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July 31, 2022
Mental health justice is focus of diocesan town hall;
speakers urge state funding of 9-8-8 national lifeline

by Bob Williams

[The Episcopal News – July 27, 2022] Lives will be saved by the new 9-8-8 national crisis line and related mental health-care alternatives to unnecessary incarceration or tragic deaths, U.S. Congresswoman Katie Porter and other speakers said during a July 19 online Town Hall hosted by the Bishop's Commission on Gospel Justice and Community Care. (Video of the full 90-minute town hall program is here.)

California state funding of the Miles Hall Lifeline Act (AB988) is now key to optimal implementation of new call centers, said town hall speakers, notably Tawn Hall, mother of the late Miles Hall, a 23-year-old man who was fatally shot during a local police response to a mental-health crisis that he was experiencing on June 2, 2019 in Walnut Creek, Calif.

In advance of an Aug. 1 state senate appropriations committee meeting, letter-writing to lawmakers has been recommended by the diocesan commission, notes its chairperson, Sister Patricia Sarah Terry of St. Cross Church, Hermosa Beach. [Please see related story below for further information.)

Urging support also for the pending bipartisan Mental Health Justice Act that she authored at the federal level, Porter said this bill will replicate an Orange County model to “allow police to focus on public safety while building deeper trust between officers and the people they serve, and it will provide mental-health first-responder units with the resources they will need to be successful.”

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Commission invites letter-writing to state senators before Aug. 1 action on Miles Hall Lifeline Act, 9-8-8 mental health call centers

[The Episcopal News – July 27, 2022] The Bishop's Commission on Gospel Justice and Community Care is urging California clergy and laity to join a letter-writing campaign in advance of Aug. 1 senate action on the Miles Hall Lifeline Act in the state legislature.

Recent launch of the national 9-8-8 mental health crisis phone line, now accessible by every phone in the United States, has increased the interest on AB 988, the Miles Hall Lifeline Act in the California legislature, notes Sister Patricia Sarah Terry, commission chair.

Passage of this bill has been supported by mental health organizations, many police departments, and the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times.

AB 988 will be before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday, Aug. 1, and the meeting can be viewed here. If the bill passes out of appropriations, it will go to the senate floor for a vote by all senators.

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Center for Lay Chaplaincy invites Episcopalians to new Fall classes

[The Episcopal News – July 14, 2022] The Center for Lay Chaplaincy (CFLC) of the Diocese of Los Angeles will offer two units of Clinical Pastoral Education this Fall: a traditional unit and a new curriculum, according to the Rev. Jana Milhon-Martin, director. Both are intended for lay Episcopalians who would like to increase their pastoral skills for chaplaincy work and their personal faith development.

Clinical Pastoral Education, or CPE, is a multi-session training program for certified chaplains. CFLC aims to expand the role of chaplaincy beyond traditional institutions by training and then placing chaplains in contexts such as food banks, community service centers, county jails, parish ministries, or similar settings where a chaplain’s supportive presence would be a benefit. (See CFLC's "Chaplaincy Everywhere" and "CPE for Everyone" programs.

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The Lambeth Conference
Lambeth Conference begins in England amid controversy over unexpected same-sex marriage vote

By Janet Kawamoto

[The Episcopal News – July 27, 2022] Controversy and some quick maneuvering marked the beginning of the 15th Lambeth Conference of Anglican and Episcopal Church bishops, which opened July 27 at the University of Kent and Canterbury Cathedral in England and will conclude August 8.

Bishop John Harvey Taylor is attending along with bishops from around the Anglican Communion. Lambeth Conferences began in 1867 and usually meet about every 10 years; the last meeting was in 2008. The present conference was rescheduled from 2018 due to several factors, including the coronavirus pandemic.

Conference organizers, including Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who is hosting the meeting, promoted the gathering as a time of conversation and unity, based on close readings of scripture and dealing with subjects of worldwide interest and concern, such as climate change, political strife and human rights.

“The aim of this conference – which, like all the [Lambeth] conferences, is a very significant moment in the life of the community – is to encourage Anglicans around the world to be looking outwards to the world,” Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said at a press conference on June 22 [as quoted by Episcopal News Service]. “The church should express its mission and its life of discipleship through engagement with the great challenges that the next 30 or 40 years will impose upon the vast majority of Anglicans, especially those in areas of climate fragility, and political and other fragility.”

The ENS article on the conference, titled "Archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Conference planners set tone of unity over division for upcoming summer gathering," is here.

But about a week before more than 650 bishops and some of their spouses began to travel to the meeting, controversy erupted when it became known that organizers would be asking bishops to vote on several "Lambeth Calls" - a kind of resolution without legal or canonical force, but potentially of great influence. One of these calls would ask them to reaffirm a 1998 Lambeth resolution (known as "I.10") declaring that only marriage between a man and a woman is recognized in Anglican/Episcopal theology.

According to the Lambeth Call document delivered to participants, the bishops would be able to vote either that they affirmed this stance, or that the issue requires more study. There was no way to vote "no."

Bishop John Harvey Taylor was one of the first to publicly express anger and disappointment at what he called a "bait-and-switch" after he learned of it from neighboring Bishop Susan Brown Snook of the Diocese of San Diego.

"You think it’s hot in London this week? Wait until next week in Canterbury," Taylor wrote on Facebook and in his blog post on July 20, referring both to a recent European heat wave and to the increasing fury expressed by Anglicans and Episcopalians from the United States, Canada and other provinces that accept and celebrate same-sex unions.

Read more here.
‘A wave of love’: Episcopal bishops join march in support of LGBTQ+ inclusion in Canterbury

By Egan Millard

[Episcopal News Service – Canterbury, England – July 27, 2022] Over a dozen Episcopal bishops joined a march across the campus of the University of Kent, site of the Lambeth Conference, on July 27 to show support for LGBTQ+ inclusion as the topic once again looms large over the once-a-decade gathering of bishops from across the Anglican Communion, underway here through Aug. 8.

The raucous sound of whistles and drums accompanied the procession throughout the campus, punctuated by cheers from onlookers. The bishops’ purple shirts barely stood out among the stream of rainbow flags and stickers, signs, trans pride flags and colorful outfits. Some bishops marched with their same-sex spouses, who were not invited to participate fully in the conference as bishops’ opposite-sex spouses are but who are invited to attend some events as observers.

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Lambeth Conference planners revise ‘calls’ document, acknowledging differences on same-sex marriage

By David Paulsen

[Episcopal News Service – July 26, 2022] Facing an uproar from some bishops, particularly from within The Episcopal Church, planners of the upcoming Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops significantly rewrote part of the preparatory “Lambeth Calls” document, eliminating language from an earlier draft that had affirmed a 24-year-old resolution opposing same-sex marriage.

The changes to the Call on Human Dignity were endorsed by that call’s drafting group “following consideration of widespread responses from bishops and others,” the Lambeth Conference said in a news release on July 26. A member of that drafting group, Toronto Bishop Kevin Robertson of the Anglican Church of Canada, had said this week that the language opposing same-sex marriage was never discussed or approved by the drafting group.

Revisions also were made to three other Lambeth Calls, on discipleship, mission and evangelism and interfaith relations.

Read more here.
Justin Welby forced to allow Anglican bishops to reject statement on sexuality

By Harriet Sherwood

[The Guardian - July 26, 2022] The archbishop of Canterbury has been forced to allow Anglican bishops from all over the world the option of rejecting a statement on sexuality when they meet in Canterbury this week for the Lambeth conference.

The U-turn from Justin Welby, the leader of the global Anglican communion and the conference president, came late on Monday night, hours before 650 delegates began arriving for the 12-day meeting.

It followed an outcry from liberal Anglicans and gay rights campaigners over a declaration – known as a Lambeth Call – on human dignity that defines marriage as “between a man and a woman”. It adds that “legitimising or blessing of same-sex unions” cannot be advised, and that “it is the mind of the Anglican communion as a whole that same-gender marriage is not permissible”.

Among those protesting was the bishop of Los Angeles, John Harvey Taylor, who said the statement was “the opposite of the Christian values of healing and reconciliation. It divides, hurts, scapegoats and denies.”

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Episcopal bishops reject conservative Anglicans’ same-sex marriage ultimatum; ‘huge distraction’ for Lambeth

By David Paulsen

[Episcopal News Service – July 25, 2022] Over one hundred Episcopal bishops are heading to Canterbury, England, this week for the Lambeth Conference, where their professed goal of listening to and learning from the diverse global experiences of fellow Anglican bishops has been complicated by conservative Anglican bishops’ efforts to turn the conversations more narrowly toward disputed positions on same-sex marriage.

The Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops typically is held once a decade at the invitation of the archbishop of Canterbury. This Lambeth Conference had been scheduled for 2020 but was delayed by two years because of the pandemic. It is the first to be called by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who assumed that role in 2013. Bishops from all 42 provinces in the Anglican Communion were invited, and more than 650 bishops and 480 spouses were registered to attend as of last month.

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Jubilee fellows conclude year of service

The Jubilee Consortium, based in Los Angeles, said farewell on July 26 to its Jubilee Year Fellows of the 2021-2022 service year. These recent college graduates have lived in community and worked at various social service agencies (including the diocese's Seeds of Hope food justice ministry and IRIS, its immigration and refugee agency) for the past year.

"Your service and experiences this year have been invaluable, and we are deeply grateful that you are a part of our community," the consortium said on its Facebook page. "It’s been an honor to open you all to exploring the inner and outer workings of social justice, community and spirituality. We are inspired by the perspectives and actions that you have introduced to our community, as well. The Jubilee community looks excitedly ahead with you at the journeys ahead of you, and we’ll always be present at your side."
In memoriam
Barbara Borsch memorial service set for Aug. 4 in Santa Monica

A memorial Eucharist celebrating the life of Canon Barbara Sampson Borsch – a lay leader in the Diocese of Los Angeles and the widow of its fifth bishop, the late Rt. Rev. Frederick H. Borsch – will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 4, at St. Augustine by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, 1227 Fourth St., Santa Monica. The service will conclude with interment of ashes – those of both Barbara Borsch and Fred Borsch – in the parish columbarium.

Barbara Borsch died Oct. 14, 2021 at age 84 in Philadelphia where an earlier memorial service was held Oct. 30 at St. Martin in-the-Fields Church. A full obituary is here. In retirement, the Borsches divided their time between their homes in Philadelphia and Los Angeles and were active parishioners of St. Augustine by-the-Sea.

Memorial gifts honoring both Borsches may be made to the Neighborhood Youth Association, 1016 Pleasant View Ave., Venice, CA 90291,, to benefit the Barbara and Fred Borsch Writing Workshop for college-bound underserved students.
In the congregations
Kids' summer camp artwork decorates St. Peter's, Santa Maria

Children in the Summer Creativity Camp at St. Peter's Church, Santa Maria, painted murals that now decorate the parish church's exterior.

Each mural was a cooperative effort involving several children.

The Rev. Peter Kang, priest-in-charge of St. Peter's, framed and installed the artwork on the church's outside wall. "I think they came out looking great!" he said in a Facebook post. "And the kids were super proud of their work.

"We’ll leave them up until Christmas," Kang added, "after which we’ll come up with some other cool things to display (the idea is to have a rotating outdoor exhibit of local art). Fun stuff!"

The youngsters concluded the camp with a showcase of their talents: a brief video of children singing "The Rainbow Connection" from The Muppet Movie is here. More about St. Peter's Summer Creativity Camp is on their Facebook page.
Events & Announcements
'By Your Side' vigil companion classes to begin Aug. 1

[By Your Side - Episcopal Communities & Services] The mission of By Your Side since 2011 has been to be supportive of people in times of change and difficulty, particularly in health crisis, and to be at their bedside at the end of their lives as needed. BYS trains volunteer community members to be a compassionate presence.

New training sessions will begin Aug. 1 via Zoom and continue on Mondays through Aug. 29, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. There is no obligation to volunteer at the completion of the training.

"While we continue to develop teams of people to serve in hospital settings, since 2013 we have also been training residents of our Episcopal Communities & Services (ECS) communities to be even more present with one another," says Susan Brown, director. "Residents have companioned their peers having difficulty with changes in their lives, with challenging diagnoses, sometimes with increasing frailty, and notably with adjusting to life in assisted living. Staff have had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of what it can mean to really be “with” the residents they support, and both residents and staff gain tools for taking care of themselves in the process of being there for others."

To enroll or for more information, contact Brown at or 818.822.6044. Enrollment is limited to 30 people. A fee of $70 (which includes all materials) is due by the second class. Scholarships are available. CE (12 hours) for nurses is available for an added $30 under California Board of Registered Nursing Provider Number CEP 16239.
Stillpoint to begin 'Wisdom in Practice' program

Stillpoint: The Center for Christian Spirituality invites the diocesan community to consider joining a community of seekers in Wisdom in Practice, a "uniquely curated online experience of learning that incorporates the teachings of wisdom guides, transformational readings, small groups reflections and guided spiritual practices."

Participants virtually attend all Stillpoint one-day retreats, which are held virtually on Saturdays and include such topics as Native American spiritual teachings; the writings of Teresa of Avila; The Wisdom of Wild Grace with Christina Valters-Paintner.

The cohort will also take part in about six retreats that focus on the teaching and exploration of spiritual practices. This year's theme is "Presence, Compassion and Gratitude." Participants also join small-group Wisdom Circles about six times a year for shared learning, personal reflection, spiritual practice, prayer and meditation and reading discussions.

"This unique online program is an invitation to re-intensify your spiritual life," according to the Stillpoint website. "It is a nine-month cohort-based experience designed to enrich your relationship with the Divine and support you into further enrichment of your life. From September through May, you will journey together with fellow seekers, mentors and spiritual teachers.

Tuition is $700; scholarships are available. For more information about the program click here. To join an interest list, click here.
Registration is open for Education for Ministry sessions to begin in September

Education for Ministry (EfM) a four-year program of course in scripture, theology and church history sponsored by the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, will be offered in about 20 congregations around the diocese, according to Gary Leonard, diocesan EfM coordinator.

EfM is taught in small-group settings, usually from September to May. In addition to academic studies, participants explore their personal beliefs and effective practice of their faith.

"During these uncertain times with COVID-19 disrupting our lives and the struggle to end racial inequality," Leonard wrote in a course invitation, "you may have been looking for new ways to deepen your faith or for a way to challenge old ways of thinking so that you can start putting your faith into action in challenging new and dramatic ways."

During a recent graduation service for EfM graduates, Bishop John Harvey Taylor remarked that the program helps "to address the disconnect in basic biblical understanding between those who preach and those who hear." Making that connection, he added, is vital to forming effecting lay leaders in the church.

Read more here.
Instituto de Liderazgo ofrecerá clases de Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento a partir del 13 de agosto

[Instituto de Liderazgo] Te gustaría:
  • Reconocer los principales eventos y temas del Antiguo Testamento?
  • Reconocer los periodos de tiempo de los eventos narrados en el AT?
  • Identificar las principales tradiciones literarias en el AT.?
  • Aplicar una variedad de enfoques críticos al texto?
  • Conocer ¿Qué es el Nuevo Testamento? ¿Qué trabajo hace? ¿Para quién?
  • Conocer las ideas básicas, de los cuatro evangelios del Nuevo Testamento y los Hechos de los Apóstoles?
  • Comprender el contexto histórico y cultural a partir del cual y en el cual se escribió cada uno de estos documentos?
  • Pensar en las consecuencias de la interpretación para la enseñanza y la predicación en la iglesia hoy y en el pasado?

Si tus respuestas fueron si, el Instituto de Liderazgo te invita a participar en Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento, una clase que comienza el 13 de agosto, a cargo de Benjamín Galán, un instructor de Religión y Espiritualidad en la Universidad Loyola Marymount.

Las clases se ofrecen en persona y virtualmente (a través de Zoom) y se llevarán a cabo en español.

Si te gustaría recibir más informes escríbenos por favor a: Si estás listo para inscribirte, por favor utiliza este enlace.
Instituto de Liderazgo to hold classes in Old and New Testament beginning August 13 (in Spanish)

The Instituto de Liderazgo will hold a series of classes in Old and New Testament led by Benjamín Galán, an instructor of Religion and Spirituality at Loyola Marymount University. The classes will be conducted in Spanish, and will be held both in person and online. For information, email to To register, click here.
New webpages provide resources for those exploring lay and ordained ministry

[Commission on Ministry] The Commission on Ministry (COM) serves the diocese by guiding individuals as they discern how they may be called to further lay or ordained ministry. In fulfilling this responsibility, COM advises the bishop in determining current and future needs for ministry in the diocese, and works closely with the Office for Formation and Transition Ministry.

This is a holy and deeply challenging ministry in an ever-shifting landscape. Recently, in an effort to provide transparency and update the documentation of the discernment process, COM published an extensive set of pages on the diocesan website. The information can be found here, or visit the diocesan home page, click on the dropdown menu on the right and select “Leadership: Are you called.”

Read more here.
Donations to Camp Stevens campership fund to be matched until July 29

Camp Stevens has announced that a donor will match all gifts to its campership fund until July 29.

According to Kathy Wilder, camp director, some 40% of children attending summer camp receive partial or full camperships.

A video about Camp Stevens and its campership program is here.

To donate, click here.
All are invited to explore their calling to ministry at 'Servant Leaders' event

The Program Group on Hispanic Ministries, Instituto de Liderazgo and the office of the archdeacon invite members of the diocesan community to explore their gifts for ministry in a half-day program titled "Calling All Servant Leaders - The Diakonia of All Believers" at St. Paul's Commons on Saturday, Aug. 20, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Among questions to be explored are:
  • Have you ever had the desire to know more about God's calling?
  • Do you want to know more how, and where, and what is God calling you to do and be?

A complimentary lunch will be provided. To register, click here.

St. Paul's Commons is located at 840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles. Secure underground parking is available.
Stillpoint offers eight-month exploration of spiritual life

Stillpoint: The Center for Christian Spirituality, an institution of the Diocese of Los Angeles, will present Spiritual Journey, an eight-month exploration of spiritual life in a small group setting, both online and in person. The program is intended for "individuals seeking to deeply enrich our relationship with the Divine and help you recognize the ways that God/Spirit is present and working in your life," according to Stillpoint's website.

A trained facilitator accompanies members as they develop their skills in deep listening and personal discernment. "You will be introduced to the deep and expansive practices of spiritual formation, the ancient practice of spiritual direction, and a process of discernment for the next steps in your spiritual journey."

The Spiritual Journey Program is open to people of all denominations and faiths. In-person sessions will be offered in Pasadena, Santa Barbara and Long Beach. Two online options will also be provided: one of the online sessions is created intentionally for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals. Groups will begin in September 2022 and continue through April 2023. Each group meets one Saturday per month (9 a.m. - 2 p.m.). Facilitators will determine which Saturday to meet based on the needs of the group. Sessions will include time for personal reflection, sharing in pairs and triads, experience-based learning, group discussion of assigned readings, and practice in forms of prayer and contemplation.

Tuition is $500 and includes instruction, facilitated group interaction, and private sessions with faculty (does not include books). There is a $25 application fee. After the application form is submitted, a program facilitator will contact the prospective participant to provide further instructions and a scholarship request form to complete. Deadline to apply is September 2, 2022.

For more information and to begin the application process, click here.
Episcopal Night at Dodger Stadium to return Sept. 23

After a two-year Covid pandemic-imposed hiatus, Episcopal Night at Dodger Stadium will be back on Friday, Sept. 23. Game time is 7:10 p.m. The home team will play the St. Louis Cardinals, and the game, win or lose, will be followed by fireworks.

Bishop John Harvey Taylor will throw the ceremonial first pitch. He writes about his preparations here.

In response to the Dodgers' recent shift to electronic ticketing, the Rev. Canon Greg Larkin will email instructions on how to order tickets this year to each congregation's coordinator, who will receive and distribute tickets for his or her congregation. Clergy in charge of congregations: email the congregation name and city and the Dodger coordinator's name and email address to Larkin at
Restorative justice retreat, stories, podcast celebrate Camp Stevens' 70th anniversary

[The Episcopal News – May 11, 2022] To mark its 70th anniversary, Camp Stevens invites alumni, former staff, friends and the diocesan community to a Restorative Justice Retreat Oct. 28 – 30. The weekend will celebrate the camp's history of impact and growth while looking to the future.

Valarie Kaur – renowned civil rights leader, lawyer, award-winning filmmaker, educator, innovator, best-selling author of See No Stranger, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project to reclaim love as a force for justice – will deliver a keynote address at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29. More about Kaur is here.

Read more about the retreat as well as other anniversary events here.
Safe Church office provides new modules for abuse prevention curriculum

The Episcopal Church's Safe Church Office has produced three new educational modules – "Pastoral Relationships," "Inclusion," and "Power and Relationships" – as part of its Safe Church, Safe Communities training for the prevention of sexual and other abuse. Completion of the series is mandatory for Episcopal Church clergy and lay leaders, and must be renewed every three years.

The new training modules bring the total number to nine, all of which can be found on the Praesidium Academy website here.

Read more here.
From the wider church
Visiting clergy bring hope, healing to Episcopalians in Virgin Islands churches

By Pat McCaughan

[Episcopal News Service – July 26, 2022] For nearly half of Trevor Bridgewater’s life, St. Mary’s Church in Virgin Gorda, in the Episcopal Diocese of the Virgin Islands, had been without a priest.

Then the Rev. Ellis Clifton arrived last November, as part of an initiative of The Episcopal Church’s Office of African Descent Ministries programs, and “Father Fireball” as he is affectionately known, has inspired visions of planting new congregations, and serving as a community hub. Attendance has tripled, and the church has added a second Sunday morning service, said Bridgewater, 30, the senior warden.

“We were without a resident priest for 13-and-a-half years,” Bridgewater said. “So, for 13-and-a-half years, St. Mary’s was trying just to stay above water.”

The Episcopal Diocese of the Virgin Islands, in partnership with The Episcopal Church Office of African Descent Ministries, formerly known as the office of Black ministries, has embarked upon programs to offer clergy support to several Virgin Island churches, that have been without ordained leadership for significant periods of time.

Read more here.
More reporting from Episcopal News Service is here.
Coming up
Movie Nights in the Sacred Garden
Church of Our Saviour (Cleaver Hall)
535 W. Roses Road, San Gabriel 91775
Bring a chair or blanket and your favorite treat to watch a family-friendly movie in our the Sacred Garden (located behind the small staff parking lot). Admission is free.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 7:10 p.m.
Episcopal Night at Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium
1000 Vin Scully Avenue, Los Angeles 90012
After a two-year Covid pandemic-imposed hiatus, Episcopal Night at Dodger Stadium will be back on Friday, Sept. 23. Game time is 7:10 p.m. The home team will play the St. Louis Cardinals, and the game, win or lose, will be followed by fireworks. Ticket sales will be handled by congregational representatives.
Additional events are listed on the diocesan calendar here.
Blood Drives
Churches continue blood drives

Blood supplies are critically low in California, and congregations in the Diocese of Los Angeles have stepped up to help replenish them by hosting blood drives. Currently scheduled events are listed below.

Additional helpful resources from the American Red Cross:

Donors may save up to 15 minutes by completing pre-donation reading and answering health history questions here, rather than filling out forms on the day of donation.

Reservations are required. All donors and staff will be screened before entering the facilities.

FRIDAY, JULY 29, 1 – 7 p.m.
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
330 E. 16th Street, Upland 91784
Phone: 909.920.5565
Reservations here or call 1.800.RED.CROSS (1.800.733.2767)
Sponsor code: StMarks

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
St. John Chrysostom Episcopal Church
30382 Via Con Dios, Rancho Santa Margarita 92688
Reservations here or call 1.800.RED.CROSS (1.800.733.2767)
Sponsor code: STJOHN (note, no "s")
Questions? Contact Gary and Dena Graves, or

Will your church host blood drives in coming months? Send the information to for inclusion in the calendar. Please include the date, times, location and sponsor code.

Listings may be sent to There is no charge.


BUENA PARK: Administrative Assistant, St. Joseph's Episcopal Church. 15 hours/week. Small parish seeks experienced and cheerful person to handle customary reception and business office tasks. Send resume and letter of interest to

LOS ANGELES: Coordinator for Refugee Housing, Interfaith Refugee & Immigration Service (IRIS). Identify and secure safe, affordable, appropriately furnished housing that meets the Cooperative Agreement for refugee clients. Conduct home visits for safety evaluation and housing orientation with newly arrived refugee clients. This position manages home furnishing donations and coordinates donation drives and deliveries. This position reports to the Resettlement Supervisor. Position will be based out of the IRIS office located at 3621 Brunswick Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039. The job also entails traveling to and from client appointments, airport pick-up, home visits and other community events, trainings and meetings. Full job description / application instructions here.

LOS ANGELES: Spanish-Speaking Refugee Case Manager, Interfaith Refugee & Immigration Service (IRIS). Manage the newly arrived Refugee, SIV and Parolee arrivals in accordance with the Reception and Placement Cooperative Agreement with Episcopal Migration Ministries and the United States Dept of State. This position will work primarily with refugees from Central America as well as other countries. Candidate must be fluent in English and Spanish. This position reports to the Resettlement Supervisor. Position will be based out of the IRIS office located at 3621 Brunswick Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039. The job also entails traveling to and from client appointments, airport pick-up, home visits and other community events, trainings and meetings. Full job description / application instructions here.

LOS ANGELES: Reception and Placement Refugee Case Manager, Interfaith Refugee & Immigration Service (IRIS). Manage the newly arrived Refugee, SIV and Parolee arrivals in accordance with the Reception and Placement Cooperative Agreement with Episcopal Migration Ministries and the United States Dept. of State. This position will work primarily with refugees from Central America as well as other countries. Candidate must speak English and be fluent in Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, and/or Spanish. This position reports to the Resettlement Supervisor. Position will be based out of the IRIS office located at 3621 Brunswick Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039. The job also entails traveling to and from client appointments, airport pick-up, home visits and other community events, trainings and meetings. Full job description / application instructions here.

SOUTH PASADENA: Soprano and Tenor Choir Section Leaders, St. James’ Episcopal Church. To begin September 2022. Section leaders are compensated $32/hr (usually $80 per service) with extra fees for weddings/funerals as required through the year. Music is a vital and celebrated part of the worship at St. James’, a warm, welcoming parish in the heart of South Pasadena. Joined by the volunteer choir of approximately 22 able singers, section leaders are at the foundation of the music program, often featured in solos, motets, and anthems. More about Music at St. James’ is here. A full job description and application instructions are here.


BEVERLY HILLS: Parish Administrator, All Saints Episcopal Church. The Parish Administrator is an essential and integral part of the mission of the church, enabling volunteers and staff to carry out their ministries effectively. This person is responsible for providing executive oversight in a calm, well-organized and timely manner. They demonstrate and utilize their overall knowledge of procedures, protocols, and expectations regarding the functioning of All Saints’ on a multitude of levels: canonical, operational, and financial, based on the priorities of the priest-in-charge and the vestry of All Saints’. They report to the priest-in-charge, will supervise other staff members, and work collaboratively with staff, vestry, treasurer, and volunteers. Full time, exempt. Excellent health benefits, time off, and retirement plan. A full position description is here. To apply send a resume and letter of introduction to the Rev. Canon Andrea McMillin,

COSTA MESA: Full Charge Bookkeeper at St. John's Church. Part time, non-exempt. Manage all of the business's accounting, financial and compliance needs. Besides the typical task of maintaining the business ledger, the bookkeeper prepares financial statements and any required tax filings, records complex transactions such as adjusting journal entries and processes timesheets and payroll. Full job description here. Email resume and cover letter to

FILLMORE/VENTURA: Community Engagement and Development Coordinator, The Abundant Table, a non-profit, organic certified farm and BIPOC- and women-led worker collective in Ventura County, California that seeks to transform our food system towards justice, liberation, and increased health for all people, while caring for the land and all who tend the land. Community Engagement and Development Coordinator will be responsible to oversee and coordinate the TAT community engagement and development processes, including management; fundraising; community engagement, coordination and development. 30 hours/week; salary and benefits $32,864.Full job description here.

LONG BEACH: Operations Manager, St. Luke’s / San Lucas Episcopal Church. The operations manager is the primary point of contact with the public, manages office administration, parish record keeping, print and digital communication, social media, tenants, and use of space, and provide support with worship. The operations manager reports to the rector, and works collaboratively with the staff, lay volunteers, and wardens. To be successful at this position the person must be able to work independently, anticipate needs, deal with frequent interruptions, be open to grow into the position, and handle confidential information with discretion. Job description is here. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to

LOS ANGELES (ECHO PARK): Credit Union CEO/Manager, Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union. To provide strategic, vision, leadership, and management in all functional areas. Plan, direct and control credit union activities in accordance with credit union plans, policies, directives and activities as established by the Board of Directors. Responsible for ensuring financial stability and member satisfaction commensurate with the best interest of members, staff and credit union. A full job description is here. For more information and to apply, click here.

LOS ANGELES: Receptionist/Administrative Support, Diocese of Los Angeles (St. Paul's Commons). This position is unique and very important to the ministry of the diocese, being the first face and voice of communication representing the bishops and staff and the ministries that take place at St. Paul’s Commons. Duties and Responsibilities: Greet and welcome guests with grace and hospitality on the phone and in person; direct guests to their destinations; assist with bookings/calendared events at St. Paul’s Commons; invoicing; database management. A job description is here. Send applications to Canon Anilin Collado, Human Resources manager, at or call 213.482.2040, ext. 250.

LOS ANGELES: Preferred Communities Afghan Intensive Refugee Case Manager, IRIS (Interfaith Refugee & Immigration Service). IRIS offers refugee resettlement assistance, intensive case management and immigration legal services to the low-income refugee and immigrant community of the greater Los Angeles region. Responsible for coordinating medical and/or mental health services and provide case management to individuals with refugee and asylum status who have significant physical and/or mental health conditions. The PC Afghan Intensive Case Manager will be part of a specialized team within IRIS that focuses on intensive case manager for the agency’s most vulnerable clients. The position will work to promote self-sufficiency and goal attainment for clients, through connections to ongoing programming and mainstream supports, in compliance with IRIS programs and contract guidelines. This position reports to the Refugee Program Supervisor and IRIS executive director. Full job description and application instructions here.

LOS ANGELES: Preschool Director, St. James' Episcopal School. The preschool director oversees the Grammercy Place Preschool and is the supervisor for the St. Andrew’s Place preschool site director. The preschool director is responsible for curriculum, evaluation, professional development and parent and family engagement and communications for both preschool campuses. Website is here. Full job description here.

PACIFIC PALISADES: Live Stream Manager. St. Matthew's Parish is an inspiring house of worship situated in beautiful Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. The Director of Program Ministry seeks a part-time Live Stream Manager who is an experienced audio/visual consultant to partner with our ministry team to broadcast our live Sunday morning worship service and special services. A full job description is here. Please email your resume to Learn more about St. Matthew's here.

PACIFIC PALISADES: General Maintenance Worker, St. Matthew's Church and School. St. Matthew's is a vibrant community that includes both a Church and a School situated in beautiful Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. The Director of Facilities and Operations seeks a full time maintenance staff member with maintenance experience. This is a "hands-on" position and the ideal candidate will have repair maintenance and event setup experience, great people skills and a history of providing the highest level of customer service. A full job description is here. Please email resume to

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA: Youth Minister, St. John’s Episcopal Church and School. St. John’s is a community that lives in gratitude for the love and generosity of God. The Youth Minister will have a living commitment to the Gospel of Christ and will value the ethos of the Episcopal Church. From this vantage, the person we seek will share with the youth the transforming love of Christ in real and meaningful ways. The Youth Minister will lead in the creation, development, and delivery of programs that support the spiritual formation and well-being of youths, grades 6 through college, in and from the parish. The minister will model for the youth spiritual growth, ethical insight, age-appropriate theological and interfaith awareness, and engagement in the community with the living Gospel. This minister will also assist greatly in the pastoral care of the youth and their families. This is a part-time position. Request a full job description via email, Submit resume and cover letter to Rev. Christopher Potter via email at

THOUSAND OAKS: Assistant Principal, St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School. Duties include helping with admissions, development, parent relations, student supervision, and program development. Candidate must have a college degree, a teaching credential, and a minimum of five years working in a school. Administrative experience is desirable. If interested, please send resume to

WOODLAND HILLS: Receiving Supervisor, West Valley Food Pantry. The Receiving Supervisor is responsible for coordinating the daily staging and oversight of a drive-through food delivery operation. Empathy and kindness to the clients should be part of this individual’s makeup. The Receiving Supervisor is the Food Pantry’s liaison with donating markets, and should cultivate excellent communication with the market's managers. Relationships with our volunteers is paramount, and a positive demeanor is a necessity. The Receiving Supervisor is responsible for accepting, tracking and inventory of all incoming deliveries and donations, in cooperation with the Warehouse Assistant. Full job description here.
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— Janet Kawamoto, editor