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December 15, 2017
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Next chapter in my Journey . . .

Aloha All Saints' 'Ohana,

Since beginning my ministry at All Saints' I have been supported, encouraged, surprised, challenged, and uplifted by this ʻOhana. You have prayed for and with me, served by me, fed me, and invited me into this community I've come to love dearly. It is with this deep love and respect that I announce my move to Richmond, Virginia in January. My last day with All Saints' will be on January 14, 2018.

I originally signed on for the Ministry Internship for one year and planned to go back to the mainland at the end of that time. I so enjoyed my first year that I ended up staying longer and I am so grateful for this time to serve the Church and really discern how God is working in my life, particularly with youth ministry and outreach.

The Ministry Internship at All Saints' is unlike anything else I've encountered in my life in the Church. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and lead in a church that so earnestly strives to be a cathedral and the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus while welcoming everyone along the way.

I've learned about leadership, event planning, liturgy, pastoral care, and outreach. I've grown in my preaching and strengthened my spiritual and emotional health. I have so many moments of joy and trust to look back on. I wholeheartedly support the Ministry Internship and I look forward to encouraging other young people to walk in love with All Saints'.

In Richmond, I will have the opportunity to continue my education and discernment for ministry. I will join the Young Priest Initiative while finishing my Bachelors degree in Anthropology. My boyfriend, Jeremy, will also be joining me and we are very excited to spend more time with each other. Living in Virginia will also allow me to more easily continue my call to camping ministry and direct Explorers' Camp at Shrine Mont.

I would like to acknowledge my gratitude to Fr. Ryan for dreaming up this opportunity  to serve All Saints', for being my mentor for the last year and a half, and encouraging me to be fully who God calls me to be. Thank you all for welcoming me into this ʻOhana and for your continued support and prayers.

Mahalo nui loa,

Sierra Gore
Ministry Intern
Youth Leadership Transition

Aloha All Saints' 'Ohana,
It is with mixed emotions we say "aloha" to Sierra. We are sad to see her go, but Sierra needs to take this next important step to continue her education and discernment process toward ordained ministry. Sierra has been an extraordinary leader, colleague, and servant. In the coming weeks, we will have an opportunity to say an appropriate "mahalo" and "aloha" to Sierra.

During her ministry internship, one of Sierra's foundational roles has been leading the youth ministry program. Her departure means we have a significant leadership puka within our youth program. Our youth are the future of the church and the All Saints' youth ministry program is one of the most important ministries of the Church.

We must do everything in our power to cultivate, support, and empower our youths' spiritual journeys. Therefore, the Vestry and I felt it was critical to identify and hire someone who can lead our youth ministry program for the foreseeable future.

I am delighted to share that Dominique "Cami" Pascua has agreed to serve as Youth Minister at All Saints' effective January 1, 2018. Sierra and Cami will collaborate during the transition period in early January and will co-lead the youth meeting on Sunday, January 14.

Cami (right) with her boyfriend Morgan Baldovino (left)

Cami is a member of our All Saints' 'Ohana and attends the 7:00AM service. From the first time I met Cami, I was struck by her spiritual maturity, thoughtful character, and eagerness to serve God, especially through ministries that serve our keiki. Although the role of youth minister is new to her, she believes wholeheartedly that God has guided and prepared her for this position.

In high school, Cami was the Hawai'i State Student Council representative for Kaua'i and Waimea High School JROTC Battalion Commander where she led and engaged with her peers in various council and JROTC meetings, Rifle Drill events, adventure training competitions, and large team-building state conferences. Cami received her Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Portland. She trained as an Army ROTC cadet for three years and facilitated events from small-group sessions to large-scale conferences.

Eager to bring her knowledge home, she now resides in Kapa'a and is a certified Commercial Lines Customer Service Rep for Business Insurance Services. Her experiences with youth continues as a Sunday School Teacher and Eucharistic Minister at All Saints', face-painter at parties, and martial arts Sifu at Women's Self Defense classes. You can find her dancing Hula on Tuesday nights at Kauai Beach Resort and spray painting artwork in her front yard. She has two younger sisters and many foster siblings, but All Saints' has definitely become her second family.

"I hope to be a minister the youth can feel comfortable and safe engaging with," says Cami.

"I want to pay-forward the love and support I have gained from All Saints' by giving back to the church. What better way than through enriching our future generations? I am thankful for everyone's support and prayers as I transition into this role. May the Lord continue to guide our work together and bless the new path God has paved for me."

Please welcome Cami to her new role. We are grateful that she has accepted this call to serve the youth of All Saints'.

Faithfully in Christ,
The Reverend Ryan D. Newman
Rector and Head of School
Caring for the Church, now and in the future

[This is an excerpt from Reverend Ryan's sermon from December 10, 2017]

During the past couple of months, as we renovated the sanctuary, I have heard many positive comments about the project. People have been thankful for the generous donors and the many people who labored to make this dream a reality.

Like so many, I am forever thankful, but I also think we need to be thankful for those who came before us--those who made this sanctuary possible in the first place. There are generations before us who literally sacrificed life and limb, so we could enjoy this moment in time. They gave of their time, talents, and treasure not out of a sense of duty or obligation, but rather they gave so future generations, like us, could thrive from their generosity.

Today, not just at All Saints', but throughout the Church, conversations are taking place about the future of the Church. I hear them often in my role as the Rector of All Saints' and in my work at the Diocese-level.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?  
  • The bulk of the work of the Church is being done by a very small group of people.
  • It is harder and harder to get volunteers.
  • Someone will do it.
  • The resources to support the ministries of the Church are dwindling.
  • Where are the youth and young people in the Church?
  • We don't have enough money to live out our mission and vision.
  • People are not as engaged in Church as they use to be.
  • There is too much competition on Sunday (ie. youth sports).
I worry about the Church's future every day. I imagine most of us worry about the Church's future often. So many people think that the ministries of the Church are intended for the members of the Church and that the ministries are designed for the current generation of the church. However, that isn't the truth.

The Church exists to proclaim the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, to the world. The Church's primary focus since the days of Christ has been an "outward" mission not an "inward" mission. Also, what we offer to and through the Church is intended not only for this generation, but more importantly, what we offer is intended to serve future generations of believers.

Earlier I said, how we remember the past is vital to our future. It is because the past offers to the present a vision for the future.

John the Baptist's ministry was a ministry deeply invested in the prophetic past. John the Baptist realized he was laying the foundation for the future faithful. His notion of discipleship centered on preparing the way for Christ and for future believers. His ministry was not for himself, nor was it even for those who followed him around. John the Baptist's ministry was for future believers like us.

Just as our ministries today are not for ourselves alone, but they are for those in the future who will call All Saints' their spiritual home. Every time we invest our time, talents, and treasure into All Saints', we are investing in our keiki, and our keiki's keiki. When we begin to forget the sacrifices of those before us, we begin to take for granted all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

Thus, I want to set a challenge before our 'Ohana in 2018. I want our Church to be the 'Ohana that flips the script on the trend throughout the whole church.
  • Imagine if each of us in 2018 pledged to spend a minimum of 3 hours a week, not on Sunday, investing our time and talents to support the ministries of All Saints'.
  • Imagine if each of us in 2018 committed to taking on a new leadership role either at All Saints' or within the larger community.
  • Imagine if each of us in 2018 established a plan to gradually grow our support over the next 5-7 years that would allow us to eventually align our giving with the Biblical standards of tithing.
  • Imagine if each of us in 2018 made worship and fellowship the top priority on every Sunday. 
  • Imagine if each of us in 2018 set aside time each week for the intentional work of spiritual education, growth, and discernment-either personally or in a group.
Like John the Baptist, our call as Christians is to prepare the way of the Lord for those who come after us. Our past has provided to us these amazing opportunities we experience this moment. To future believers, we are the foundational caretakers of their opportunities.

The greatest gift we can give to the next generations is to make the good even better because the Church of Jesus Christ will always be a newborn to each Church generation. The Church's future will always demand a lot more time and attention than we realize. Our responsibility as a community of faith is to give a stronger and more vibrant Church to those who one day will call All Saints' home.

If we step back from preparing the way, if we disengage from the work of the Church, if we withdraw of our investment in the Church's ministries, if we become complacent with our vision, it is like leaving a brand-new puppy home alone in the house all day. Trust me, it is a disastrous outcome for everyone involved.

Vibrant Christian discipleship not only flourishes in the present, it illuminates a bright path for future generations. AMEN.
Recently, you should have received in the mail a 2018 Pledge Card. Sunday, December 17th, we will ingather and bless the pledges. In addition to financial pledge, we are asking our 'Ohana to pledge their time and talents for 2018.

Mahalo nui loa for your generous donations of Time, Talent, and Treasure in the past. We hope we are able to rely on your generosity once again as we continue our journey together in support of our church, our 'Ohana and our community. 

To download a 2018 pledge card, click here.

Caroling at Mahelona Hospital

Last Sunday evening, December 10th, over 30 of our 'Ohana gathered at Mahelona Hospital for the annual Christmas Caroling Outreach. 

This year, Reverend Mary Tudela and Bob Terao served as the musical accompaniment/leaders for the group. Sierra Gore put together an amazing songbook. The group has never sounded better. Among the holiday favorites, the group even sang Silent Night in six different languages. The residents and staff were treated to an hour of Christmas carols throughout the halls.

To view a clip of Jingle Rock, click on the image below.


Christmas poinsettias

This is a wonderful way to make the church look festive for Christmas and to make a dedication in thanksgiving or in memory of someone. Pick up a form at the entrance of the Church. 

Please make checks payable to All Saints' Church with "Christmas flowers" on the memo line. To be included in the Christmas program listing, please submit your donation by Monday, December 18th at noon.

Volunteers needed for Christmas preparation

Christmas preparation of the Church will take place on Sunday, December 24th at 8:00AM. Remember there are no morning services on the 24th.

Volunteers will be straightening, cleaning, and decorating the Church for our very festive Christmas services. 

Many hands make light work-please join us!

Christmas Eve at the Rectory

The Reverend Ryan and Dr. Erin Newman invite you on Christmas Eve to the Rectory for the annual Christmas Open House and Potluck. The open house will begin at 7:00PM (after the 5:30PM service) and will run until about 10:15PM.

We are asking members of our Church 'Ohana to bring a favorite family dish to share at the event.

This is a wonderful evening that celebrates family, fellowship, and the birth of our Savior. All are welcome at the open house including guests and visitors to All Saints'. Come enjoy great food, drinks, and the spirit of the holidays.   

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Christmas message 

"Have a blessed Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and go out and make music in the heart of the world," Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry said in his Christmas Message 2017. To view the video, click on the image above.

Advent 4 Service

This year, Christmas Eve, December 24th, falls on a Sunday. Sunday morning is Advent 4 and Sunday evening is Christmas Eve services.  

There will be no services on the morning of Sunday, December 24th. However, we will celebrate Advent 4 at a special Taizé Eucharist on Saturday evening, December 23rd at 5:30PM.

Hopefully, this schedule will allow us to experience the beauty of Advent 4 and the joy of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  
Each week, The Epistle will highlight the upcoming Sunday School lesson from "Weaving God's Promises."

December 17th: Jesus is Born

Luke 2:1-20. Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem to take part in a Roman census. While there, Mary gives birth to Jesus and places him in a manger, "because there was no place for them in the inn." Shepherds hear of the birth from angels and go to visit the holy baby for whom the angels give praise to God.

We treasure Luke's story of the birth of Christ. It is poetry, but much more than poetry. Luke situates the event in history-the reign of Emperor Augustus, the governorship of Quirinius, during a general census. But the event itself is rooted in eternity-proclaimed by angels, the birth of Jesus opens a window from heaven to earth.

No matter how often we hear this story, we never tire of the words or the message. We seek to relive it-in our Christmas pageants, in our books, our pictures and paintings, our nativity scenes. For it is the story of God coming near to us. As St. Paul wrote in Philippians 2:6-7:

Who, though he was in the form of God, did not regard equality with God as something to be exploited, but emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, being born in human likeness.

The Christmas story, of God made man, divine made human, is not an event of the past. It is alive and still present to us. There is a sense in which Jesus is always born to us, and here we celebrate the birth of Life.

Sunday School Teachers this Sunday, "Team A."
Youth Group Christmas Party at the Rectory, Sunday, December 10th.

IN BRIEF . . .
These news briefs were featured in previous issues of "The Epistle." 

Choir Voices
The All Saints' Choir extends a warm welcome to new members, amateur and professional, alike. Even if you are just visiting Kaua'i and would like to sing with the choir during your stay, you are more than welcome. We frequently have visitors join us during their stay. Please consider singing with us this Christmas season, or any time, if you are able. We are in particular need of additional tenor and bass voices Practice occurs each Thursday at 6:00PM in the Music Room (south entrance of the All Saints' Gym). Sunday call times are generally 8:45AM. If you would like to "in-choir" about the All Saints' Choir, please contact  Hank Curtis . All Saints' welcomes you!

Hale Ho'omalu D
ecember Collection
This month's special collection for Hale Ho'omalu, a family service center located 1/2 block away from All Saints', is gift cards for families.Hale Ho'omalu also needs and appreciates monetary donations as well as gifts-in-kind items. Every Sunday, all gift-in-kind donations can be left in the red wagon at the Church's entrance.
All Saints' Thought Box
Do you ever have a suggestion, an idea, some feedback, or comment you want to pass along to the Vestry? Now you can share that thought with the Vestry anytime and virtually anywhere.  All Saints' Vestry is happy to introduce the    All Saints' Thought Box!   In keeping with their communication goals, the Vestry wanted to create a way that parishioners can freely and anonymously communicate directly with the Vestry. Users can access the Thought Box through the All Saints' Website (look for the light bulb logo) and there will be a link in each issue of the Epistle. Comments are NOT screened and go directly to everyone on the Vestry.

Advent 4 Service
This year, Christmas Eve, December 24th, falls on a Sunday. Sunday morning is Advent 4 and Sunday evening is Christmas Eve services. For clergy this creates a significant dilemma-or crisis. At All Saints' we are going to do a slightly different approach. Hopefully, it will allow us to experience the beauty of Advent 4 and the joy of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  There will be no services on the morning of Sunday, December 24th. However, we will celebrate Advent 4 at a special Taizé Eucharist on Saturday evening, December 23rd at 5:30PM.
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