Volume 1, Issue 36
October 14, 2016
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In Memoriam: Fr. Crane
Holy Sovereigns
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'Aha Mele
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This Sunday
October 16, 2016

Proper 24 (C)
 Genesis 32:22-31
Psalm 121
2 Timothy 3:14-4:5
Luke 18:1-8

Upcoming Dates
Every Wednesday
McMaster Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele Concert
6:00PM -  Church

Every Thursday
Choir Practice
6:00PM - Choir Room

Sunday, October 16
Ke Akua Youth Group
Memorial Hall

for the Curious (Part 1)
11:00AM - 12:00PM

Wednesday, October 19
Laundry Love (Team B)
5:30 - 8:30PM
Kapaa Laundromat

Thursday, October 20
Episcopal Church Women
Memorial Hall

Saturday, October 22
Movie Night on the Lawn
"Inside Out and 
Ghostbusters (2016)" 
Church Lawn

Sunday, October 23
for the Curious (Part 1)
11:00AM - 12:00PM

Thursday, October 27
Daughters of the King
Memorial Hall

Friday, October 28
Youth Group Beach Bonfire
Lydgate Beach

Sunday, October 30
Family Worship at 9:30AM Service - No Sunday School

Baptism Preparation Class
Memorial Hall

Heavenly Hike
11:45 Depart All Saints'
 Kuilau Trail

Wednesday, November 2
Laundry Love (Team C)
5:30 - 8:30PM
Kapaa Laundromat

Friday, November 4
'Aha Mele Concert Series:
"The Welch Family"

Saturday, November 5
Saturday Market and
Swap Meet
9:00AM - 2:00PM
Church Lawn

Sunday, November 6
All Saints' Day and Commitment Sunday

Holy Eucharist with  Pledge Ingathering

Stewardship Celebration Breakfast
Church Lawn

Holy Eucharist
with Baptisms and
Pledge Ingathering

Thursday, November 10
Daughters of the King
Memorial Hall

Thursday, November 24
KIA Thanksgiving Service
and Luncheon
10:00AM - Service
11:00AM - 1:00PM - Luncheon

Saturday, December 3
Holiday Craft Fair
9:00AM - 2:00PM
All Saints' Campus

Sunday, December 11
Christmas Caroling
at Mahelona

Youth Group Christmas Party

Saturday, December 24
Christmas Eve

Keiki Service

Festive Christmas Mass

Christmas Open House at the Rectory
7:00PM - 10:15PM

Carol Prelude and Festive Christmas Mass

Sunday, December 25
Christmas Day

Holy Eucharist
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"It Is Right to Give God Thanks and Praise"
Aloha All Saints' 'Ohana,

It is my honor to serve as the Stewardship and Development Minister at All Saints' Episcopal Church and Preschool. In this role, I have the pleasure of seeing the many ways that All Saints' touches the lives of our Church 'Ohana and the community at large. From nurturing our keiki to serving those in need, All Saints' is actively pursuing our vision "to be a cathedral for the people of Kaua'i--a center for worship, education, outreach, and the arts."

On Sunday, October 16, we will kick off our 2016-2017 stewardship campaign: "It Is Right to Give God Thanks and Praise." In the weeks that follow, we will celebrate the ministries of All Saints', learn more about the opportunities that will emerge in the coming year, and explore together how we can live more generously and thankfully as individuals and as a community of faith.

Giving God thanks and praise is more than what we do with our financial resources-although that is important. We are also called to be open to new ideas, to welcome the stranger, to volunteer often, and to forgive those who have offended us. Your generosity, in response to the abundance in your life, will fund the mission, vision, and ministries of All Saints' and will transform lives.

Here is our roadmap for this year's financial pledge campaign portion of our stewardship program:
  • Beginning Sunday, October 16, and continuing through All Saints' Day, November 6, we will reflect on why it is right to give God thanks and praise, while exploring the nature of stewardship and faithful giving.
  • By October 21, you will receive a 2017 pledge card along with a letter from Father Ryan talking about our yearlong stewardship program and specifically the financial pledge campaign aspect of the program.
  • On November 6, we will celebrate All Saints' Day and Commitment Sunday-the culmination of our exploration, when pledges will be offered in thanksgiving for all that God has provided to us.
  • To celebrate God, All Saints', and all the blessings of this life, we invite you on Sunday, November 6 at 8:00am to join us for a breakfast gathering with live entertainment and plenty of time to talk story. The celebratory event (food, entertainment, and tent) have been underwritten by a group of generous donors. Official invitations will soon be mailed to you. (See additional information below in The Epistle)
The Vestry and the Stewardship Committee have set a goal of receiving 100% of pledge commitments from our All Saints' 'Ohana. We thoughtfully pray that each of us will remain open to letting the Holy Spirit lead and guide us as we give God thanks and praise.
Thank you for joining me as we consider how we can live more fully by lifting our hearts to the Lord. May our exploration open us to a new spirit of thankfulness and generosity.
Yours in Christ,
William Caldwell
Stewardship and Development Minister
All Saints' Day Stewardship Breakfast Celebration
On November 6, we will celebrate All Saints' Day and Commitment Sunday. The Stewardship Committee invites you to a special breakfast event featuring great food, live entertainment, and plenty of time to talk story.

The catered breakfast will begin at 8:00AM under the tent on the Church lawn. Thanks to a generous group of donors, the entire celebration has been underwritten.

To assist with the planning process, an RSVP is kindly requested and can be done on the sign-up sheet at the Church entrance or on the All Saints' website. Official invitations will be mailed home this week. All are welcome!

Hale Lani Break In
Dear All Saints' Ohana,

Sadly, for the third time in a little over five years, Hale Lani Christian Store was a victim of a robbery and destruction of property. Shortly past midnight on Monday morning, after gaining access to All Saints' Gym, the suspect (or suspects) smashed the glass of the store's front door and proceeded to pound away at the door's locks until they gained access to Hale Lani. 

In prior robberies, money was stolen and merchandise was damaged. In the latest brazen attempt, the store's empty cash register and the blasting siren of the store's alarm likely resulted in the suspect's (or suspects') retreat. The investigation revealed that a black truck, possibly with two male suspects, might have been on the All Saints' campus during the time of the crime. This latest robbery attempt resulted in about $400 worth of damage.
Who breaks into a Christian store on the campus of a Church and Preschool? W hy would anyone want to steal from an organization committed to serving the people of Kaua'i--especially a community of faith committed to caring for our keiki and the underserved?
On behalf of our 'Ohana, I did thank the brave officers of the Kaua'i Police Department who risked their lives entering a dark gym and store not knowing what they might confront. We are so grateful for their selfless commitment to serve and protect the people of Kaua'i.
Our Christian faith teaches us that Jesus forgave his enemies while he was suffering shame and death on the Cross. We pray that God will give us the courage to forgive those who hurt us and hurt others.
We pray for the individual (or individuals) who perpetrated this crime against the All Saints' community and the people of Kaua'i. May the barriers which divide us crumble, suspicions disappear, and hatreds cease; that our divisions being healed, we may live in justice and peace.
With Aloha,
Each week, The Epistle will highlight the upcoming Sunday School lesson from "Weaving God's Promises."

October 16: Stories of Elijah
This Sunday, students will have an opportunity to hear a series of stories from the life of Elijah, one of Israel's greatest prophets. He lived during the time that Israel was falling apart and abandoning God.

Elijah, a prophet in the northern kingdom of the divided monarchy (in the years 873-843 B.C.) was a very holy man, who was called to bring the faithless people back to God. Sometimes he was all alone in his faithfulness to God, but he never gave up. The many miracles that he accomplished were proof of his goodness and his favor with God.

The Elijah stories record the battle in the northern kingdom for the survival of the rule of God against the many other gods in the region. Elijah was what we call an ethical prophet, and he ushers in of a full and rich era of ethical prophecy in Israel's history. It is the prophets of this era who help the people stay faithful to God in what will be devastating times in their history.
Elijah's time is a very sad time in Israel's history, a time when her people continue, over and over again, to turn away from God. It reminds us of our own times of faithlessness, when we choose popularity or material things or hatred and resentments instead of following the commandments to "love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself." It is so easy to go in the wrong direction-this is our own Fall, continued. Later, though we cannot seem to help ourselves, we will find that God both forgives us for our faithlessness and gives us the way to remain God's chosen people by sending us God's only Son to reconcile us with God.

Sunday School Team (10/16): Team A.
On Wednesday, October 19th at 10:00AM, All Saints' will host a Celebration of Life for The Reverend Charles Crane.

Father Crane died on December 7, 2015 in Sedona, Arizona, where he was living in retirement.   A memorial service was held December 15, 2015 at Christ Lutheran ELCA Church in Sedona, Arizona.

Fr. Crane served on the staff of the Cathedral of St. Andrew's (Honolulu) from 1957 to 1959. He was Rector of All Saints' from 1959 to 1966. In 1962, All Saints' achieved parish status under the leadership of Fr. Crane.  He then served as the Rector of the Church of the Holy Nativity, Aina Haina, from 1966 until his retirement in 1988.

Fr. Crane will be interred in the All Saints' Columbarium.

Compline to be Offered Friday, October 21
"The Lord Almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect
end. Amen" -BCP pg. 127

The Order of Compline begins with this short prayer and every time I hear it I am instantly settled. I was first exposed to Compline at a high school youth retreat, where we prayed then followed in the ancient monastic tradition of silence until morning prayer.  At fourteen years old and surrounded by friends from all over my home diocese, it was challenging to maintain that silence, but God was with us in our trying - and failing. Even though we didn't stay completely silent, it was during Compline that I fell in love with liturgy and the poetry of prayer.  Ten years later, I have the service nearly memorized and I can tell you that it begins on page 127 of the Book of Common Prayer.

Compline is from the same root word as "complete." It is a chance to pray quietly together before we disperse for bed. It is a chance to confess our sins and fears to one another so that we might wake as a stronger community. It is a chance to hear Jesus tell us to leave our burdens with Him and find rest. It is a chance to mark the day as complete and set our sights on things unseen.

You are invited for Compline on Friday, October 21 at 8PM in the Church. The quiet service will last about twenty minutes. I hope you'll join me. 

Sierra Gore
Ministry Intern


Focus on Formation: What is this Episcopal Thing?
Join us for a fun two-part, family-friendly, education series on Sunday October 16th and 23rd (11:00AM to 12:00PM - Church) called "Episcopalianism for the Curious." Whether you are new to the Church or born-and-raised in the Church, this education series is for you! 

This is a great opportunity to acquire a greater understanding of what it means to be an Episcopalian, what grounds our Christian identity, and the challenges confronting our Church. It is open to all ages! If you have questions, speak to Fr. Ryan.

Sunday, October 30th: Kuilau Ridge Trail
October's Heavenly Hike will take the group up into the mountains of Wailua near the Keahua Arboretum on the well-maintained Kuilau Ridge Trail. The hike will offer some gorgeous views of Mount Waialeale and the Makaleha Mountain Range. The wide dirt trail gradually ascends above the forest to a grassy plateau and picnic area about around the 1.7 miles into the hike-a wonderful location to enjoy lunch! The total trip will be approximately 4.5 - 5 miles (roundtrip) and is rated moderately strenuous. 

If time allows, afterwards, individuals can wander to the nearby Keahua Arboretum to check out the amazing rainbow eucalyptus trees and jump in the mountain spring waterhole.
All are welcome! Those interested in joining the hike can meet after the second service at 11:45AM in the Church parking lot to carpool or can meet the group at the trailhead at noon. However, parking is very limited, so we encourage participants to carpool. 

Be sure to bring water, a hat, a light lunch or snack, and swimsuit (if you want to swim).

Making an Impact at 30,000 Feet
All Saints'  Wayne Doliente  and Laundry Love Kauai are featured in this month's  Island Air  Magazine, Kikaha

"Wayne is a tremendous selfless, servant leader," said Father Ryan. "His dedication to the patrons of Laundry Love and the success of the ministry is evident every session he serves. Whether it is at work, at Church, or in his various community roles, Wayne embodies the love of the Christ."

A copy of the issue will be available Sunday at the entrance of the Church.

Mahalo to David Crocker for quickly replacing the Hale Lani door! At the speed of light David made a trip to Home Depot to get a replacement door and began immediately installing the new door and locks. 
William Brown and David Murray are in the Orlando area (Florida) for a family birthday celebration . . . and guess who they got to reconnect with . . . Janet Wilson.

IN BRIEF . . .
These news briefs were featured in previous issues of "The Epistle"
Holiday Craft Fair: Vendor Registration is Now Available
You are invited to participate as a vendor at   the All Saints' Annual Holiday Craft Fair on Saturday, December 3, 2016. Annually, the Craft Fair   features over 70 booth spaces in the gym and on the lawn, with a wide range of wonderful crafts and products. Come be a part of one of Kauai's largest and most anticipated craft fairs!  Vendor spaces are filling fast! If you register to be a vendor by October 30th you will receive a 10% registration discount using the promo code "ALOHAEARLY".  The All Saints' Annual Holiday Craft Fair is the Ke Akua Youth Group's main fundraiser of the year to help them with their outreach and mission activities. We hope to see you on December 3rd. To register to be a vendor, click here.

Baptism Preparation 
The next date for Baptisms will be Sunday, November 6th at 9:30AM during the celebration of All Saints' Day. Parents/Guardians who are interested in their child being baptized or adults seeking baptism are asked to attend a Baptism Preparation Class on Sunday, October 30th at 11:00AM - 12:00PM in Memorial Hall. The class allows parents/guardians an opportunity to reflect on their own faith journey and their hopes for their child's life of faith. For older keiki and adults seeking baptism, the class invites participants into a deep conversation about the significance of being baptized into the Body of Christ. For more information or to register for baptism, please contact Father Ryan.

National Make a Difference Day
The Friends of Kamalani & Lydgate Park are coordinating the 12th annual park improvement effort as part of "National Make a Difference Day" on Saturday, October 22nd, 7:30AM to Noon.  This year volunteers will help give the bridge a fresh coat of paint. Refreshments and lunch will be provided. For more information and to register to volunteer, visit   www.kamalani.org.

Care/Love Packages for College Students
It is that time of year again: The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) will be putting together Care/Love packages for college students in October. The packages are a wonderful way to say "we love and miss you" and offer to our college students a little piece of home.  If any of our 'Ohana would like the ECW to send a package to their child, please contact  Diane Sato .

Ushers and Readers Needed
Two important ministries within our Sunday Worship experience are needing additional volunteers: Ushers and lay readers. To volunteer or request more information, please email Chris Wataya.

The ministry of welcome and connection is the lifeblood of growing our Church. Ushering is far more than handing out service programs and leis. Ushers are called to share Aloha and the All Saints' spirit with everyone who walks through our doors to worship with us.

A Lay Reader (Lector) is a person in the congregation who is charged to read the lessons or lead the Prayers of the People. The are expected to reverently and clearly share the beauty of God's Holy Scripture. The role is open to anyone who is able to read including keiki. We are currently looking for Lay Readers for both the 7AM and 9:30AM services. 

Interested in Discernment?
All Saints' is exploring the idea of forming a "discernment group." The exact configuration and life of the group will be largely guided by the needs of the individuals who elect to participate. At the core, we hope a group of people would gather regularly for conversation, study, and prayer specifically around each other's call. The fundamental question could be: "How can we listen for our vocation, for God's calling in our lives, and listen for it in community, in the Body of Christ?" If you might be interested in this endeavor, please either email or speak to Fr. Ryan.
"The Epistle" is published weekly by Friday.
Submissions for consideration are due by Wednesday at noon and can be sent to ryan@allsaintskauai.org.