May 3, 2019
Welcome Fr. Steve

Our interim rector, Steve Carlsen spent his first day, Wednesday getting oriented to, well, everything. Steve sees his role here as helping us lay the groundwork for our next rector by strengthening our organization, policies, communications, etc. so that the new rector can hit the ground running. He also wants to try out various approved eucharistic prayers, introduce regular Christian formation, reach out to better understand the needs of our neighborhood - all with the idea that trying out new approaches will also help us prepare for the changes a new rector will bring.
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Spotlight on Altar Guild
By Wendy Niven
The Altar Guild cares for the church linens, vestments, silver, brass and the communion elements. We meet Thursday afternoons in the sacristy, where we set out the vessels, get the wine and communion wafers ready, ensure the candles are filled with oil, the altar linens clean and ironed, and the church ready for Sunday services. Each of the items used in the worship service has a history; maybe as a gift from a long-ago parishioner, or objects with dings from generations of use or from an earlier church building (the tall candles at the Altar and the Baptistry are pictured in wedding scenes from the third Church, destroyed in the hurricane of 1909). The Altar Guild has its own language - purificator, corporal, chalice, pyx, ciborium, burse, paten, pall, ambry - come join us Thursdays at 4 PM to learn what they mean, and how joining us can enrich your worship experience!
Vintage Photos

A digital gallery of vintage photos of St. Paul's has been created - a work in progress - to help mark the centennial celebration being planned for February of 2020. Photos include the rectory, three of the four churches, some as early as the civil war, bishops, priests, and ordinary parishioners from days long past. The gallery can be accessed on the St. Paul's website homepage or directly here. And, if you can contribute any vintage photos, please email scans with captions to  the editor
Know Your History
This week's Centennial Committee history question:

 What role did the wife and widow of prominent Key West founder, William Fleming, play in establishing St. Paul's and what strings were attached?  
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