switchboards to include a line of smaller footprint options for projects that have limited space. We've taken our 400-1200 Amp configuration of three switchboard sections--underground pull, metering with main, and distribution--and condensed it into two sections--underground pull with metering and main with distribution. Our engineers also designed the same configuration for our 1600-2500 Amp models; however, due to the size of the main, the distribution is only half the full distribution section capacity. Our older designs will continue to be available, we've just added more options to the line.
Standard Design With One Pull Section, Metering With Main, And Distribution
ROMAC's New--Smaller Footprint--Design With Combined Pull and Metering, Main and Distribuiton
Call: 1-800-88-POWER
HRC - Dipped Hardware Kits
Our 2020 Hardware Kits Have a New Type of Insulation
ROMAC's HRC brand circuit breaker and switch mounting hardware kits are second to none. It's hard to believe that we figured out a way to improve them, but we did. Starting in 2020, most of our kits will sport super-efficient tight-fitting plastisol insulation.

The plastisol insulation is applied in a heat, dip, and cure process that creates a tighter fitting and even thicker insulation layer than the super high-quality 3M heat shrink we've used on our kits in the past. Plastisol insulation not only creates a tighter fit; it is UL listed and has exceptional dielectric properties. Depending on the thickness of a plastisol dip, this insulation can be used in applications up to 38kV.
Coming Soon!
Our New Online Store
We're Building an Ecommerce Platform to Make It Even Easier To Get The Equipment You Need

At ROMAC, we're building a new online store to make it easier than ever to find the electrical products you need--that we have--and purchase them via an easy to use e-commerce site that's open 24 hours a day.

At launch, we're going to have our entire stock of HRC brand products available. All of our MCCB mounting kits, panel-mounted switch hardware kits, and NEMA rated EZCAN enclosures will be available for purchase on ROMAC's e-commerce site. After launch, we're going to continue to add product lines and options.

ROMAC's online store isn't going to be an impersonal automated robot that takes your order and forgets about you after you've paid. Our e-commerce site is backed by real live sales, engineering, and manufacturing experts who are available to answer your questions and concerns. Our online store is just a new way for you to find out about and purchase ROMAC products, it's still ROMAC, and so it comes with over six decades of experience in the industrial electrical space.
We plan to launch stage one of our online store in the first quarter of 2020. If you want to be among the first of our associates to get a look at ROMAC's e-commerce site the day that it launches, you can sign up to receive updates about ROMAC's online store. You'll get an email the day we launch along with exclusive coupon codes.
You don't have to sort through your email to find back issues of the Hotwire. We're putting everything Hotwire into one easy to find--and search--website. That's not all; ROMAC's new hotwire website has blogs, our print ads, and other updates on ROMAC products and services. The Hotwire Website is all things ROMAC tied up in a pretty package! Visit the new Hotwire website today.
Over Six Decades
1924 - 2014
1961 - Still Making Us Proud
ROMAC Was Founded in 1958
ROMAC Supply Company, Inc was founded in 1958 by Phillip Rosenfield; the name is a conjunction of Rosenfield and Machinery. Our company has been in business ever since. We're proud to be a trusted source for industrial electrical products going into the 2020s. Want to read a little about how we got started and how we evolved over the years? Visit the ABOUT ROMAC section of our website.
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