Enterprise Newsletter • Blend Coffee Company opens along Richards Street in Douglas
Blend Coffee Company: Great coffee, cozy atmosphere
The team at Blend Coffee & Co., which opened less than a month ago, has received training in preparing a variety of drinks and tasty treats including coffee, teas, health drinks and more. Business owner Sally Oban, center, hopes the coffee shop becomes a favorite place for the Douglas community to gather. Musical events, pop-up shops, art shows and craft classes are just a few of the gatherings planned for the coming months.
“We really want this to be a place to gather as much as a coffee shop,” says Sally Oban, owner of Blend Coffee & Company, which opened along Richards Street in Douglas earlier this fall.

From a couch and comfy chairs around the fireplace to scattered tables, the coffee shop provides ample seating and a cozy atmosphere. “I have a background in design,” says Sally, who did much of the interior décor herself. Large kitchen whisks that she found online were repurposed into light fixtures and a stack of suitcases adds a wonderful pop of color. Artist Talia Schnider, who specializes in creating art from businesses’ logos, painted the piece that hangs above the fireplace using coffee as her “paint.”

“My logo is a coffee stain,” says Sally. “It signifies being relaxed with friends, not worrying about the mess, and just hanging out. The coffee shop is a mixing of life with coffee, a big old blend of life.”

“My sister-in-law,” says Sally, “owned the first coffee hut in town. I always thought it was really great that she got to visit with so many people in town. I love people and this has always been a dream of mine.”

Since embarking on the journey to open the shop, Sally says that she and her team have learned a lot about coffee. “Our roaster has Q graders,” she explains. Much like a wine connoisseur, these experts in the field can taste a coffee and determine where it was grown, the elevation, soil temperatures and more. “Coffee beans aren’t even a bean, they’re the pit of the coffee fruit,” says Sally of her growing education in coffee.

Sally chose to partner with Coda Coffee Company of Denver as her roaster. She loves their coffee and likes their approach to business.
“It’s called bean to cup. When they go into a village to work with coffee farmers, they first build a school or a clinic or something to improve lives in the community. They help the farmers improve their growing practices. Coda has to pay more for the beans, but the farmers are getting a better quality of life.”

Other offerings around the store are sourced from a collection of small businesses. Sally has looked long and hard for small businesses that create superior products like the Jahmu Tumeric-Ginger Chai (inset photo) that she purchases from a company in South Carolina.

Blend Coffee & Co.’s offering of baked goods will expand by year’s end. Guest bakers from across the Douglas community who are known for the items they prepare are already baking items in the store’s certified kitchen. Sally plans to hire a full-time baker and expand the number of guest bakers. “The kitchen is built to expand with the business,” she notes. Breakfast sandwiches and other items are already being offered, but customers can expect that offering of soups, sandwiches and more to continue growing.

“We had 12 people hired when we started. We are up to 16 now and we are still hiring,” she says. The drive through opens daily at 6:30 a.m. and the lobby opens at 7:00. On weekdays the store is open until 5:30 p.m., but on Friday and Saturday nights they remain open until 10 p.m. Musicians, artists, poets, cooking classes, craft offerings and pop-up shops are among Sally’s plans. Several guests have already been picking up the guitars situated around the shop and providing impromptu entertainment.
Owner Sally Oban has a background in design. Her skills in this area are evident throughout the coffee shop!
The lantern shown here was one of the craft classes recently offered at Blend Coffee Co.
Ann Wiederrecht, known for her chocolate chip cookies, was recently a guest baker in Blend's certified kitchen.
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coffee [kaw-fee] noun: A dark, magical substance that turns "leave me alone" into "good morning honey."
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