The End of the Movie

Newsletter - Issue 12 - May 17, 2022

This is the end of the movie. If you haven't been keeping up go back and read all my e-newsletters starting in September of 2021. Congrats you made it. Welcome to the #GoldenEra.

Newsletter Topics:

-Decide What You Want the Next Part of Your Life to Look Like

-Is JFK Sr, Jr, and Jackie O Still Alive?

-Your Level of Thinking is How You Got Here

-Who Were The Characters in the Movie?

-What You Need To Know About Tesla Bio Healers

-Where Did the Word Conspiracy Theorist Come From? 

-What is Taking So Long for Gesara to Go Through?

-News Updates

-What is Happening to Your Water

-What is Happening to Your Food

-Where Are You in The Fight to Save Humanity?

-Are You a Part of the Black Pill, Red Pill or Blue Pill Communities?

-What You Need to Know About the 3 Gorges Dam?

-Was Agent Fang Fang a Targeted Hit?

-Was General Flynn a Good Guy?

-Who is Professor Clements?

-What You Need to Know About Humanitarian Projects

-Use Tesla Bio Healers

-The Pharma Industry Funds Medical Schools

-How The COVID Virus Was Really Released

-Get On These Supplements if You Took the Vax

-Political Corner 

-Maxine Waters Tells Homeless People to Go Home

-Forced to Take Estrogen and Testesterone

-Does the White Hats Have Everything Under Control?

-People Are Losing Patience

-Is There Really a Baby Formula Shortage?

-Elon Musk Buys Twitter

-Supreme Court Justices

-It Was Always About the Children

-Hollywood's Cannibal Club

-The Red Shoe Club

-Black Eye Club

-Disney 'Child-Grooming'

-The Biden Crime Family

-What You Need to Know About the Rockefellers and Rothchilds

-Trucker's Convoy Updates

-Proof Rihanna Has a Plastic Belly

-More Deceivers

-Cathy Harris' 65th Birthday Video Series

-What Really Happened in 2020 Videos

-List of the Guilty


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CEO, Cathy Harris

Austin, TX

Welcome to 'Cathy's Corner'.

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, Investigative Journalist

Welcome to

'Cathy's Corner'

Welcome to the 12th edition of 'Cathy's Corner.' Read these e-newsletters to find out how and why we are transitioning into a NEW #GoldenEra.

Go back and especially read the last edition entitled "Is It Time for a 'Pre-Gesara' Celebration?" Yes, it is past time to celebrate as we 'walk into greatness'.

I am Cathy Harris and I travel around the country teaching from the road. We are finally in the 3rd phase of Gesara, which means they are preparing to do the payouts. 


I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for this to happen. Meanwhile, do what you can to take care of yourself, your family, and your entire community, and especially start growing your own food.

Check out my ‘food-growing’ initiatives at and Going forward you can’t put your life in the hands of others. If you learned one thing from 2020 then that should be it.


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Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Digital Soldier

Decide What You Want the Next Part of Your Life To Look Like

I am staying vigilant and persistent because I know what I want the next part of my life to look like. I have been writing 'life-changing' articles for the past few years especially since the close-down in 2020, which are now posted at

Then I started writing my e-newsletters on September 14, 2021 because facebook and other social media platforms were silencing my voice by continuing to block me.

I felt as a 65-year-old Business Owner at, an Information Junkie/Researcher, and Former Government Whistleblower (, I could indeed make an impact on others around me.

For 13 years I ran an online News Service and Press Release company entitled "The National Black Agenda Online," which started around 1999.

I started the news service to fight back in my job as a Federal Whistleblower and it worked. At the young age of 48, I was able to retire from my job with full benefits and go on and create another life as a business owner. 

Back then though the CIA Mainstream Mockingbird Media wasn't as bad as it is today. They have always used #MindControl on people but today and especially since 2020, we need alternative news sources so again I stepped up to the plate and started my e-newsletters and articles to educate others because "We Are Now the News." 

I run my own Empowerment Company at and I am the author of 26 non-fiction books.

I enjoy writing and find it extremely healing especially when I write and travel. I travel around the country in my 2019 3500 Promaster Van teaching from the road.

My topics are Health, Business, Minimalism, and Happiness along with the other topics that I am often asked to teach when I go through an area with my "Caravan" ( or with my "Mobile Learning Clubs" 


I am moving slowly across the country seeing some beautiful sites, seeing friends and family members, and making friends along the way.

After 2 and a half years on the road, I will no longer publish two videos a week. I am slowing down and putting myself and especially my health first. 

Because I know most people don't like to read, I am still trying to figure out which video platforms I will teach from, meanwhile, I am traveling and educating others with my Seminars, Workshops, Consultations, and travel videos.

Not everyone can live the type of lifestyle that I live and they are not supposed to. Find out what truly brings peace, joy, and happiness into your life and go for it. At the end of the day, all you can do is #ChaseHappiness -#CathysHappinessProject.

Is J.F.K. Sr, Jr, and Jackie O

Still Alive?

Yes, it's been a movie for quite some time to wake up the Sleepers while we transition over into a new era (aka #GoldenEra) with a new financial system (Quantum Financial System (QFS)). Just remember though all the arrests for 'Crimes Against Humanity" are real.

I published an extensive series on "The Kennedys" in my 2nd Edition of my e-newsletter, but if you look at the guy sitting in the chair behind Negative 48 on the below picture, that looks like JFK. Did we find out if JFK, Jr. was Juan O'Savin?

Med Bed therapy could have kept JFK alive. Remember Med Beds have been around since the 1940s -- and until now they have only been available to the Elite. People will go back to living to be 150, 200 or even 250 years of age because of Med Beds.

Your Level of Thinking is How You Got Here

Now Grow From Your Experience and Learn to Save Your Own Life

Many people still don't believe we are walking into greatness with a new #GoldenEra -- despite being at the end of the movie because many people are still consumed with fake news, fake friends, and fake lives.

They have allowed all of this to take over their lives so they can't see the forest for the trees.


People think a certain way because of family members and the people they are hanging out with so only you can decide when it's time to change sceneries.

The only question you should be asking yourself at this time is what do you want the next part of your life to look like.

If you go back to supporting these below entities and individuals who lied to you in the first place then that says something about your character and level of thinking.


If you continue to:

-Listen and believe everything you watch on TV especially the news, which has been lying to you your entire life.

-The CDC and FDA that said many times the vaccinations and boosters were experimental (#GuineaPigs) but you took them anyway.

-The CDC and FDA that forced you to wear masks so you would be afraid to talk to others -- even though they did very little in the form of protection, but did give many people viral infections from lack of air.

-The CDC and FDA that forced you to stand 6 feet apart to keep you from talking to others, which is part of a Satanic Ritual.

-The World Health Organization (WHO) with Fauci, Gates, and others who served as spokespersons and lied about vaccinations being safe. They were bio-weapons. Read the article “Are Vaccinated People Infecting Others With a Bio-Weapon?”

-The Hollywood Movie Stars and Entertainers who told you to take the vaccinations in the first place -- even though many of them did not take the jab.

-Politicians who were housing Senior COVID patients together in nursing homes in order to kill them. 

-Doctors and nurses who put your relatives especially Seniors on the drug 'remdesivir' when committed to hospitals for COVID, which made their kidneys give out and their lungs fill up with fluids so they had to go on a ventilator, which caused their deaths. This was carried out for 'financial purposes'.

-Hospitals that stopped family members from seeing and being with dying family members and stopped them from burying their loved ones with respect and decency. 

-Hospitals that forced women who had given birth to be separated from their babies.

-Hospitals that refused to allow men to see their children being born. 

-Hospitals that said they were full of COVID patients but in fact they were EMPTY while their nurses made dancing videos on social media.  

-Blue State Politicians that refused to allow HCQ, Ivermectin, and other natural remedies to be used to treat their residents in their states.

-Politicians who forced you to close down family businesses.

-School Board Members and other politicians who forced your children to continue to wear masks so they would continue to get sick.

-Schools that forced you to take the jab or you could not attend schools.

-Your job that forced you to take the vaccination or be fired.

-Politicians who tricked you by telling you to take the vaccination so things could return to normal.

-Politicians who certified the 2020 elections even though they knew #ElectionFraud had taken place. Watch the documentary on #ElectionFraud entitled "2000 Mules" -- at (click here).


At this point in all our lives, it’s just important to reflect back on what really happened so none of us is ever on the wrong side of history again.

Just remember there was a virus outbreak of Corona/COVID with over 20 strains in October 2019 but by March 2020 -- it was over so life could have returned to somewhat normal, or many people could have been saved.

The vaccinations actually killed more people than the virus, which has a 99 and a half percent cure rate. It was nothing but a cold or flu after March 2020.


I am simply writing this to show you who the real enemy was, so I am not writing this to make you feel ashamed or embarrassed because of any decision you made because I still believe many of the vaccinations were ‘placebos’ – just a scare tactic. But remember too, there were bad batches of poisons too, which were ‘bio-weapons’.


I just want you to understand that it was about #Depopulation and it was a game of sadistic #RussianRoulette played on you by your city, state, and federal government officials, politicians, hospitals along Big Pharma, movie stars, and entertainers because the Deep State Cabal thrive on pain, suffering, chaos, and turmoil. And because of this – change must occur.


Your cries for change have been heard. As we transition over into the #GoldenEra, your city, state, and federal government officials along with politicians have been outed, arrested, and many GITMOED for their roles in the PLANDEMIC. 


Hospitals and Big Pharma is being gutted and Med Beds, 6000 patents and other natural remedies are being rolled out and becoming mainstream again.

And Hollywood including all the entertainers who told you to take the vaccinations has been taken down. Read my e-newsletter entitled - "The End of Hollywood" --


If you go back to supporting any of these above entities or individuals -- then it is on you. Good luck! 

Who Were The Characters in the Movie?

Just some of the characters in the play

Now that we are at the end of the movie, it's time to look back at the real enemy. Whether you are in a 'digital' or 'physical' war, before anyone can take down the enemy, they first have to know and understand who the enemy really is.

The Good Guys

-White Hats also called White Hat Alliance.

-The Galactic Alliance also called Galactic Federation.

-Donald Trump was recruited many years ago by the White Hats to be the face in the U.S. campaign to rid the earth of evil and usher in the #GoldenEra.

-Q - Six (6) military intelligence agencies that have been meeting since JFK was President.

-Anons - supporters and followers of the Q movement. 

-Patriots - people who love this country and they love justice.

-Truthers/Whistleblowers - those speaking the truth and are mostly - Whistleblowers (that's me).

-Digital Soldiers also called Digital Warriors - all of the above (that's me too).

The Bad Guys

What You Need To Know About Tesla Bio Healers

The good news is that the Tesla Bio Healers ( are working wonders for people.

People are recovering from strokes and other ailments within a couple of weeks and it is also working wonders for their animals.

Brain scans are showing major improvements in many health conditions in a very short time. It's best to get the two big ones and put them under your bed if you can afford them.

You should be able to afford them with the Gesara payouts -- if you choose to put your health first. Most people will go out and buy expensive clothes, cars, and lavish homes -- then end up getting buried in their thousand-dollar suits. 

Because of Med Beds, there will be no need for hospitals or nursing homes. People will be living until 150 or 200 years of age or even older. 

Also, I am hearing that the Med Beds are slowly being released overseas there will probably be a slow rollout in the U.S. so it will be imperative that some families check out the Tesla Bio Healers.

I believe the Med Beds are close to being released in the U.S. also but just be aware of many companies who will try to duplicate these med beds. Remember the military will initially be in charge of these med beds.

Many overseas are saying the Med Beds can heal you if you took the vaccination, but others are saying once you alter your DNA by taking vaccinations with Spike Proteins and Nano particles, it will be impossible to be healed with Med Beds.

However, you do need to be proactive now and get on the regimen of vitamins and supplements recommended on the right side in this e-newsletter in the section entitled "Get On These Supplements if You Took the Vaccination." 

Remember also that Spike Proteins and Nano particles are also 'heavy metals' and today heavy metals are also being found in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and in your food so keep heavy metals passing out of your body by engaging in regular detox programs discussed in Chapter 1 of my book below. 

Buy the book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)." Available as ebook and paperback. 

The goal is to be active in every phase of your life and take the 'healthy habit' steps below and other steps I discuss in my first of six health books -- "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthy Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)".

I am living proof that you can start feeling awesome in just 30 days so read my 'health testimony" entitled "The Awakening" -- which started me on my journey to wellness. 

I can't wait for the Med Beds and 6,000 patents to be released once we transition fully over into Gesara so ladies and gents -- it's a beautiful time to be alive. 

These are the 'healthy habit' steps:

-Eat Good Clean Organic Foods

-Drink Good Clean Water

-Take Daily Supplements

-Exercise Regularly

-Get Plenty of Sleep

-Do Regular Detox Programs

-Get Plenty of Sunshine

-Take Off Your Mask and Breathe in Fresh Air

Where Did the Word 'Conspiracy Theorist'

Come From? 

As a former Whistleblower, a Patriot, and Truther, I am often called a 'Conspiracy Theorist' by many people especially family members.

The word 'Conspiracy Theorist' came from the CIA, which is the worst of the 3 letter agencies.

Remember they called David Icke a 'Conspiracy Theorist' for years. It turns out everything he said especially on the topic of #Depopulation was true.

If most of you had listened to him and read some of his books back then -- you would have made different decisions today so go back and study his work.

What Is Taking So Long for Gesara to Go Through?

There was a delay but supposedly we are back on track with the Gesara roll-out and we should see positive results in days...

Supposedly, there is talk that Donald Trump has sent a letter to the military saying it is time so the military should start rolling out soon.

Mr. C who is supposed to flip the switch for the 200 countries' balances to go to zero -- said he doesn't expect it to be this weekend or next week.

However, last week Mr. C was very optimistic and said it looked like days away. He said if this was 10 years ago -- it might not happen but he confirmed that this financial global reset, Gesara, is indeed happening soon.

Supposedly, the big holdup now is they are waiting on Putin to finish cleaning up Ukraine. May 9, 2022 was the date it was supposed to be finished but many are saying it is still not completed yet.

Remember we don't want any sequel to this movie so please try to be patient. Read my article "Survival Action Steps If You are Totally Out of Funds" also posted on my traveling blog.

They might however just allow the financial part (#Gesara) to go through but not do the EBS until later on -- maybe even on the 4th of July or even during the mid-term elections -- since the Republicans will probably be taking back the House and Senate.

Think about it there will be a ton of books written about this time in history and they like to use other historic events -- such as the 4th of July -- to base their events around.

I am an Independent and mentality I walked away from the Democratic Party years ago when I realized even back then there was essentially something very evil about the party.

But in 2020, I had all my suspicions verified that the Democratic Party was infiltrated by a thousand-year-old ancient cult of Satanic Elites that fed off humans like cattle, especially children. 

I am not asking anyone to believe what I believe but the people who can't see this are under a form of #MindControl and have been for years. Most are TV watchers and many are highly educated individuals.

Because of their loyalty to the Demoncratic Party they can't see the forest for the trees. It's almost like being abused your entire life and you are still siding with your abusers -- instead of exposing them and building a new life.

They live in these Free Mason Secret Society communities where they use churches, politics along with city, state, and federal governments to keep their communities under control and to keep them in a state of sadness and depression. 

I am no longer in contact with any of my Democratic friends because they were always going in and out of depression. And most were 'highly educated' with Master's and Doctorate Degrees - unlike me who is 'Self-Educated.'  

As I stated in my video entitled "The Third Stage of Gesara," Gesara was supposed to happen in August 2021 and then on Jan. 6, 2022.

Most mainstream media has been taken down and they are using CGI and doubles wearing masks, but there are still a few Black Hat Deep State minions running around causing chaos and turmoil. 

But basically the holdup the entire time was to give more people time to wake up. If you want Gesara to go through in a timely manner then do your part to wake up the people. 

Prepare people especially family and friends because once they wake up -- they will have questions.

But don't beat yourself up because 20% won't ever wake up. Many souls are still exiting this earth because many picked their time to leave this earth. 

Many will remain in their 'low-vibrational' communities and won't ever know what it feels like to watch the greatest show on earth and transition into another era -- #TheGoldenEra and live in a #LoveBased society

They are also trying to redpill the people with documentaries such as "2000 Mules" -- so forward it everywhere along with all my e-newsletters at and

by Cathy Harris, Digital Soldier...

New Updates

-Stock Market:

We all know the Stock Market is being manipulated and it was closed for 4 days starting on Thursday, Apr. 14, 2000. That has never happened so many thought it was time for the EBS.

-Will There Be an EBS?

I even heard instead of doing an Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) announcement, which is going to scare the heck out of people and send them scrambling to buy up much-needed food and supplies, they might do everything the long drawn out way.

This means the NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS) will still move forward and everyone's debt will still be wiped out and they will still be able to open up QFS accounts, but there will be no formal EBS announcement.

Instead, now that Fox, CBS, and other mainstream media outlets are talking about the Biden's laptop, the Cabal, and even Adrenochrome Harvesting, they might go ahead and just use the TV to #Redpill and educate everyone so we all just need to be patient. Again, none of us has ever transitioned to a NEW ERA (#GoldenEra) before.

Just have enough money on hand in case ATMs and gas pumps only take cash. I have already run into this a couple of times. And 3 weeks ago I asked my bank - a credit union - if the new Rainbow money was ready yet and she responded not yet so we are right on track. 

-The NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS) is Ready:

The NEW financial system where they will be using the NEW Rainbow Currency is called the Quantum Financial System or the QFS. They expected for something to happen on Easter Weekend, but it was fairly quiet and people were able to spend time with their families.

The old banking financial system where they used the Fiat Currency was a system created and implemented by the Cabal (Illuminati, Globalists, Free Mason, Dark Cult, Shadow Government, etc.) Monetary Banking System.  

The goal again is to phase this money, Fiat Currency, out by the fall while we use the new Rainbow Currency. Make sure you buy gold or silver. Silver has a better rate than gold. 

-Redemption Centers:

Redemption Centers had started to pay out investments but they stopped for a period of 24 days to make sure there would be no Nuclear attacks.

On April 18, 2022, it marked a period of 24 days where we did have a Nuclear scare, but now we are back on track with Gesara investments which started back being paid out a few days ago.

You will gain more funds back by cashing in at Redemption Centers versus banks. Redemption Centers are where many will be able to go to cash in investments and this includes your silver and gold also.

You will also be able to inquire about Humanitarian Projects at these redemption centers so have your business plan ready.

Because of the QFS system, many Redemption Centers won't make money like banks. The 'Oil for Dinar Program' is funding many Redemption Centers.

There are plenty of Redemption Centers everywhere even though there might not be a lot of currency holders in your area.

Many will be only 50 miles from where you are located and many will be using local banks in rural areas. Others will be using military bases so you will be given a temporary ID to go onto a military base.

The people who work at these Redemption Centers were the employees who already worked at Wealth Management Centers but they were 'low level' employees.

When you go to Redemption Centers you will have 20 to 30 minutes to turn in your Business Plan for your Humanitarian Projects.

You will need two forms of ID, just as if you are opening a bank account such as a driver's license, SSN card, passport, or maybe even a local bill.

You can get a new birth certificate at this website if you need it -- .

Signing 'Digital' Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs):

Banks also might ask you to sign a temporary Non-Disclosure Agreement. You will be asked to sign a 'digital' Non-Disclosure Agreement at Redemption Centers so you can protect yourself from others that don't mean you any good including family members and close friends.

Of course, you want to keep the amount of money that you receive a secret. For many, it will be like winning the lottery and we all know what has happened to many lottery winners even at the hands of family members and close friends.

This is why you see many lottery winners today picking up their checks in disguises and masks. People who haven't spoken to you for years will now be reaching out.

Remember it will be hard to pay many homeless, those with mental health issues or just many people in general who don't have bank accounts.

They depend on Check Cashing businesses and Pay Day loans as a way of survival and this was all a plan of action by the Deep State to keep everyone in a state of sadness and depression.

These Redemption Centers also want to protect you after your leave these facilities in case you are targeted by criminals.

These criminals can follow you home and then hold you or your family hostage so don't give out the location of these Redemption Centers.

These NDAs should only be temporary because it will be their goals to get everyone in as quickly as possible -- maybe around 30 to 60 days so we can start reaching out to the homeless -- but there are many programs taking place already.

-Military Personnel:

If you end up with a significant amount of funds from Gesara and you are currently on active duty, you will still need to serve out your time.

Trying to get out of the military early can result in a 'dishonorable discharge'. Just understand that upfront.

-Mom and Pop Businesses:

Right now we need to bring back Mom and Pop businesses. We need a parallel economy where we can buy what we need.

This scares the powers to be and this is why they are trying their best to cause food shortages, chaos and turmoil.

-The Department of the Treasury 'Bites The Dust.'

The Federal Reserve and IRS are now closed and are under the Department of the Treasury. There is a fence around the Federal Reserve and recently, the Department of the Treasury was audited and they failed their inspection. 

You should have seen all the police cars and prison buses present during the raid and the Treasury Headquarters has been moved to Native American land in Nevada. Therefore, they were recently taken over by the good guys.

-Income Taxes:

The Federal Reserve and the IRS have closed down and the division that processes Income Taxes has now moved into the Department of the Treasury.

The last day to file your Income Taxes was April 18, 2022. Many people went ahead and filed to be on the safe side and many said they usually get back funds so they filed because they needed the money.

Others just filed a 6-month extension to wait until the EBS started. I saw a lot of chatter on the internet in the Patriot and Truther community and you would be surprised to find out how many people had not filed taxes in years.

-The Wealthy Are Being Targeted:

Much of what is happening today has first been seen on TV. The bad guys are strategic today. They have gun shipments hidden inside of microwave boxes just like you see on TV.

Several LA gangs, at least 17, are targeting and robbing rich residents there especially from the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas.

They have lookouts all over the city and many gang members are able to get there in seconds and rob the rich.

A lady was robbed and run over coming out of a watch shop in L.A. Don't put yourself in danger for something 'materialistic' and now is not the time to be out flashing around any 'materialistic' products or goods.

You never know who is watching you and many neighborhood security companies and police departments might be in with these robbing crews.

Assume you are being watched when you step outside of your home. Many in Hollywood have bought weapons and many have chosen to leave the LA/ Hollywood area because of crime.

Read the article "Teach Your Kids To Be #StreetSmart."

-Major Victory for Airlines:

Most of the airlines have said there will be no more mandatory wearing of face masks on airplanes so this is a major victory.

There will still be Sleepers that will continue to wear them and these masks will continue to make them sick. Please wake up!

-Mortgage Layoffs:


Wells Fargo has already laid off up to 450 mortgage employees and many companies will be laying off thousands of mortgage workers. 

We are about to go into Gesara and for now rates are going up so they are laying off mortgage workers.

Within the next few months, the value of houses will be dropping by 40% -- so if you have a $100,000 home, it only be valued at $60,000.

Biblically interest rates were supposed to be around 7%. Any interest rate under 10% for a mortgage rate is great. People made better decisions when interest rates were higher.

Easy financing has put many homeowners in a bad position. It overly inflated the real estate value.

In the Clinton period, they would give a mortgage to anyone. You had to prove very little in way of documents. It started going crazy back then.

Many are still announcing that their homes are being paid off. Supposedly, any homes up to $150,000 will be paid off under Gesara.

More News: 

-Remember that lawsuits will no longer be a part of the new Gesara Constitutional law system moving forward -- mostly because the new system will be fair and truly for the people.

There is a WAVE of lawsuits coming. I suspect that once many lawsuits are settled especially wrongful deaths by Big Pharma and hospital personnel and wrongful terminations for refusal to get vaccinated in the workplace, there will be very little need to file lawsuits.

Remember the entire court system will be going into Constitutional Law -- where all law enforcement, lawyers and judges will be sworn in again. So Deep State Police Officers, Lawyers and Judges are being rounded up and GITMOED.

-Good Customer Service today is really no longer there -- not like when I was a Baby Boomer. Supposedly, over half of all medical bills are being sent out to the wrong persons.

This of course causes pain and anguish even though the bills do not belong to you. They sell your credit to companies and agencies and this is how your credit ends up messed up.

Credit bureaus recently announced they would be wiping out all medical debt. That was the beginning of wiping out all your debt under Gesara because it was illegal.

-Amazon workers in Staten Island made history in organizing the first union in the company's history.

Instead of continuing to pour millions of dollars into union-busting efforts, Amazon must recognize the union and negotiate with workers in good faith. 

-Until Gesara is fully released Italy is looking at using the Universal Basic Income System (UBI) but this won't go over well with Italians. 

-A small part of Canada is Democratic. Most are Deep State. One plan is super hopeful. One plan is dark according to experts.

-The World Economic Forum is designed to destroy. They are all bad even the young people.

-The World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (U.N.) have been taken over by the White Hat Alliance. They are now good.

What Is Happening To Your Water

-Your Water is Being Poisoned:

Your water is being poisoned with uranium according to the latest news from Patriot and Truther communities.

The water filters don't work. Everyone has been told not to drink water from their sinks or even sodas with ice in restaurants because the ice will also be poisoned.

This also includes soups and anything restaurants use to make out of water. I would just err on the side of caution and stay out of restaurants and just prepare foods at home instead.

This is the only way you are guaranteeing yourself that you won't come in contact with harmful ingredients that you might also be allergic to.

-Is Snake Venom in Your Drinking Water?

Another doctor, a retired chiropractor, Dr. Bryan Ardis is saying that they are not just putting toxic ingredients in the water but your water is also being poisoned with snake venom.

He even suspects that snake venom might be used in COVID vaccinations or even in the drug 'remdesivir' that is given to patients in hospitals after being committed with COVID symptoms.

We know once a patient is administered remdesivir, the kidneys shut down and your lungs fill up with fluids, which causes you to be put on a ventilator, which usually results in your death (Ventilator = Death).

What Is Happening To Your Food

Are Farmers Being Asked to Destroy Crops?

According to many farmers this is a lie. However, they can't be everywhere and we know that Monsanto, out of St. Louis, which was bought out by Bayer is forcing farmers to use GMO seeds only.

If farmers haven't hung onto traditional seeds, they are forced to use GMO seeds which grow foods that cause all types of sickness and disease.

If farmers don't use their seeds, they are forced into court actions or their families are threatened because Monsanto is the Deep State and they have their Deep state police officers, lawyers and judges -- which are currently being GITMOED.

Over 90% of all American crops are now GMO crops, which means they will grow foods without any type of 'nutritional value'. 

What Might Cause a Food Shortage:

At one point most of the food in the U.S. was grown in the midwest (St. Louis where they grow tons of GMO Soybeans, Indiana and Iowa, where they grow tons of GMO Corn, etc.) and shipped by rail to stores.

GMO Corn and Soybeans are in 95% of processed foods and this is why you are sick. These are toxic ingredients with no nutritional value.

Several Food Processing Plants are being burned down all over the country and many fear this will cause a food shortage.

Just remember there are over 300 food processing plants in the U.S. so the amount that has been targeted so far is not that many.

According to experts, the three (3) below items might contribute to the food shortage scare.

-Canadian Railway Union is blocking fertilizer, but even if they get it through, they are saying they have a train shortage so why don't we ask Truckers to come to the rescue.

Why don't we use Crowd Funding sites to pay Truckers to deliver the food or fertilizer? Or many must learn to grow crops without using fertilizer. 

-California is stopping trucks from entering Long Beach ports. The Chinese are paying politicians to dry up lakes to cause a water shortage and keep progress out of California so people will move -- then the Chinese can come in and take over the land. People need to be arrested quickly behind this one.

-I am not completely up to date on the green energy, but many are saying this is the wrong time to do green energy, which could cause a food shortage. 

However, let me enlighten you on what I believe is happening to the food. There are two things:

-Firstly, I believe the good guys "The White Hats" are getting rid of some of the GMO FrankenFoods that are causing major sicknesses and diseases in this country so they are burning down some of the food plants.

Not only the GMO FrankenFoods food plants but I believe the food plants involved in processing human meat -- especially our children. These are being taken out here in the U.S. and overseas by the White Hat alliance. 

-Secondly, I do believe the bad guys or "The Black Hats" are not just starting fires all over to cause chaos and turmoil, but they are also burning down some of the food plants to cause a food shortage so these plants need to hire security if they expect to survive.

Remember 3 years ago when California was on fire -- back then it was targeted by the bad guys and houses in neighborhoods were torched. Trees right next to houses were left standing. so they obviously used some type of microwave beam from planes.

However, the good guys have had to burn down and blow up tunnels so they could not be used again for human trafficking so keep that in mind.


-Your Food is Poisoned:


They are finding out in Western Countries that nutrient levels in many fruits and vegetables have been reduced by half.

Hearing that would make any normal person want to grow their own foods so go to my 'food growing initiatives' links at and

You are eating foods that have been banned in other countries. Your food is being poisoned everywhere. Some of the sweet foods or GMO processed FrankenFoods that you enjoy eating but you know these aren't good for you -- will be taken away by the White Hat Alliance.

Remember the evil Cabal or Free Masons in your own communities thrive on chaos, turmoil, pain and suffering. This is why you need to find them and throw them out of your communities.

Because of Free Masonry politicians and other leaders in black communities, they allow grocery stores to bring in spoiled or outdated foods which are 'medical genocide'. They have been doing this for years because of corrupt politicians.

They are adding poisonous ingredients and human meat to many foods, especially fast foods and this is why you need to elect business owners as local representatives so they can quickly bring back Mom and Pop businesses, especially natural food growers and venues as soon as possible.

-Bird Flu is Causing 'Food Shortages':

They are trying to say #BirdFlu is back and there have been hundreds of birds falling from the sky. I have seen this myself on many videos but I believe this might also be from 5G towers.

Supposedly, the bad guys had rigged all the new towers to be able to zap anyone up to 25 miles away with radiation with a push of a button.

I heard from one of the strong voices today that he isn't sure if they were able to get to all the 5G towers because there were so many of them.

Maybe they got busy with other projects and weren't able to disable all the towers especially overseas -- but we must demand that this happen.

There are also hundreds if not thousands of chickens being killed in order to bring on a food shortage. This won't sit well, especially in black communities where chicken is consumed on a daily basis.

These Satanic people want everyone living in the fear mood, but just do what you can in your own area to grow your own food or gain access to good organic and natural food venues and stay in a LOVE-BASED WORLD, #5thDimension.

Where Are You in the Fight To Save Humanity?

Where Is Your Community?

The thing about an online or physical community is you can leave it at anytime and even start all over. 

This might mean breaking away from family members that you truly love or friends that have been a part of your life for a long time.

But just understand wherever you give your energy daily and concentrate on is what you will manifest in your life because you are what you think about all day long. 

Let's do a RECAP -- Where are you? Which group do you resonate with?

Q: Q is supposedly 6 different military branches of the government working in military intelligence. Sometimes to put good information out in the universe, they send out DROPS - called Q-drops -- to the Anons -- their followers.

Some of the 'Q' individuals have been working together for the good of humanity since JFK was in office and others have come in and out of their groups over the years.

-The Anons: Anons are the followers of the Q-movement. Q is also called the "Q Movement" -- which again includes their followers -- the Anons. They look for drops and other credible information coming from Q. Many people confuse them with Qanons but they are Anons -- not Q-anons or Qanons. There are no Q-anons or Qanons.


-Patriots: Patriots are people who truly love this country and they also love justice.


-Truthers: Truthers are also people who love this country and they love justice too. These individuals when confronted with some type of illegality will rise to the occasion and speak the truth.

They are just not wired to lie when they are confronted with any wrongdoings. Their number one goal is REFORMS, REFORMS, REFORMS, and many times they are 'Whistleblowers' (aka "The Good Guys").


-'Sleepers' and 'Normies': The "Sleepers" and "Normies" are also called “Sheeps” because they will be the hardest group of individuals to wake up.

The Sleepers and Normies are the people that everyone is trying to wake up so that we all can work together and make changes as we transition over into the Golden Age.

Many are brainwashed by the TV, especially the news, and many were indoctrinated especially in colleges and universities so many of these Sleepers and Normies are 'highly educated.'

Are You Part of the Black Pill, Red Pill, or Blue Pill Communities?


I  have told you guys before where I fit in at in all of this. I am a Patriot who loves my country and I love justice.

I am also a Truther because I am a former United States Federal Government Whistleblower ( 

There is probably a radical group of A-nons out there. I have never read any Q-drops and I never considered myself to be an Anon.

I have been called radical and militant in my thinking especially when I blew the whistle on my job, but again I don't consider myself to be an Anon.

Black Pill Group: Many people think there are only red pill and blue pill groups out there but there is also a Black Pill group.

There is a Black Pill group that has given up hope because they believe everything is controlled and they have no power to change it.

This is also how a lot of the individuals in the blue pill group think so they chose to just drift through life hoping something good shows up in their lives -- instead of getting out there and creating a beautiful life.

Red Pill Group: Then there is the red pill group, which is doing their part as "Digital Warriors" or "Digital Soldiers" to change the system.

Many have set up their own platforms to educate, inform and empower others and they are doing a wonderful job at that.

These individuals believe in change and they know that they have to get involved to make sure changes occur. This is me also. 

Bill Pill Group: Many Bill Pillers have woken up and joined others in the Red Pill group over the last few months, but not all of them.

The Blue Pillers are still 'The Normies', Sleepers or Rip Van Winkles -- also called 'Sheeps'.

These are the individuals who are waiting for the government to come and save them even though it was the government who used COVID as a depopulation program and took most of them and their loved ones out of here. 

Most believe everything they hear on mainstream media and again, these are the individuals who willingly stood 6 feet apart, wore masks, and took vaccinations and boosters. They allowed the government to use them as 'guinea pigs'.

Many are highly educated so the educated Blue Pillers are actually #TheNewIlliterate in this country. And until they step forward and show up in their own lives, they will continue to remain in this status -- #TheNewIlliterate.

Cathy's E-newsletters:

-11th Edition - Is It Time for a 'Pre-Gesara' Celebration?

-10th Edition - The End of Hollywood

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-7th Edition - Changing of the Guards

-6th Edition - The Redpilling of America

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-4th Edition - Welcome to the New World

-3rd Edition - The Death of Patriots

-2nd Edition - Is JFK, Jr. Alive?

-1st Edition - Why I am Bringing Back 'Cathy's Corner'

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What You Need To Know About the

3 Gorges Dam

The 3 Gorges Dam is very significant in us transitioning over to Gesara and from my understanding, the Wuhan Lab that released the Corona Virus that was funded by Fauci and possibly Obama -- came from that area. 

Was Agent Fang Fang a

Targeted Hit?

The Truth About the CIA

There was very little chatter around the crash of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 in the Patriot and Truther community and many people don't even believe the crash happened.

They also said it happened just to kill off Agent Christine Fang who was a spy. We know that planes go down all the time just to kill off someone on the flight -- (More Info -- click here).

The CIA, the evilest of the 3 letter agencies, is suspected to be involved in 9 out of 10 plane crashes.

Is General Flynn

A Good Guy?

General Flynn vs.

Attorney Linn Wood

The final word is General Flynn is a good guy. As a matter of fact, Flynn is poised to led the Military into Martial Law once we fully go into Gesara.

Some of the negative discussions against Flynn seemed to be pretty convincing and many even called him a #DoubleAgent.

One reason for this was that Flynn was always off at his own events and he wasn't attending the Trump events so many felt he had aspirations himself for being the next President of the New Republic.

However, I recently saw a video clip with Flynn and Linn Wood announcing their love for each other so all the negative remarks that Linn Wood said about General Flynn were just an act. They were just part of the movie.

Who Is Professor Clements?

I heard a radio interview or podcast with Professor David Clements that most of you met at one of Mike Lindell's earlier events to discuss voter fraud -- when Mike discussed how he was physically attacked in the elevator.

Supposedly, right after his presentation, the professor was fired from his job. He discussed in the radio interview of how he was threatened by Joe Flynn, one of General Flynn's brothers who have been speaking up on behalf of his brother.

As a matter of fact, a few days after the interview Joe Flynn appeared on the same channel and refuted everything that Professor Clements had said.

Basically, Professor Clements had said that General Flynn put Linn Wood in a compromising and unsafe position when he pulled Linn's security away from him that was hired by Flynn.

Professor Clements also said that on one of Linn Wood's private flights, the pilot and mechanic found that if they had taken off the plane would have dropped from the sky. They found something in the last-minute check before take-off.

Linn Wood has kept such as controversial and sound voice in the Patriot and Truther community. To lose Attorney Linn Wood would have been devastating for all of us.

Professor Clements has a wife and 3 small children and he said when he met Joe Flynn at an event, he had one of his sons with him and that Joe Flynn threatened him.

Professor Clement's wife was devastated when she found out that her husband was out there talking negativity about General Flynn -- of course for safety reasons.

I also heard another interview with the author of #ShadowGate who passionately spoke negatively about General Flynn and his neighbor, who I believe is General McChrystal.

The ShadowGate author who is also a Whistleblower believes both General Flynn and General McCrystal hijacked the Trump Camp. I don't believe anyone could hijack the Trump camp because Trump has been playing chess and everyone else checkers.

However, I do tend to side with many Whistleblowers but now that we are at the end of the movie -- will all of us really find out the whole truth?

What You Need To Know About Humanitarian Projects

Under Gesara those engaged in Humanitarian Projects will have funds available to help create a NEW WORLD so decide which Humanitarian Projects you will get involved with - RE: Humanitarian Projects (

Look At What You Can Do for Humanity:

Not everyone can do everything but everyone can do something (Quote from "Derwin Brown, Slain Dekalb County Georgia Police Captain."

You can help create a beautiful world by feeding the homeless in your area until Humanitarian Projects can help them transition off the street.

Many families are now living in cars so when you see these families, especially with small children do what you can to help them out such as provide them with much-needed funds, or pay for them to live in a hotel for a week or month, or let them know about other available resources.

Many of these homeless families will be living on the street or parking at Walmarts and Truck Stops in your community and just living there so go looking for them with groups for safety reasons.

What Type of Humanitarian Project Should You Start?

Ask yourself -- what purpose your project serves. If you want to start a shoeshine or dog grooming business, I suggest you get funding from Angels or Private Investors which I discuss in my business book along with over 30 other ways to find funding for your business.

Remember you could still start a Humanitarian Project and gain funds from Angels and Private Investors so you don't really need to go through these Redemption Centers for your funding for your own Humanitarian Project.


When it comes to Humanitarian Projects, the very first goal will be to feed, house, and educate people first.

So if you have a business or humanitarian idea for either one of these, then you will surely qualify for humanitarian funds.


Such as:


-If you want to start an inner city farm for sustainable purposes or if you are already doing this.

-If you are creating some type of technology to save energy.

-If you want to bring Med Beds to your own community.

To start your own Humanitarian Project you will need to submit a Business Plan with a one (1) to 3-page summary.

You can find samples of business plans or business plan templates online. Some will have blank pages for you to just fill in. If you need help get someone fluent with a financial background to assist you.

You should be able to find these individuals in business groups and you will probably need to pay them but it will be worth it if you have a good idea for a Humanitarian Project.

Just remember never get involved with a business or any type of project unless you are totally passionate about the idea.

You also need to be balanced and still continue to put your health first as you work with your business or Humanitarian Project.

Make sure you read my business book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Starting Your Own Business (Series 2)" to learn everything you need to know about business ownership. Also available as ebooks and paperbacks at  

Use Tesla BIO Healers

Because there is no deadline on Med Beds being available many are choosing to use the Tesla Bio Healers for themselves and their animals.

You just put the Tesla Bio Healers close to you for up to 8 hours every day or put the larger ones under your bed to help you heal while you sleep at night.

Remember you still need to eat right and do all the other things to stay healthy.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Funds Medical Schools

If the pharmaceutical industry is funding medical schools, surely you see that your doctors will do nothing but keep you on medications. They have to because THEIR BOSS is BIG PHARMA.

-Very Little Training on Nutrition:

You need to also understand that in medical schools most doctors have VERY LITTLE TRAINING on proper nutrition.

This is why most doctors are unhealthy themselves and can't tell you the correct way to eat or what you need to eat to be healthy. And this is why many doctors die by the age of 60.

-Big Pharma Stopping Fertilizer Shipments:

Currently, Big Pharma is also stopping the imports of fertilizer so you can't grow natural and organic foods, which means you will have to remain on medications -- so it all connects.

Try to learn how to grow foods without using fertilizer. Check out my sites at and

-Pediatricians Get Paid for Vaccinations:

Also, understand that Pediatricians make a majority of their money (or 80%) by giving out vaccinations so they have an incentive to give out vaccinations.

This is why they convince single mothers to get all the shots at one time so they don't have to take off work again. This of course causes #Autism when children take back-to-back vaccinations.

-MMR Causing 'Autism:' 

This is why most children are getting autism from the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) shots that they start taking around 18 months to 2 years of age but we were telling parents to wait until around the age of 4. 

However, now they are giving these shots before 1 year old, and again, this is why children are getting autism.

My two daughters, who were born in 1981 and 1982, and only took 8 shots apiece growing up. They took very few vaccinations at a young age.

Unlike today they are purposely giving children autism with back-to-back vaccinations so they can be a part of the medical and pharmaceutical community their entire life.

They will have to take some type of medication their entire life because of autism.

And what do they do to babies in hospitals? How many vaccinations are they giving them before they are released from hospitals even if a parent does not sign a release? This is why it will be important to bring back doulas and midwives.

How The Corona/COVID Virus Was Really Released

It is expected that the first case of the CORONA virus was around Oct. 20, 2019. During COVID the virus was released from the Wuhan lab to the World Games and I saw many others online spreading it on public elevators and public computers.

Supposedly, it was also spread in New York, Italy, and other areas by airplanes. Many people got sick with the virus from October 2019 to March 2020 but by March 20, 2020, it was gone.

There were at least 20 strains of the virus out there and for those with compromised or 'weak immune systems' that came in contact with a bad strain of the virus -- would have definitely not ended well.

Take the below remedies to get rid of CORONA/COVID or to get rid of the Spike Protein or Nano particles in vaccinations.

Remember CORONA/COVID, which is only a cold or flu, has a 99.9% cure rate so there is no need for any vaccines, and do not ever take any flu vaccine either.

Pregnant women should also never partake in any type of vaccination program, despite what your OB doctor tells you.

Get On These Supplements If You Took COVID 


My life pretty much stayed normal since the first close-down in March 2020. Initially, in 2021 I had issues with being around vaccinated people because I am not vaccinated especially when I would get on the phone shortly after being around these I felt it was also connected to 5G.

But now I am in gyms, sitting in saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and swimming pools at least 4 days a week along with many other vaccinated people and I have been okay.

I am also face to face with my audience participants at my events -- who were also vaccinated -- and I have been fine. 

I believe this is because I have been able to keep taking all the 'healthy habits' steps and especially get on many of the supplements recommended for healing from Spike Proteins and Nano particles.

I am not about to create a 'doom and gloom' scenario for me and my family but after working for the government for close to 30 years, I know what the government is capable of so I do believe the vaccinations were about #Depopulation and it was a bio-weapon.

I even heard some people say that before this is over, we might lose HALF of the population so many people need to go within and figure out what they need to put their energy toward. 

The vaccinations along with the GMO process FrankenFoods are the main issues here. As a GMO Food Educator, I still believe many of the vaccinations were placebos and most people died from 'pre-existing' conditions from eating GMO processed FrankenFoods. That is just my 'two-cents'.

Many believe Spike Proteins and Nano particles are also in your food and Chemtrails, so last year I ended up on antibiotics when Chemtrails were sprayed over my city for 2 days. Check out the video "Is It Chemtrails or Something Else?" 

I have a strong immune system but these poisons in the air and in our food today can take down the best of us but I was only on antibiotics for 3 days then I felt great again.

Spike Proteins and Nano particles are not just in many of the vaccinations given but supposedly they were also sprayed in Italy, New York, and other areas in 2020 where they had massive amounts of sick people, which again though -- could have been connected to the 5G towers.

What if you took the vaccination or gave it to a family member and you now have regrets? Well, this is why I am writing this section so you can come up with an action plan for yourself and your family. 

The goal is not to have regrets but to start being proactive in every part of your life. If you want to save your life, it will be strictly up to you. 

Remember you can't buy vitamins or supplements from CVS, Walgreens, Walmarts or even GNC.

Only buy your vitamins and supplements from health or wholefood stores and websites that specifically sell vitamins and supplements such as:

With the vitamins and supplements, the Star Anise Elixir and White Pine Need Elixir are recommended to help get rid of Spike Proteins and Nano particles in vaccinations, in Chemtrails and in your food.

Speak with the representatives of these companies and they can help you decide what to buy for your ailments.

You really don't know where those vitamins are coming from on Amazon and many of the big corporations have bought out vitamin and natural health companies but the ones above are recommended by natural experts in the Patriot and Truther communities.

The guy in the "Blacks for Trump" shirt at Trump rallies has been Tupac -- not Kobe Bryant. However, Kobe is still alive. Watch the "2000 Mules" documentary.

Political Corner 

The Great California Migration

My current home state and area is Austin, TX. Austin does have large transgender and gay populations so this is probably what attracted many Californians to the area as I discussed in my newsletter entitled -- "The End of Hollywood."  

Californians have destroyed Austin, TX. The Tesla plant was moved here to Austin from California and they have taken up much of the land that was used by Nomads living in Cars, Vans, and RVs in the past.

I was even at an event the other week and in the guise of being a Patriot and Truther group, the Host of the event and a large movement of people who migrated from California were supporting a new local baseball team for young boys with the word #Pride in it.

Many of the mothers at the meeting objected to them using the name but this is how Californians and other liberals are infiltrating communities everywhere by pretending to be Patriots and Truthers but bringing in their gay and transgender agendas.  

California Politics: 

Vote for Rachel Hamm for Secretary of State of California. California was full of 'unethical' politicians and most have been sent to GITMO for "Crimes Against Humanity' such as Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, etc.

As you know California has one of the largest Asian populations in the U.S. People are not only being pushed out of California because of Hollywood's 'Crimes Against Humanity' but supposedly, the Chinese are preparing to move herds of people there.

The Chinese are paying the water commissioner to drain lakes into the ocean so there will be a shortage of water.

Food prices have doubled since last autumn. It's suspected that they are shipping foods to China. You have to get permission to cut down limbs hanging on your house so they are making life miserable for people in California and therefore forcing them to leave the area. 

Texas Politics: 

Movie Stars as Politicians just don't sit right in my stomach. Matthew McConaughey, a Female To Male (FTM) Transgender, moved to the State of Texas after Hollywood was taken down for 'Crimes Against Humanity.' Read my newsletter -- "The End of Hollywood." 

Let me show you how bold these people are from California. The Texas Governor, Greg Abbot, has run against a transgendered or gay female Sheriff for many years and of course, won the election for Governor -- each time.

Matthew McConaughey probably thought since he is a former BIG TIME Movie Star and is in the closet as a Female To Male (FTM) transgender, he would have a better chance to take out the governor.

Or was he sent here by others to target the position of Governor of Texas? Remember Texans are the last holdout, which means many laws enhancing the transgender and gay movements have been introduced and passed in other states but not in Texas.

Texas is one of the states fighting on a National Level to stop children's genital mutilations from transgendered surgeries. 

So McConaughey wasn't eating children for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but he had to know about what was happening to our precious children and chose to stay silent.

Over 900 other movie stars told what they saw and went into Witness Protection. Why did Matthew McConaughey stay silent thinking he could move on and start another life?

His initial plan was to run for the Governor of Texas but now he announces he will no longer seek that seat but is instead teaching drama at one of the local colleges. 

He is also being paid up to $135,000 by academia to speak at other colleges. He is still trying to stay relevant with his speaking engagements, podcast, and books, but we have to see through all of these former movie stars and entertainers who have flooded our states and communities -- especially with their liberal thinking politics.

The goal is to PUSH BACK and we will no longer bow down to these Celebrities and Entertainers as we transition over into the #GoldenEra. Everyone will be treated the same.

Georgia Politics:

Pastors as Politicians just don't sit right in my stomach. There are all kinds of rumors that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached many times at the Atlanta, GA church that has been taken over by Pastor Raphel Warnock so that is Raphel Warnock's 'claim to fame' in Atlanta, GA.

Raphel Warnock is a popular pastor in the state of Georgia but it's time to go after all these religious leaders for knowingly allowing these atrocities to occur to our children.

Atlanta, GA is less than 100 miles from the Georgia Guidestones. This is where many of the occult go to worship and this is why Macon, GA along with Atlanta, GA has a very high occult and Free Masonry following.

They actually have just as many Free Mason lodges in Atlanta, GA as they do churches.

Researcher Shelia Holm conducted research and wrote 5 books about the Georgia Guidestones so read her books today.

You can't say there isn't a GOD. Warnock has tested positive for COVID and is now in GITMO. Great Job Herschel Walker...

Former California Congresswoman Maxine Waters Before Being GITMOED Tells Homeless People in Her District to "Go Home"

Their Response..."We ain't got no home. That is why we are here!"

(Video and Transcript below)

(click here)

Maxine Waters lives in a 4 million dollar home in California. Again, no politician of any good has ever come out of the State of California and this is why the state is a cesspool for Child, Sex and Human Trafficking, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, and other 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

California along with New York was the head of the snake for the U.S. for these crimes and Ukraine was the head of the snake for these same crimes overseas.

Vote for Rachel Hamm for the Secretary of State of California.

Former Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice later became one of the Board of Directors at NETFLIX, which is Satanist Hollywood 'Streaming Channel'.

The Obama's "Higher Ground Productions" also partnered with Netflix. NETFLIX is full of inverts largely because of their influence and it was Michelle's idea to start "Drag Queen Story Time" for kids.

Can You Imagine Being Forced to Take Estrogen or Testosterone Your Entire Life?

Jeff Bezos above -- the founder of Amazon and a billionaire is believed to have the Female to Male (FTM) #WonkyEye -- from taking TOO MUCH testosterone. 

What they forced these Movie Stars and Entertainers to do just to be in the limelight is 'criminal'.

When boys are born -- at birth or sometimes over the next few years they are changed into the opposite sex with estrogen and so are the girls with testosterone.

I always heard too much estrogen in women's bodies could cause cancer and other diseases, however, these movie stars' parents and caretakers force absolutely normal born human beings to take a regimen of estrogen or testosterone their entire lives.

And when they reach their Golden Years, their real sex always shine through. Again, it just seems 'criminal' to me to be able to work in a certain industry  -- aka "Hollywood" and the "Entertainment Industry."

Former California Governor, Body Builder, and Movie Start Arnold Schwarzenegger in the picture below was born a female.

You could not have served as a politician in the state of California (aka "Pedowood") and not be inverted and not have known about the killing of children. Many times they will end up playing their real selves in movies.

Does The White Hats Really Have Everything Under Control?

What About Chemtrails...

Many people don't believe the White Hat Alliance or Trump is in control because we are continuously still being spread with Chemtrails like a bug in an aquarium.

However, many are saying what they are spraying now is actually cleaning up the air but I don't really believe that because I was sickened with the Chemtrails after they were sprayed for 2 days straight in my city (click here)

Every community needs to form an 'Environmental Group' and get to the bottom of the Chemtrails, 5G, GMOs, etc.. 

People Are Losing Patience

Two More Trump Assassination Attempts 

There are so many DOOM and GLOOM educators out there right now so you have to be careful whom you listen to. 

The other day I listened to a Biblical Scholar and my God, my response was I see why these people who live in these churches 24/7 -- are so dang depressed.

People are losing patience and there is also a movement going around saying the White Hats are the Black Hats so stay encouraged.

Many Patriots and Truthers said they would not have tried to wake people up like they are doing now.

They said they would have done it differently but these individuals don't know what is actually happening in the background. Again, 80 to 90% of what is actually happening -- you are not even seeing.

Recently Donald Trump had two more assassination attempts on his life in one week. Some Patriots said he had to be revived with off-world technology and I even heard he will be sending his doubles out more and it is possible that we won't see the real Donald Trump again out in public. 

Patriots are saying that they were successful in carrying out an assassination attempt in the past and that the real Donald Trump was killed and this is the holdup because you can't put an actor in charge of the country.

I do believe that one of his bodyguards was killed in a prior assassination attempt and early one Trump did find the Secret Service, who is supposed to protect past and current Presidents rummaging through his home in Mar-a-Largo so he now has his own security.

They are also saying Trump died a couple of years ago from cancer but with Med Beds I highly doubt that. Med Beds have been around since 1940 and Trump certainly has access to them. 

I did not tell you this to get you in a frenzy or to get your focus off creating a #LoveBasedWorld, but I wanted you to know what is being said and circulated in the Patriot and Truther community.

Much of this will probably turn out to just be a part of the movie but surely you see the importance of EVERY STEP that is being taken. So remain calm as Gesara is fully rolled out. 

Is There Really A Baby Formula Shortage?

Calling All DOULAS

and MIDWIVES - It's time for you to become mainstream again

Abbot Nutrition is the largest baby formula manufacturing company. Their parent company, Abbot Laboratory, makes COVID test kits and that should be problematic for many.

We know that many of the corporations have been poisoning the food for years by putting sedatives in it so when you eat all you feel like doing is going to sleep; putting ingredients that will cause allergic reactions then charging an arm and leg for EpiPens and other medications to stop the reactions; and now we find out they have been turning all of us into cannibals by putting human meat in our foods all these years. 

Russia is closing all their McDonald's because they were serving human meat and every country should do the same.

McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and other fast-food franchises being forced to close by the White Hat Alliance have been getting rid of children's body parts since the 1940s, which were used in Satanic Rituals by the Hybrid Elites.

This poisoning of foods also includes baby food and baby formula. We know for sure that the White Hat Alliance is destroying some of the food plants that are processing TOXIC GMO FrankenFoods and human meat. 

But the bad guys are also destroying foods to cause a food shortage so how real is the shortage of baby formula?

The FDA is saying it's a distribution problem. Others are saying that all the baby formula was removed off shelves to send to Ukraine or to the border.

Sounds like these are just more negative facts to get everyone disliking the current administration and Putin, who is cleaning up the country of Ukraine. 

They are also even saying the CIA has baby formula stockpiled at Fort McPherson outside Atlanta in a closed-down military base.

Babies are the most vulnerable people on this earth and we must do everything in our power to make sure they have what they need.

Many women are saying they don't need store-bought baby formula because they said they can breastfeed.

However, many of these women did take the COVID vaccination and many of them are getting sick or many of their babies are dying because of the jab.

So, therefore, there is still a large population of breastfeeding mothers who think the jab and breastfeeding are best for their children -- but at the end of the day, they are doing nothing but poisoning their babies.

As harsh as it may seem, this baby formula shortage whether it is real or not can get any women thinking about natural cures and remedies again.

This is the time to reach out and bring back DOULAS and MIDWIVES, who can also help you with gaining access on how to feed your babies.

Remember for Gesara to kick in every system has to bottom out and be rebuilt from scratch so now more than ever -- everyone -- especially all mothers -- needs to get involved (go back and read my e-newsletters to catch up -- -- so that we can make positive changes moving forward as we transition over into the new #GoldenEra.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Will 'Free-Speech' Return to Twitter?

The good guys (White Hat Alliance) own Elon Musk’s brand so they are using it to take over Twitter so that we can have ‘Free-Speech’ again.

Supposedly, some of the Teslas have been recalled because Elon bought twitter. I don't really know if this is true though, but have you seen the rage from the Liberal Left because they won't be able to put out hate on Twitter?

They are accusing Elon of doing what they have been doing the entire time. Just remember there are two Elon Musks and they are both working with the White Hat Alliance. 

Supreme Court Justices

Who Was Good and Who Was Bad?

Supposedly, Judge Scalia and Clarence Thomas were the only GOOD Supreme Court justices. Thomas was poisoned but is now believed to be in Witness Protection along with Scalia.

There is picketing at some of the Supreme Court justices' homes and a fence has been put up around the Supreme Court because of Roe vs. Wade.

Many people can't believe that the Catholic Church, which don't believe in abortions, has been silent on Roe vs. Wade, but many people don't know that many of the Catholic Church leaders were arrested and GITMOED for 'Crimes against Humanity.'

It Was Always About

Rescuing the Children

What Really Happened

Over 2 million children were going missing every year and because they weren't our family members we did not care. We never questioned who was taking these children even though we saw pictures after pictures on milk cartons.

An ancient cult (Satanic Hybrid Elites) treated the human race like cattle, especially our children. Not only did they sacrifice children in ceremonies but they also ate children for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and used their blood to make adrenochrome so they could get high (an LSD type high) and remain young forever.

When they were finished with the children's body parts, they were sent to Human Processing Plants and then to large food corporations such as McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. Many people reported finding children's teeth in their fast food.

Human Remains were also put in condiments, chocolates, and other foods. They turned all of us into Cannibals and this is why we need to stop buying food especially from large corporations and start back again growing our own foods or buying from other Mom and Pop food businesses.

They have been taken down by Trump, the White Hat Alliance,

and the Galactic Federation.

Hollywood Cannibal Club

Normalizing Cannibalism, #SpiritCooking

These evil people are trying to normalize eating people. It's called #SpiritCooking. This is why it was featured for years in Hollywood movies because they were actually doing it in real life. Many Hollywood movies and others were participating in these Satanic rituals and they forced children to watch and participate also. Read my e-newsltetter "The End of Hollywood."

The Red Shoe Club

The Red Shoe Club Conspiracy Theory

The Black Eye Club



Linked to Epstein Island


Theme Parks - Stores - Channel - Cruises

Children are supposedly being trafficked and raped on Disney cruises, in their parks, etc.

Photos of convicted pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell hosting an event called "Happy Family Disney Day" in 1985 have surfaced on the Internet. It’s the ultimate PR nightmare.

It’s going to be very hard for Disney to claim that it’s not a pro-pedophile organization when it literally took donations from the world’s most infamous (still) living pedophile and "groomer to the stars."

For years, a Disney-owned and operated Caribbean cruise line was operating a ‘snorkeling tour’ for kids to Jeffrey Epstein’s renowned "Pedophile Island."

The Disney Cruise did not warn parents that Epstein’s renowned island was owned by the notorious billionaire pedophile, describing it as "sun-soaked."

Have you ever paid attention to the Disney movies or shows where they have these subliminal evil occult and sadistic messages?

I saw so many of these in 2020 on youtube so look for them there. Disney is currently being outed in media and many families have stopped their Disney subscriptions.

Disneyland has a location that used to be part of Disney where the employees are not even allowed to go. This is an area where they probably took the children who were child trafficked.

Supposedly, when families attend Disney, they receive another invitation for other events and this is where many of the children go missing so naturally the media, security and Disney police was in on it. 

Disney represents the Kardashians, who are all inverted and that right there should tell you something.

It has also been exposed that Disney even had a CIA headquarters under Disneyworld. This is how thy were using MKUltra (#MindControl) on  all the stars of Disney.

The Biden Crime Family and

Their Connections to Ukraine

Remember Ukraine was "The Belly of the Beast' for 'Crimes Against Humanity' --

the same as Hollywood and New York.

What You Need To Know About

The Rockefeller's and Rothchild's

My research only goes so far so if you want to know more about these evil Satanist families and their bloodlines then conduct your own research. Tom Hanks and Mark Zuckerberg are both believed to be Rockefellers by birth and they both have been GITMOED for  'Crimes Against Humanity.'

Secret societies are part of Royal bloodlines. I believe if all of us learn more about these Secret Societies and how they operate, then we could truly take back our countries and communities. 

Many people don't believe the White Hat Alliance is in control. Many believe what is happening now is a war between bloodlines to see who will rule for the next thousand years. Many believe the White Hat Alliance has allowed the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and other bloodline Satanist Elite families to keep a major portion of their profits.

Even if these bloodlines were wiped out, there will eventually be another bloodline rising up in the next 100 to 200 years so many believe all these efforts have been fruitless. Others believe for the greater good of humanity that these bloodlines have been totally wiped out, however, most of us won't be around to witness this.

Trucker's Convoy Updates

We Still Need Truckers to Feed America

Will The Trucker’s Freedom Convoys Cause a Food Shortage or Will They Come to the Rescue of the People and Save the Day Again?

California has 30,000 trucks. Will they decrease the hours trucks can be on highways to cause food shortages? Will there be truck jackings?

The reason they want to move everyone into the cities is because they don't grow anything in cities.

New York is going to suffer. All the foods have to be shipped in. All the foods have to be trucked in so this way they can stop the trucks and starve people out. The goal is to move out in rural and other areas and grow foods.

We still need Truckers to feed America. Many people have finally realized that the only way forward is to plant crops.

We know there is a shortage of fertilizer supplies all over the U.S. especially in time for Spring crops, but many crops can also be grown without fertilizer so learn to do this.

Supposedly, the fertilizer shortage has been remedied, however, according to sources, there are still not enough trains to deliver the products to stores.

What if we do crowfunding for Truckers to deliver these fertilizer supplies and everytime these supplies are delivered, we continue to highlight their efforts. #GoTruckers

Proof Rihanna Has a Plastic Belly #MoonBump

Your natural skin does not glow like that. Rihanna's sunglasses are actually glowing and has a reflection on her belly aka #MoonBump. This is proof her belly is not real. And isn't she wearing men's underwear? She is a Male To Female (MTF) #Transgender.

More Deceivers

Remember there were two (2) Hitlers. One maybe -- or both were women --

Female To Male (FTM) (Transgenders).

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Updated Clones, Doubles, etc.

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93 Politicians Hanged Who

Voted for Election Fraud 

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The Guilty Are in #GITMO

If you see these people again they are body doubles

or they are using CGI. They are gone!

These individuals have tested postive for COVID:

-Prince Charles

-Nancy Pelosi

-Attorney General Merrick Garland

-Christine Largarde

-President of the European -Central Bank & puppet head at the IMF (International Monetary Fund)!

-Hillary Clinton 

-Barack Obama

-CIA Director William Burns

-Debbie Wasserman Shultz

-Adam Schiff 

-Jen Psaki 

-Kamala Harris’ husband -Doug Emhoff

-Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser

List of GITMO Executed Monsters

If you see these individuals again you are

looking at body doubles or CGI.

Most of these corrupt Politicians, Entertainers, and Hollywood

Celebrities are already gone...Executed or in Prison so

start now falling out of love with these people...