“Once you realize that you don’t need a special occasion to buy a cake, the second part of our life begins.” ~ Anonymous

May. A month of happy events.

Mother’s Day.

My husband’s birthday.

My birthday. Yes…a big one this year!

My business launch anniversary. Beginning year 7!

Prior to the pandemic, the plan was to spend the last ½ of May in Croatia. Lots to celebrate. Much to be thankful for. I have always loved hallmarking the passing of milestones and life-cycle events with travel and discovery, creating legacy and memories with family. Travel is a gift I give to myself.

As I contemplate the month ahead, what I have come to realize is that along with the flux and serendipity in the world at large, there are new opportunities to change up how I celebrate, based largely on understanding the essence of what that celebration itself stands for. What it stands for is gratitude. What it enables is clarity in regard to success.

-      I am thankful that I could plan a 2-week trip with my family to Croatia.
-      I am thankful that my two children at age 20 and 25 were part of this.
-      I am thankful that I am their mom.
-      I am thankful that I designed a business doing what I love virtually.
-      I am thankful for my clients and business community and for their support.
-      I am thankful that I designed a life I love. That I chose it. Customized for me.
-      I am thankful that I am healthy and that my family is as well.
-      I am thankful that I have a house and space in which to shelter in place.
-      I am thankful that the 4 of us have been able to do so together.
-      I am thankful that I have these milestones to celebrate in the first place.  

Not every woman is a mother. Not everyone reaches age 60. Not everyone survives and thrives 6 years as an entrepreneur! Not everyone has celebrated 34 birthdays (actually 36) with their spouse. Not everyone has traveled all over the world.

So, although gratitude cannot replace my trip, the amazing celebration dinners, the time with extended networks spent in person, it CAN be a gift all in of itself. Taking the time to make thanks a part of the successes, makes success sweeter and more organic. Appreciation is a skill set that we all need to activate, harness, and utilize daily. It is our biggest and best tool to navigate a world that is changing and our place within it.

The essence of celebration is being able to understand that a specific day, or milestone, or achievement is important, and more importantly why it is so. Celebration is an inside job . The party is not and never was about the balloons, the cake, the fanfare. The real party, the actual cause for celebration, is the success you FEEL, the thanks you understand, the gratitude you exude. Aging well is a success. Family is a success. Business growth is a success. I am a success and so are you.

Without clarity in regard to May 26 th being my 60 th birthday, it bleeds into every other day unnoticed. If I don’t recognize that May 14 th is Randi Levin Coaching’s 6 th Anniversary, then I rob myself of the joy of achieving. Even a Hallmark holiday such as Mother’s Day, deserves a 24- hour spotlight (I prefer to think that every day is Mother’s Day because it is a hard job that runs 24/7 from the moment it begins.)

So, I will choose to acknowledge and celebrate all of May’s important events, mindfully. In a much larger sense, what I will be celebrating is the abundance that each day permits into my life, and the legacy of the day at hand, each day, milestone or no milestone. One success at a time. From the inside out, not from the outside in.

If the essence of celebration is the abundance and thanks it defines, then these beautiful May events are not diminished by a pandemic. In fact, they are highlighted and spotlighted, because this year they have gifted me the opportunity to dig deeper, to appreciate more, to be mindful of abundance and choice, and to cognitively separate the successes from the parties and events that often mask the essence of them. The heart of celebration is the gift of accomplishment, because without acknowledging that…there is nothing to celebrate in the first place.

Celebrate with me this month.

Every day I will be keeping an abundance and gratitude journal, and if that appeals to you, I hope you will too. My journal will support me in reaching out to three people per day via a thank you note in regard to what they mean to me or my business. This blog post is my first journal entry!

Drop me an email and let me know how you are celebrating you in May and what you are grateful for. Or even better, let’s talk about it.
Grab a cup of tea or coffee, or sip on a glass of wine or water, and join me via phone or Zoom for conversation, connection, inspiration and kindness. Recalibration manifests as a series of conversations, ideas, pivots, and small steps. Let us ideate and motivate!

Join me in my new virtual home!


The Recalibration Network is an on-line private virtual community of amazing connections. Anchored as a Facebook Group, the group features Zoom Networking and Content Recalibration Circles filled with enriching content and connections. the Recalibration Network is your source for up-to-the minute topics, resources, communication, connection, and intelligent conversation. It is a place and a space for you to come as you are and give and get what you need.

Recalibration Circle

Networking and conversation.

Collaboration meets content.

Tuesday 5/5 @ 11am ET virtually via Zoom

Open agenda with a core thought of CELEBRATION! Bring balloons, a muffin, a glass of something, glitter... and let's dig deep on celebrating success and gratitude. Together we will create a pandemic success inventory. A little tweak that will give back to you in multiple ways! Let's allow ourselves to celebrate together!

How to Show Up in Uncertainty

Excited to co-lead an interactive discussion and networking event with the amazing and talented Monisha Kapur of 344pm. Monisha is a the virtual stylist you need RIGHT NOW!

Thursday 5/7 @ 12pm ET via Zoom
About this Event
Right now, one of the things we all know is that we do not know! In a world of uncertainty, it is key to create new rules and boundaries that uniquely work for you. The best way to embrace uncertainty is to empower the one choice you always control. You control YOU. From how you unmask your vulnerable side working virtually, to how you mask-up back out in the real world, showing up is a decision that needs to align with you and your business in a way that transcends the brand of you, and leads you forward. This interactive power-hour will support you in a discussion about “being seen” from the clothing and overall ambiance you choose externally, to your internal connection to self-leadership and authenticity as you build upon your business and your life in a changed world. Join us for intelligent conversation and connection.

Recalibration Circle

Networking and conversation.

Collaboration meets content.

Friday 5/8 @ 3pm ET via Zoom

Open agenda. Today's core thought is about thanks and gratitude and our ability to celebrate them! When you activate this mindfully it organically permits you to meet people where they are, to connect to your own essence, and to make abundant and energy rich choices.

Tue, May 19, 2020 11:30 AM EST
Design a New Day Virtual Workshop
“Designing a new day begins as a collection of 365 opportunities. 365 blank slates of new days ahead in which to pivot and propel yourself forward. Every single one of those days is a window into your legacy. An invitation to be, create, explore, and chip away at this thing called life. One 24-hour segment at a time.” ~ Randi Levin

This interactive, take-action workshop asks the simple question…
What’s next, and more importantly… how do I access a new normal?

The answer lies in taking your power back. That choice belongs to you in TODAY.

If you have been chasing tomorrow, missing yesterday pre-pandemic, waiting to launch a new business, dragging your heels on getting into or out of a relationship, faced with choices you are procrastinating on or you don’t know how to make…then this workshop is for you!

Perhaps you set goals for 2020 that you never acted on, or that you feel like now you cannot get direction or traction on. Maybe you abandoned your business plan or started and stopped on most of your new year’s resolutions. Truth is, most of us are in a state of pandemic flux.

The good news is that NOW is your new next ! You can pivot into the balance of 2020 and into 2021 with gusto and impact by nurturing and navigating decision-making!

This workshop is designed to get you there. To do it. Whatever “it” is. Whatever aligns next.

This workshop is designed to support you in taking your power back!

This workshop is about getting goals…not simply setting goals. It is about recalibrating and activating anew.

A decade long or one-year plan begins with one essential success step and with every 24-hour window. Use the power of today to empower your legacy and to drive a life you love! Your vision for change starts when you do. Begin.

In this workshop you will reflect back, envision forward, and master the moment. You will create fresh success habits that impact self-leadership and support you in fearing less, doing more, and making consistent and aligned decisions that lead and spark change!