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The Epistle Online:  March 17, 2016

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The Epistle Online
We hope this newsletter will be a helpful resource for you, providing information about what's  going on in our parish and sharing content on both spiritual and practical matters related to our Catholic faith.  The Epistle  is so named as a tribute to our patron, Saint Paul, whose letters to the earliest Christians still guide and inform us today.
As always, w e value you and your opinions. Feel free to share your thoughts with us. Click here to send us an email.    
Holy Week and Easter 2016
A Blessing for Holy Week ~
From Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday,
may God in His infinite mercy,
grant you and yours a journey of renewal and hope,
a time of prayer and reflection,
and joyful anticipation of our Lord's resurrection.

Holy Thursday  March 24
Mass of the Lord's Supper 7pm
Good Friday  March 25
T he Passion of the Lord 3pm
Holy Saturday  March 26
Easter Vigil 8pm
Easter Sunday  March 27
Mass 7:30am 9am 10:30am 12pm
Our Faith
Holy Week + Easter + Divine Mercy + God's Mercy at Work

Holy Week in Two Minutes

We received great feedback on the two-minute video in our last issue of The Epistle,  so we've included another one about Holy Week and Easter...

Sunday, April 3rd is the   Feast of Divine Mercy.  The message of Divine Mercy   is that   God loves us and  wants us to receive His mercy The devotion is based on the writings of a poor Polish nun,  Saint Faustina Kowalska, to whom Jesus appeared in 1931.
Click on the image or links for more information about the beautiful message of The Divine Mercy, about  Saint Faustina, or about  the special devotional prayer for Divine Mercy, called The Chaplet.

God's Mercy at Work 2016
God's Mercy at Work 2016
As the Year of Mercy continues, many parishioners and non-parishioners alike are taking the opportunity to attend Mercy Mondays. (Every Monday 7-8pm)
This video from the Archdiocese of Hartford O ffice of Radio & Television shows how God's Mercy is at Work in our communities today.
Saint Patrick
A wee bit about himself...
How much do you know about the patron saint of Ireland? Did you know he is also the patron saint of engineers? 
Learn more about his fascinating life in this video, 'The True Story of Saint Patrick',  complete with beautiful images of Ireland.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Count your joys instead of your woes.  Count your friends instead of your foes.
Irish Proverb
Any Questions?
"The Truth will set you free." -John 8:32
Do you have questions about what we believe as Catholics?  From controversial issues of today to common prayers and devotions,  Catholic Answers  is dedicated to bringing "the fullness of Catholic truth to the world." 
Catholic Answer's mission is 

- to bring former Catholics "home" 

- to lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith, and 

- to help good Catholics become better Catholics.

We are all called to learn about our faith and to share it with others. 
"I am the Way and the Truth and the Life" -John 14:6
"You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free" -John 8:32
For Singles and Young Adults
Places to go, People to see...
For Singles:  

Do you know about  Catholic Credo Singles ? It's a community of single, widowed and divorced Catholics from throughout the Archdiocese of Hartford. Click on the link or the image to check it out! 

Catholic Singles aims to "help bring you closer to your faith while seeking out lasting love and friendships." With advice from Catholic religious leaders and links to Catholic resources, CS recognizes that your faith is "one of the most, if not the most important criteria in looking for a friend or soulmate".

For Young Adults:
Young and Catholic is a blog written by a young woman who is passionate about writing and about sharing her Catholic faith.

Ministry of the Month
Helping Hands Ministry
The  Helping Hands Ministry provides support to our seniors who are alone or separated from their loved  ones. They pray for our seniors and offer assistance with in everyday activities. See our website  if you or someone you know needs the assistance from this ministry.   
Thank you to Kathy and Carl Ginotti for heading this much needed ministry!
Our Church Community
Get to Know the Staff
This section of the newsletter aims to help you put names with faces and allow everyone in our parish family get to know each other better.

Educating our children in the faith is one of the most important things we do here at St. Paul Church. 
It takes a special person to oversee the faith formation of the 800+ young people  in our religious education program, and we are very blessed to have  Robin Veronesi as our  Director of Religious Education! 
Robin is in her second year as DRE and  has been  working at St. Paul since 2012. She  has a degree in Communications and Journalism and a background in public relations. Robin is also a talented writer. She has written a manuscript (young adult fiction) that she hopes to have published  someday  when she has more time.   A native of Pennsylvania, Robin is married with two children, one in high school and one in college. 

Thank you Robin for your dedication to our children!
A "Few" Words from Fr. Robert
The Annual Report for Last Year
Every year on the last weekend in February, I speak at all of the Masses and give a complete accounting of our parish finances and any issues we face as a parish. This year the report was very well received. To  see the text of my talk at the Masses, a copy of the annual report, or a video of my presentation, click here:  2015 Annual Report.
New Evangelization 
In the Annual Report I mentioned the need to reach out to our young people by hiring a Youth Minister and to establish a ministry to those who no longer practice their faith. In the pews everyone present at the Masses was asked to vote on these new initiatives. The parish expressed overwhelming support for both initiatives. Over 70 people have volunteered to participate in new ministries and activities which will promote the new evangelization effort in our parish. To keep updated on the our New Evangelization efforts at St. Paul's, click here.
A Great Evening with the Parents of our First Communion Class
I had a great evening with the parents of our First Communion class. I have to give them credit. They worked all day and still were willing to come and spend some time preparing for their child's First Communion. My presentation to them was entitled "Why Go To Mass" you can click on the title if you wish to read the text

Coming Soon - a new look for our Bulletin and Website
Because of the good revenue generated by our Bulletin, LPI our bulletin company informed us that they need more space for some ads. To compensate us for the additional space the adds will take, they have agreed to give us an extra color page at no cost to the parish. We expect this new look to begin the week after Easter.
In an effort to make our parish website more user friendly and welcoming, Maura Gaffney our parish webmaster will be implementing a new look for our webpage (again, at no cost to the parish). This new look will freshen up our content and be more inviting for those who go to our website to check us out. I am grateful to both Maura and Patty Lavette for all of their hard work in helping us communicate with our parishioners. Each week almost 1300 people take our bulletin. It is mailed to our parishioners who can no longer attend Mass. Let me tell you, if the mailman is late and they don't get it on Wednesday many of them call the office to ask where it is. Its a great way for them to stay connected to the parish. Our website gets over 150 views a day and some days before a Holy Day or Holiday it can receive over 450 views a day. Many of those views would have been phone calls to our office. Our website is great, and we work every day to make it better. 
Here's a perfect song for Holy Week.  It's an oldie but goodie.
If you don't want the ads before the song, install and adblocker.
At the Cross
At the Cross

 March/April 2016 Calendar
March 17th Knights of Columbus Blood Drive, 1 pm 
March 18th Stations of the Cross, 7 pm
March 19th (Saturday) Saint Paul School Annual Auction
March 20th Palm Sunday

                          HOLY  WEEK
March 21st Eucharistic Adoration and Confession, 7 - 8 pm       Mercy Monday

Bible Study Wrap up 7 pm
March 22nd  11:00 am, Chrism Mass at the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford

No 5 pm Mass on Tuesday, March 22nd
March 24th Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord's Supper, 7 pm
March 25th Good Friday, The Lord's Passion,  3 pm
March 26th Blessing of Easter Food and Confession, Noon-1 pm

Holy Saturday, Vigil, 8 pm
March 27th Easter Sunday Masses: 7:30, 9 & 10:30 am and Noon
March 28th Eucharistic Adoration and Confession, 7 - 8 pm       Mercy Monday
March 28th Easter Monday, Parish Offices Closed, No 5:00 pm Mass
April 1st ABC'S of Annulments Information Session 7 pm, Gym
April 2nd Confirmation Ceremonies, 10 am & 1 pm

April 4th Eucharistic Adoration and Confession, 7 - 8 pm       Mercy Monday

Check our web calendar for details on all our events!

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