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January 22, 2023

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Presiding bishop leads King Day ‘Power of Love’ celebration, joins call for housing justice

By Pat McCaughan

[The Episcopal News – January 17, 2023] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, along with Bishop John Harvey Taylor and Mayor Karen Bass, issued a rousing call for housing and socioeconomic justice at the Jan. 15 annual King Day celebration in the Diocese of Los Angeles, where more than 40,000 are homeless and five people die daily on the streets.

Curry delivered a spirited “the power of love urges us on” revival message to hundreds of cheering and applauding ecumenical, church, civic, and community leaders who packed Christ the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in the city’s historic Leimert Park neighborhood for the annual celebration, livestreamed here (Facebook) or here (YouTube).

“We gather to remember the memory and then live the legacy. We are here not only to commemorate the life and sacrifice of Martin Luther King but to commit ourselves anew to the cause of love and liberty and justice and compassion and humanity and goodness and truth, again,” Curry said amid applause and cheers. “A legacy is not lived by somebody after the person has passed on who gives it. All that is, is a dead end. A legacy must be lived.”

Taylor said the diocese, in embracing truth-telling and its own legacy of racism, is in part focused on housing equity, “which Dr. King was talking about over 60 years ago.”

Read more here.

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‘This may be our finest hour,’ Presiding Bishop Curry tells Bishop’s Dinner gathering

By Pat McCaughan

[The Episcopal News – January 17, 2023] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry galvanized hundreds of Episcopalians from across Southern and Central California who packed St. John’s Cathedral in Los Angeles for the Jan. 14 Bishop’s Dinner, invoking the image of a huge Ghanian tree with centuries-old root systems as a hopeful compass for living in globally challenging times.

“There is a Titanic – almost feels apocalyptic – struggle going on, not just for the soul of America, but the soul of humanity in this world,” Curry said. “I’m not depressed about … a moment such as this, a moment in which we are called to deeper engagement, of the values we hold, and of the faith that holds us.

“It is an opportunity in the midst of difficulty, and it may well be hard times for democracy, hard times for Christianity that seeks to live authentically something close to the face of Jesus. And yet, if we engage this moment, this may be our finest hour.”

During a three-day visit to Los Angeles, Curry had met with local clergy and ordained five new priests at the cathedral, which later was transformed into a banquet hall for the Bishop’s Dinner, held this year in his honor. The event was sponsored and co-chaired by Allison Wrigley Rusack and Geoffrey Rusack, the son of Bishop Robert Rusack, fourth bishop of Los Angeles, along with Quintin Primo III, whose father, Bishop Quintin Primo Jr., was the first bishop of African descent elected in the dioceses of Delaware and Chicago. Canon Kathy O’Connor organized the evening’s dinner and program, which raised funds for mission ministries in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

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PB ordains five to priesthood at St. John's Cathedral

During his visit to the Diocese of Los Angeles for the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry ordained five new priests at St. John's Cathedral, Los Angeles. Above, from left: Julie Morris, who led the ordinands' retreat and preached the sermon; The Rev. Canon C. K. Robertson, the presiding bishop's canon for Ministry Beyond The Episcopal Church; the Rev. C. Susanne Wright Nava; the Rev. Brian Joseph Tucker; (at back) Presiding Bishop Curry; (in front) the Rev. Stacey Forte Dupre; (at back) the Rev. Timothy Paul Hartley; Bishop John Harvey Taylor; the Rev. Norma Guerra, associate for Formation and Transitions Ministry; and Canon to the Ordinary Melissa McCarthy. Photo: Janet Kawamoto

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Curry meets with clergy of the diocese, departs with baseball mementos

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry met with more than 100 clergy of the Diocese of Los Angeles on Jan. 13 at St. Paul's Commons. With characteristic charm, energy, humor and spirituality, Curry shared with the clergy his thoughts about how the Covid-19 pandemic has challenged The Episcopal Church, and shown it new ways to do ministry. He answered questions, and cheered when Bishop John Harvey Taylor presented him with a Dodger jersey (emblazoned on the back with "Curry 27"; Curry is the 27th presiding bishop of the church). Just to be fair, Canon to the Ordinary Melissa McCarthy also supplied Curry with an Angels baseball cap.

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Bishop Taylor outlines housing, fundraising initiatives at Diocesan Council’s January meeting

[The Episcopal News – January 18, 2023] Bishop John Harvey Taylor’s vision for the Diocese of Los Angeles includes affordable housing on at least 25% of church campuses; the prayerful hope that he and fellow diocesan leaders will be able to find the resources for staff support to facilitate those partnerships as well as for fundraising; and accommodating the changing shape of Sunday worship, he said at the Jan. 12 meeting of Diocesan Council.

Taylor also expects to hold a diocese-wide conversation in 2023 about parishes meeting the mandatory canonical assessments of at least 12% of their normal operating income from two years’ prior, which will aid in strategic financial planning. Mission congregations are required to give 10% of their annual plate and pledge, plus 5% in other assessments.

“It is so important to what we do, that we put this institution on a firm, reliable and transparent rock-solid foundation,” Taylor said. “The mandatory assessment piece, as it’s been described, has to do with fairness because most parishes do meet their requirement. This is coming into line with churchwide practice and takes the guess work and chaos out of budgeting.”

Canon Andy Tomat, diocesan treasurer, had reported a slight 2022 year-end shortfall in mission share fund collections from congregations. “We ended the year with $4,124,000 in MSF cash payments, which is $126,000 (3%) less than our budget,” he said. Past-due commitments from current and prior years total about $954,000, although some progress is being made in assisting congregations to addressing these shortfalls and to move closer to the 12% requirement in the year ahead, he said.

Read more here.


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Canon Lydia Lopez – civil rights leader and ‘interpreter’ across cultures – dies at 80

Ministries span 50 years in L.A. diocese, wider Episcopal Church

by Bob Williams

[The Episcopal News – January 18, 2023] Canon Lydia Lopez – who for more than 50 years served the Diocese of Los Angeles and wider Episcopal Church as a lay leader, civil rights advocate, and self-described “interpreter” across cultures – died Jan. 16 at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. She was 80 and until recent months was engaged in ministry and research projects at her Alhambra home.  

Survivors include her son, Alejandro, and daughter-in-law, April; grandchildren Aaden and Ava; nephews Ben and Michael Rodriguez, nieces Eva Marie Rodriguez Morris and Marcie Dyer, and their families; and many friends.

Bishop John Harvey Taylor will preside at memorial Eucharist set for 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 18, at Pasadena’s All Saints Episcopal Church, where Lopez – named an honorary diocesan canon in 2000 by then Bishop Frederick H. Borsch – was an active parishioner. Remembrances will reflect the scope of Lopez’s achievements as a Chicano movement activist and community organizer, and in diocesan ministries including General Convention deputy, member of the Commission on Ministry among other appointed bodies, and her service as diocesan associate for communications and public affairs from 2000 until her retirement in 2010.    

In a message notifying the diocesan community of Lopez’s death, Taylor underscored outcomes of her faith in action.   

“If working people in Los Angeles have a convenient Metro stop in their neighborhood, it’s because of Lydia. If farmworkers are treated with a measure of dignity and respect, it’s because of Lydia. If a secularizing culture is still inspired when people of faith act in our world according to the values they proclaim with their words, it’s because of people such as Lydia,” Taylor said. 

“My newspapering mother, Jean, first introduced me to Lydia a third of a century ago at All Saints in Pasadena. She was so proud to know her, and I was, too,” Taylor added. “I’ll cherish our long conversations in recent years, and her wise counsel. She leaves a space in our diocesan family that only our continued ministry according to her example can fill.”

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The Reverend John William Conrad, D.Min

February 27, 1952 – January 16, 2023

[The Episcopal News – January 18, 2023] The Rev. John William Conrad, D.Min, rector of All Saints’ Church, Riverside, from 2008 to 2018, died Jan. 16 of pancreatic cancer. Though he and his wife, Shannon, had recently divided their time between homes in Michigan and Mexico, he passed away in Riverside during a holiday visit.

Bishop John Harvey Taylor will preach at a service celebrating Conrad's life, witness and vocation at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4 at All Saints, 3847 Terracina Drive, Riverside 92506. A mariachi and taco bar reception in Smith Hall will follow the service.

In addition to his wife, Shannon M. Murphy, to whom he was married in 2009, Conrad is survived by his sons, William and Robert (Krystle), and two grandchildren.

Prior to his tenure at All Saints, he was interim priest at Church of the Good Samaritan in San Diego (1999 – 2005) and rector of St. Alban’s Church, El Cajon (1999 – 2005), both in the Diocese of San Diego. In the Diocese of Los Angeles, he served at St. Mark’s Church in Glendale (1996 – 1999). He also was instrumental in starting St. Hilary’s Church, Hesperia, in the late 1990s.

Read more here.

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The Reverend George Six

November 22, 1934 – December 27, 2022

[The Episcopal News – January 18, 2023] The Rev. George Six, onetime vicar of Christ the King Church, Palmdale (1995 – 1999), and briefly rector of St. Matthew’s Church, Pacific Palisades (1991 – 1992), died Dec. 27, 2022 in Hendersonville, North Carolina, where he has lived in recent years. He was 88, and succumbed to heart failure. He remained canonically resident in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Survivors include his son, William (Susan); daughters Anne Six Knight (Rodger) and Susan Six, as well as five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. His wife, Irene Confer Six, who had been his high-school sweetheart and costar in school musicals, predeceased him.

A funeral service was held at St. James Episcopal Church, Hendersonville, on Jan. 6. Internment will be at a later date in Six’s childhood hometown of Lyons, Kansas.

Six came to the Diocese of Los Angeles in 1991 to be rector of St. Matthew’s; soon after, some members of the parish, disapproving of his management of the church and its day school, demanded his resignation. He later served as a diocesan missioner, as vicar of Christ the King, Palmdale, and and interim priest at Church of the Epiphany, Oak Park.

Read more here.

The Bishop's Blog

The Bishop's Blog is online here.

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Remembering Canon Lydia Lopez

January 17, 2023

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles is mourning and celebrating Canon Lydia Lopez, giant of justice, who died on Monday in Pasadena. Here’s the account of our visit on her 80th birthday in April. Read more here.

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Gratitude for the visit of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

January 16, 2023

Teaching and leading by cheerfulness, patience, and exhortation, personifying Bienvenido in every encounter, Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry blazed the way of love through the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles this Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Five events in three days. Read more here.

Events & Announcements

Bloy House announces new spring formation classes open to clergy and laity

Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological School at Claremont, has announced several continuing education and formation classes for laity and clergy.

MONDAYS, FEBRUARY 6, 13, 20 & 27, 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Reading Ruth: The Politics of Identity, Location, and Change

Facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Mary Tororeiy

The book of Ruth is a kind of a Cinderella story. The thing with Cinderella stories is that they have a beautiful ending, something that gives the reader a welcome sigh of relief, a Hollywood ending. But what about the real story? The story before the end? A famine. Migration. Death. Nothingness. A return. Navigating these changes involves negotiating identities, location, and change. No Old Testament book does it better than the story of Ruth. We will examine the story of Ruth whose foreign-ness reshapes the nature of identity in post-exilic Israel. Using the tools of context and authorial intentions, we will carefully read and re-evaluate the narrative by studying its literary function within the Israelite politics of identity and change. Class fee: $25. Register here.

MARCH (dates to be announced)

Lenten Spirituality Class

Facilitated by the Rev. Elizabeth Rechter of Stillpoint.


Multi-cultural ministry workshop (title to be announced)

Ministry - lay or ordained- in our diocese is becoming a multi-cultural experience. How do we gain skills and insight, not only to understand others' languages and cultures, but to be open to transformative friendships? A one-day workshop, facilitated by the Rev. Carlos Ruvalcaba and the Rev. Melissa Campbell-Langdell.

ByYourSide_logo image

New 'By Your Side' training sessions to begin in January, March

By Susan Brown

Since 2011, the mission of By Your Side has been to support people in times of change and difficulty, particularly in health crisis, and to be at their bedside at the end of their lives as needed. We train volunteer community members to be a compassionate presence.

While we continue to develop teams of people to serve in hospital settings, since 2013 we've also trained residents and neighbors of our ECS communities to be even more present with one another. Residents have companioned their peers having difficulty with changes in their lives, with challenging diagnoses, sometimes with increasing frailty, and notably with adjusting to life in our Courtyards memory care. Staff have had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of what it means to really be “with” the residents they support, and residents, staff, and members of the larger communities all gain tools for taking care of themselves while being there for others.

The pandemic brought all of us to an acute awareness of life’s fragility, realizing that what is most important is connection. As we move back into greater physical closeness, we take with us a renewed commitment to being with one another, no matter what.

Please join us in this exploration. Our next trainings will be hybrid (in-person and Zoom). There is no obligation to volunteer at the completion of the training.

Enroll in either of the next 10-hour, 5 week courses. The first will be at MonteCedro in Altadena from Jan. 24 to Feb. 21, Tuesday evenings, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The second will be at the Canterbury in Rancho Palos Verdes from March 7 to April 4, also Tuesday evenings, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

To enroll, email or call 818.822.6044 for more information. Enrollment is limited to 30 people. A fee of $70 (which includes all materials) is due by the second class. Scholarships are available. CE (12 hours) for nurses is available for an added $30 under California Board of Registered Nursing Provider Number CEP 16239.

Susan Brown is administrator of By Your Side, a ministry of Episcopal Communities & Services.

From the wider church

Church of England bishops propose offering blessings to same-sex couples, but not marriage

By Egan Millard

[Episcopal News Service – January 18, 2023] The Church of England’s House of Bishops has presented a proposal for liturgical blessings for same-sex couples, which – if approved – would be the first time the church has formally recognized gay relationships, though it would still ban same-sex church weddings.

The church announced the proposal on Jan. 18, one of the final steps in a yearslong process of debate and discernment over the church’s positions on LGBTQ+ issues. The details of the proposal will be released on Jan. 20 and it will be presented to the church’s General Synod – made up of the Houses of Bishops, Clergy and Laity – for approval when it meets in Feb. 6-9 in London.

The proposal likely will have implications beyond the Church of England, often referred to as the “mother church” of the worldwide Anglican Communion, though the church has no authority over the communion’s provinces, which include The Episcopal Church. As leader of the Church of England and ceremonial head of the communion, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s support for the proposal may cause further tension with bishops from other Anglican churches who oppose same-sex marriage.

Read more here.

Bishops visit migrant shelter in Mexico as US government seeks to limit record-high crossings

By Lynette Wilson

[Episcopal News Service – Nogales, Mexico – January 13, 2023] On a hillside in the Colonia Buena Vista section of Nogales, Mexico, asylum-seekers, many forced to flee violence and persecution in Mexico, Central America, Haiti and Cuba, find much-needed safety and rest at La Casa de Misericordia y de Todas Las Naciones, The House of Mercy for All The Nations.

“La Casa, in addition to being a place of respite and restoration, is also a place of story, a sacred and holy space shaped by the stories migrants share,” the Rev. David Chavez, the Diocese of Arizona’s canon for border ministries, told Episcopal News Service.

“Most stories detail the dizzying experiences of leaving ‘mi tierra natal, the land of my birth,’ fleeing physical, emotional and psychological threats and violence; leaving to be with loved ones; fleeing as the result of the devastation brought about by climate change.”

All of it takes its toll, and unfortunately, the violence, the threats and the terror don’t end when migrants flee their home country. It continues along the journey.

“Many migrants experience kidnappings, theft, rape and physical assaults at the hands of criminal gangs,” he added. “And, at times, migrants are met by communities of welcome.”

Read more here.


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Taizé Service

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills 90210

Begun many years ago at the ecumenical French monastic community called Taizé, these services, with candlelight and singing of chants, are a wonderful way to refresh in the midst of a busy week.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Indwelling Spirit: Upwelling Action -

An Epiphany Quiet Day with Judith Favor

Online. Register here

Stillpoint: The Center for Christian Ministry. The program will center on contemplative writing, through which "we will listen for ‘the still, small voice’ of the Inner Guide and record what we hear," according to the event announcement. "We will collect an array of epiphanies and conduct a variety of inner dialogues with others, self and society." Judith Favor is a seasoned spiritual companion, contemplative writing guide and working author. Retired from pastoral ministry in the UCC and educational ministry at the Claremont School of Theology, she enjoys an active life of Quaker service, community engagement at Pilgrim Place and the joys of great-grandmotherhood. Fee for the program is $70 per person. A a limited number of “no cost” options are also available.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

The Sojourner’s Well: Discernment: Tapping into the Wisdom Within –

A Deep Dive for Spiritual Directors

Center for Spiritual Development (in person and via Zoom)

434 S. Batavia Street, Orange 92868

Information and registration here or 714.744.3172 or

Designed for those in the ministry of spiritual direction, this day on the spiritual practice of discernment will be both prayerful and participative. Whether attending in-person or via Zoom, participants are invited to bring an issue they wish to discern. After an introductory exploration of discernment and a review of some of the key dynamics involved in making a choice through discernment, participants will reflect on their own issues using intuition, body, feelings, and nature as entry points. Each module will involve a brief exploration of the entry point, personal prayer, small group sharing, and a gathering of wisdom from among the participants. Led by Elizabeth Liebert, SNJM is professor emerita of San Francisco Theological Seminary (now of the University of Redlands) and on the core doctoral faculty of the Graduate Theological Union. This workshop will be offered both in-person and via Zoom. The cost for in-person attendance is $60 (including lunch) and $50 via Zoom. 


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Annual Ecumenical Prayer Service

Saint Andrew Russian Greek Catholic Church

538 Concord Street, El Segundo 90245

Information here

Join the Southern California Christian Forum ( for an exceptional afternoon of worship, music, and prayer for the unity of all of Christ's followers, featuring the Trinity Singers, the Focolare Movement, cantors from Saint Andrew's Church, and guest speaker Joey Baker, member of the Assemblies of God Church and the North American Academy of Ecumenists. A reception will follow the service, which also will be live-streamed here.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 5 p.m.

Chamber Music Concert III: From Vivaldi to Ravel

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills 90210

Information: 310.275.0123 or or here

Featuring Camille King, soprano, with Janet Strauss, violin; Leif Woodward, cello; Paul Baker, harp and harpsichord, performing early music works by Samuel Ebart and Antonio Vivaldi, as well as Gabriel Fauré’s "Impromptu in D-flat," and "Five Greek Folk Songs" by Maurice Ravel. Tickets: $20 (students and seniors $10). Admission free with Music Guild donor season pass.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 6 p.m.

Classical Sundays at Six: Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra

St. James in-the-City Episcopal Church

3903 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90010

Information: 213.388.3015 or here

Conducted by Carlo Ponti. Free. Live-stream and on demand at


Choral Evensong for Epiphany

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills 90210

Information: 310.275.0123 or or here

All Saints’ Choir sings "Hail, gladdening light!" by Charles Wood; Preces & Responses (St.

David’, Roswell) by Craig Phillips; Magnificat and Nunc dimittis (St. Luke’s, San Antonio) by Craig Phillips; and "Dazzling as the sun" by Gwyneth Walker. A reception will follow the service. 


Classical Sundays at Six: Crossroads School Emmi Chamber Orchestra 

St. James in-the-City Episcopal Church

3903 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90010

Information: 213.388.3015 or here

Free. Live-stream and on demand at


Quasi una fantasia: David Kaplan, pianist

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

1031 Bienveneda Avenue, Pacific Palisades 90272-2314

Information/tickets here

Hailed by critics as “excellent and adventurous” and possessing “grace and fire” at the keyboard, David Kaplan has performed solo recitals and joined forces with orchestras in some of the most prestigious venues in the world. The title of his program, “Quasi una Fantasia,” borrows Beethoven’s own title for the Moonlight Sonata and will feature music of Couperin, Janacek’s Sonata for Piano (1905), Brahms’s Fantasies, op. 116, and a world premiere by composer and cellist Andrea Casarrubios. A graduate of UCLA and Yale University, Kaplan currently serves as assistant professor of piano at UCLA. Tickets: $35. Pre-concert "Liner Notes with Tom Neenan" will precede the concert. All in attendance will need to show proof of full vaccination at least two weeks prior to the concert and will be required to wear a mask.


Golden Bridge Consort

504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills 90210

Information: 310.275.0123 or or here

The Golden Bridge ensemble, led by Suzi Digby, OBE, features the finest professional singers in California. Their eighth annual concert will explore the relationship between the English and American choral traditions, and Renaissance works juxtaposed with newly commissioned compositions. Tickets available at the door, Music Guild members admitted free with season pass. A reception will follow the concert. 

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 4:15 p.m.

Solemn Evensong

St. James in-the-City Episcopal Church

3903 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90010

Information: 213.388.3015 or here

Choir of St. James’, James Buonemani, director. Free. Live-stream and on demand at


Classical Sundays at Six “International Laureates Organ Series” 

St. James in-the-City Episcopal Church

3903 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90010

Information: 213.388.3015 or here

With Stephen Tharp and David Briggs, organ. Presented in cooperation with the Clarence Mader Foundation. Free. Live-stream and on demand at

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Taizé Service

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills 90210

Begun many years ago at the ecumenical French monastic community called Taizé,these services, with candlelight and singing of chants, are a wonderful way to refresh in the midst of a busy week.


Classical Sundays at Six

St. James in-the-City Episcopal Church

3903 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90010

Information: 213.388.3015 or here

Peter Wittenberg, piano. Free. Live-stream and on demand at


Missa Mystica for Ash Wednesday

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills 90210

Information: 310.275.0123 or or here

All Saints’ Choir will sing Craig Phillips' Communion Service in G and William Byrd's "Miserere mei, Deus."

Additional events are listed on the diocesan calendar here. Calendar information may be emailed to



The Holy Land

April 12 - 22, 2023

Members of the Diocese of Los Angeles community are invited to join members of St. James’ in-the-City Episcopal Church for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in April 2023. We hope you will consider coming along on this exciting and soulful adventure. Walk the footsteps of Jesus during an 11-day pilgrimage to the Holy Lands and Jordan, with Pastor Jim Boline of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and the Rev. Dr. Kate Cress of St. James in-the-City Episcopal Church. Itinerary is here. Click here to register.

HagiaSophia_Istanbul image

Turkey: Footsteps of Paul

April 14 - 29, 2023

Scheduled for the week after Easter, this tour will be led by the Rev. Canon George Woodward, vicar of St. Paul's Anglican Church, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and former rector of St. Edmund's Church, San Marino. The itinerary will follow the travels of St. Paul of Tarsus, with stops in Istanbul, Antioch, Tarsus, Cappadocia, Lystra, Konya, Antalya, Perge, Ephesus and Kusadasi. Canon Woodward lived in Turkey for two years and is personally familiar with all the tour destinations. The tour cost of $3365 per person (double occupancy) will include tour guide and manager, deluxe hotels, daily breakfast, some lunches and dinners, coach transportation and entrance tickets. (The main tour group will depart from Mexico City; pilgrims from other areas will fly directly to Istanbul.) Operated by St. Cecilia Tours. For detailed information and to register, click here. Photo: Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Holy Week and Easter in the Holy Land

March 22 - April 2, 2024

A 12-day trip sponsored by St. George's Church, Laguna Hills, and St. Mark's Church, Upland, and led by the Rev. Canon Pat Mccaughan and the Very Rev. Keith Yamamoto. Local guides: Canon Iyad Qumri and Rami Qumri. Accommodations at St. George's Cathedral Guest House, Jerusalem and the Sisters of Nazareth retreat house in Nazareth. Highlights: Palm Sunday mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and traditional procession; Shepherd's Field and Bethlehem; the Sea of Galilee and Jordan River; Jacob's Well; Maundy Thursday worship in the Garden of Gethsemane; Good Friday and Easter Vigil at Calvary and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher; Easter Day at St. George's Episcopal Cathedral; final day at Emmaus Nicopolis. Full itinerary is here. For information, contact the Rev. Canon Pat Mccaughan,


Listings may be sent to There is no charge.

GLENDORA: Organist. Grace Episcopal Church is seeking a professionally trained church organist to be a part of our strong and vital music ministry. The organist will be expected to play for one Sunday service and one choir rehearsal per week, feast days, and for festive concerts. We offer a traditional Rite II service at 10 a.m. on Sundays. The preferred style of music is classical sacred music, ranging from Palestrina to Rutter. The pipe organ is by Manuel Rosales, built in 1977, with a new console in 1980, and substantial reconditioning work in 2016. The organ has two manuals and 26 ranks. The organist will work directly under our choirmaster/director of music in a collaborative manner. Salary: $18,000. Weddings and funerals will provide additional compensation. A full job description is here. Send resume to the Rev. Susan Scranton via email at or by postal mail at 555 E. Mountain View Avenue, Glendora 91741.

LOS ANGELES: Administrative Assistant, St. Philip's Episcopal Church. Part time (no more than 15 hours/week). On site as much as possible. Wage: $18/hour. Requires English and Spanish. Full job description here. Contact: Marc Nesbit, senior warden, at or the Rev. Thomas Quijada-Discavage at

LOS ANGELES: Coordinator for Refugee Housing, Interfaith Refugee & Immigration Service (IRIS). Identify and secure safe, affordable, appropriately furnished housing that meets the Cooperative Agreement for refugee clients. Conduct home visits for safety evaluation and housing orientation with newly arrived refugee clients. This position manages home furnishing donations and coordinates donation drives and deliveries. This position reports to the Resettlement Supervisor. Position will be based out of the IRIS office located at 3621 Brunswick Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039. The job also entails traveling to and from client appointments, airport pick-up, home visits and other community events, trainings and meetings. Full job description / application instructions here.

LOS ANGELES (ECHO PARK): Credit Union CEO/Manager, Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union. To provide strategic, vision, leadership, and management in all functional areas. Plan, direct and control credit union activities in accordance with credit union plans, policies, directives and activities as established by the Board of Directors. Responsible for ensuring financial stability and member satisfaction commensurate with the best interest of members, staff and credit union. A full job description is here. For more information and to apply, click here.

LOS ANGELES: Preschool Director, St. James' Episcopal School. The preschool director oversees the Grammercy Place Preschool and is the supervisor for the St. Andrew’s Place preschool site director. The preschool director is responsible for curriculum, evaluation, professional development and parent and family engagement and communications for both preschool campuses. Website is here. Full job description here.

PACIFIC PALISADES: General Maintenance Worker, St. Matthew's Church and School. St. Matthew's is a vibrant community that includes both a church and a achool situated in beautiful Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. The Director of Facilities and Operations seeks a full time maintenance staff member with maintenance experience. This is a "hands-on" position and the ideal candidate will have repair maintenance and event setup experience, great people skills and a history of providing the highest level of customer service. A full job description is here. Please email resume to

PASADENA: Director of Giving, Development and Economic Justice, All Saints Church. The director reports to the rector and will provide leadership, strategic direction, management and coordination of all fundraising and fund development efforts for All Saints Church. The director will stimulate and sustain an attitude of generosity throughout the institution and lead the community in articulating a theology of giving and faithful engagement with economic systems in our personal and corporate lives. Full job description here. Submit cover letter and resume to Samantha Kramer,

SOUTH PASADENA: Parish Administrator. St. James’ Church is seeking a Parish Administrator. A full-time, exempt position, the parish administrator supports the overall work process of the church office, works with the priest-in-charge and parish accounting mnager, and provides general supervision to the office volunteers and contractors. Prior experience as a church/parish administrator in one or more churches is preferred (experience in an Episcopal parish a plus). Social media (at a minimum, Facebook, Instagram, and Mailchimp) and database skills are important. Must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. For more information, please contact the Rev. Michelle Baker-Wright at or 626.799.9194.

THOUSAND OAKS: Head of School. St. Patrick's Day School seeks a skilled educator whose leadership is distinguished by a warm, welcoming, and inclusive personal manner, exceptional verbal and written communication skills, a commitment to values-based education and spiritual development, and a love for young children. They will bring the skills, initiative, and drive to help further realize a compelling and sustainable vision for the future of the school. Position information and application instructions are here.

THOUSAND OAKS: Assistant Principal, St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School. Duties include helping with admissions, development, parent relations, student supervision, and program development. Candidate must have a college degree, a teaching credential, and a minimum of five years working in a school. Administrative experience is desirable. If interested, please send resume to

UPLAND: Music Director and Organist. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church seeks a part-time Music Director and Organist who can bring gifts, creativity, faithfulness, and joy to our community. The Music Director is central to our shared ministry and life together as a Parish. Sunday worship responsibilities include playing one hymn at the conclusion of our 8 a.m. service, rehearsing with singers and other musicians, and accompanying worship at our 10 a.m. service. Practices for our choir, handbells, and band have been held in the late afternoon and evening one or two days per week. We have a 2-manual tracker pipe organ with a non-AGO flat foot-pedal system that is E.& G.G. Hook and Hastings, Boston, 1873, Opus 734. We also have an Eric Herz harpsichord, Kawai spinet piano, handbells and chimes. The salary range is $18,000 to $26,000 per year, depending upon experience and scope of responsibilities. Weddings and funerals will provide additional compensation. A full position description is here. Cover letter, resume, references, and links to musical performance recordings should be sent to our selection committee, in care of:

WESTCHESTER: Parish Administrator, Holy Nativity Episcopal Church. Part-time. Good communication skills, computer skills, and organization skills required. $20/hour at 15 hours per week (over 3-4 days per week. Contact: The Rev. Michael Foley, or 310.670.4777.


DALLAS, TEXAS: Director of Youth Ministry. Saint Michael and All Angels Church is seeking a leader and committed follower of Jesus Christ to provide adaptive leadership and oversight to the Youth Ministry (6th-12th grade) to build faith, form disciples of Jesus Christ, make a difference in the world and equip parents to disciple their children. Full job description here. All resumes and inquiries may be directed to

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— Janet Kawamoto, editor