January 26, 2018 • Enterprise Newsletter • Featuring Converse County Wyoming's business community
Platte River Photo Show winners announced
Entries for the 2018 Platte River Photography Show totaled over 120, the largest turnout in the show's nine-year history.

In the category for adults and high school age students, Lyn Clark won the landscape division, Tammy Kelley won the animal division and Sam Sherman won the black and white photograph division. Thanks to the generosity of Cloud Peak Energy, Duke Energy and Black Hills Energy, $3,000 in prize money was awarded to the 2018 winners.

Entry fees in the annual show fund a college scholarship awarded in memory of Richard Olveda. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to the winner of a special category featuring the photography of graduating seniors. This year's winner was Mallory Renner.
Savanna Moffet took first place honors in the division for students between 6th and 8th grades.

Professional photographer Dave Thompson won the Professional Category. 2018 marked the first year a professional category was included in the event.

For more information on the Platte River Photography Show, contact the Converse County Tourism and Visitor Center at 307-358-2950. For complete details, click through to the Visitor Center's Facebook page.
This image by Mallory Renner earned her top honors in the category for graduating seniors and a $1,000 college scholarship.
Local legislators meet with the public
Legislators visit with constituents at Enterprise hosted event
Local legislators visited with area constituents on the evening of Jan. 23 during a "Dessert with Your Legislators" event hosted by The Enterprise.

"Thank you to Senator Boner, Senator Wasserburger, Representative Clausen, Representative Barlow and Representative Kirkbride," said Cindy Porter, Executive Director of The Enterprise. "Attendance at the event was great and we had some really good discussions pertaining to the upcoming legislative session."
Legislators have agreed to host a second gathering later this spring when they return from the session. Stay tuned to this publication for more information.
Gussied up Grooming team discusses opening a business in downtown Douglas
Cathy Feezer Jones and Jenni Nieft of Gussied Up Grooming pause for a photograph with Barrett, one of the new business' favorite clients. Cathy also manages the local pet shelter. Gussied up Grooming provides free services to the pets there, increasing adoption rates.
"It was a lot of locals helping locals." — Cathy Feezer Jones, Owner of Gussied Up Grooming on opening a business in Douglas
"I had a lot of support from the community," says Cathy Feezer Jones, who this past year opened Gussied Up Grooming, a dog grooming business, in the downtown area.

"The Enterprise was vital in getting me started. Cindy helped me get in contact with the Small Business Development Center. She also helped me develop a business plan. The banks in town were wonderful in helping me get started and knowing what to do. I have my insurance locally. The state was very helpful in getting my business license. Everybody has been very supportive."

Learn more about Gussied Up Grooming on the business' Facebook page. Longterm the company has a goal of grooming eight dogs daily five days a week.
Rocky Mountain Power offers tips for trying to managing winter energy use in your home
Wintry temperatures and more time spent indoors can increase electricity use. During cold weather spells, your heating system works harder to keep your home comfortable, which can lead to higher bills.
To can keep costs down and stay comfortable, Rocky Mountain Power recommends these simple steps:
Keep your thermostat at 68°F when you’re home. Lower the temperature by several degrees at night and while you’re away.

Limit your use of portable space heaters.

Change furnace filters often for maximum airflow.

Enroll in Rocky Mountain Power’s Equal Pay option to even out seasonal differences in your bills.

Consider upgrading home insulation or installing a heat pump water heater.
Get more ideas to keep bills down from Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart program at wattsmart.com.

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