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May 26, 2019
We hope this newsletter will be a helpful resource, providing information about our parish and sharing content on spiritual and practical matters related to our Catholic faith. The Epistle is so named as a tribute to St. Paul, our patron, whose letters to the earliest Christians still guide and inform us today.

Let these great warriors find rest at last...

Memorial Day ~ May 27, 2019

All Powerful God,
We honor today those men and women-
Our sons and daughters,
Husbands and wives,
Fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers-
Who have laid down their life for their country.

Whether weary or emboldened, quiet or defiant,
Vulnerable or ready when You called them home,
Their sacrifice is too humbling for words
except these uttered in prayer.

Loving Lord, bless them forever in Your eternal peace.
Let the sounds of strife, the cries of battle, the wounds of war
be calmed for all eternity in Your loving and endless grace.

Let these great warriors find rest at last,
Ever reminded that we who are left behind
Cherish their spirit, honor their commitment,
send them our love,
and will never forget the service that they gave.


Monday, May 27th
9am Mass Only
(at St. Paul Church)

There will be no 7am or 5pm Mass

Parish Office Will Be Closed

Lest we forget
Quick Memorial Day Quiz!

For answers, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this newsletter,
or click on the images and underlined links.

  Who wrote this sentence: "These are the times that try men's souls."?

The deadliest single day of fighting in the  Civil War was during which battle?

Which memorial is this?

What does this flag represent?

As he blessed them he parted from them
and was taken up to heaven.
-Luke 24:51

The Feast of the Ascension - May 30th
Holy Day of Obligation

Mass Schedule at St. Paul Church

Wednesday, May 29th - Vigil Mass at 5pm

Thursday, May 30th - Mass at 7am, 8:45am, 12pm and 7pm

*8:45am School Mass - All are Welcome!

Bishop Barron on Why the Ascension of Jesus Matters
Video by Bishop Barron

"Peace begins with a smile."
-Mother Theresa

We have lots of photos to share!

  Click the link to view each album:


First Communion


HomeFront - May 4, 2019

Our one-day home improvement project to help a neighbor in need.

Thanks once again to our  volunteer photographers,
Sebby and Linda Sorrentino!

Goodbye John!

John Imbimbo's last day as Youth Minister will be May 31st. Over the past three years, John has worked to create a vibrant program in our parish. The Youth Ministry Program now includes the EDGE Middle School program, the IGNITE High School ministry, the College Ministry, the Bible Study program at Saint Paul School, the Altar Server ministry, as well as a dedicated Youth Ministry Core Team. 

We are thankful to John for helping our children grow in faith, for serving the parish as a Eucharistic Minister, for volunteering as a soccer coach at Saint Paul School, for being so dedicated and for making it fun. We're happy you've become a member of our St. Paul Parish family, and we're sad to see you go.

John will be spending time traveling this summer. We wish him safe journeys and all the best as he moves on to new adventures.  Ciao! 

John in the dunk tank!
Steubenville High School Retreat
College Summer Gathering
Youth Ministry Core Team Retreat


In case you missed it... lots of news!

Join us for our parish Ministry Fair!
Saturday, June 8th from 5-7pm
Sunday, June 9th following all Masses

Enter for a chance to win $30,000 and other prizes!
Click here to buy tickets.

Click here to help with this important fundraiser!


Deacon Carmen Guzzardi will be celebrating his 25th Anniversary as a Deacon at the 4:00 p.m. Mass on June 15th. The celebration will continue in the school gym after Mass. Please join us as we thank Deacon Carmen for 25 years of ministry to the Church and to our parish!

Click here to visit our newly designed website.

Saint Paul School also has a new website. 
Click here to take a look.

On May 18th, the Knights of Columbus sponsored a showing of the movie, Power in My Hands. If you missed it, click below to view the trailer and learn more about this movie that conveys a timeless message of hope.

Power In My Hands Trailer
Power In My Hands Trailer

"Oh, the places you'll go!" 
-Dr. Seuss

Congratulations to all graduates!

Heading off to college?
Please keep in touch!   CLICK HERE   for our youth ministry page  where you can  share  your new email and mailing address with us.

College grad?
If you're moving back to the area, welcome home!

We hope you'll contact us to get involved and meet other young adults in our parish.   Please stop by our Ministry Fair to see all that's happening.

Congratulations to the Saint Paul School Class of 2019!

"You are what you read."
-Oscar Wilde



  Who wrote "These are the times that try men's souls."?
Thomas Paine,   The Crisis
December 23, 1776

The deadliest single day of fighting in the  Civil War was during which battle?
Which memorial  is this?

What does  this flag represent?
These flags/banners were first flown by families during World War I. The flag included a blue star for every immediate family member serving in the armed forces of the United States, during any period of war or hostilities in which the armed forces of the United States were engaged. If that loved one died, the blue star was replaced by a gold star. This allowed members of the community to know the price that the family had paid in the cause of freedom.

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