If you want something, you google it.

If you want to get somewhere, you Uber it.

Click the remote and instant movie selection.

Click your cell phones and instant picture or video.

You no longer need to research in a library, wait for film to develop, pre-order a car, or even engage your mind to think about what direction you are driving or walking in. Text has replaced phone conversations, email has replaced snail mail, and in some instances, robots have replaced humans.

Will there be something that replaces your dreams?

In a world where so much is done for you, how do you reclaim and own your own thoughts?

How do you DECIDE?

When there are too many choices, it is common to not choose.

You don’t think.

You don’t do.

Instead, you keep going wherever the GPS takes you.

The result?

You set goals and plans and toss ideas into the bucket lists of your life and think that those things that you most want to achieve will just simply appear. Yet, there is no APP for instant success, no navigation system that will lead you to your next win, and no button to press to live a legendary life.

The common and consistent thread here is that your power to manifest your “IT” is so brilliantly still yours to activate! I love that. Simply because in order to achieve what you most desire, some good old-fashioned mindfulness and decision-making is necessary.

  • Trigger the choice.
  • Decide the action steps.
  • Pivot to take those steps.
  • Be genuinely aware.
  • Recalibrate.
  • Grow. Pivot again.
  • Get what you want.

What I am describing is work. Calculated not by a device but by your heart and your head. The key to all of this is a genuine awareness of what is working and what needs to shift. There is no machine or application that can provide that. In the end, achievement comes down to the choices you are willing to make and re-make, the chances you are willing to take and re-take.

  • Resilience.
  • Tenacity.
  • Commitment.

Consider this Newsletter an invitation to yourself!

Use it to change something. To do one thing differently.

Want to go from 1-20 during the next 31 days?

Here is how:

1.      Decide! Implement! This creates instant 1-20 achievement!

Choice is power!
2.     Create a solid foundation: This starts with understanding your values. Values are a mirror reflecting why you do what you do. Values shift and change over time, so decide today what 5 values you treasure and allow them to lead you forward. When you create choices that align with your values… the magic of living a legendary life begins.

3.      Drive the car: If you have your foot on the break and the gas you stay put! So, choose to go. Consider taking an actual road trip without using a GPS and allow yourself the gift of discovery. You can always turn the car around. You can always decide to stop or take a different route. That is called choice! Allow yourself to be in the moment with this idea and feel any uncertainty float away.

4.      Track activity not results: You want to reward the action taken no matter how small. Celebrate the wins and create a habit around success . Every small action-step adds up to a bigger success or a validation to change course.

5.      Create heirloom moments: Mindfully generate a series of ordinary moments that lead you one-by-one to the extraordinary. Turn toward your next thought, or fear, or emotion instead of turning away from it. Pivot on purpose. Keep going!

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