Bite-Size Blog #32 -- J. Morris Hicks

The Essential Harmony of Nature

    J. Morris Hicks
One of my most-read and best-rated blogs of the near 1,000 that I have posted is the one entitled, "NOTHING is more important than sustainability." That piece began with this statement:

Things that we value most:  family, health, freedom, happiness, friends, peace and wealth --do not exist without sustainability. In other words, if we don't quickly learn how to live in harmony with nature, life will be nothing more than a hell on Earth for those few of us who survive. 
-J. Morris Hicks

Sadly, we have been moving rapidly away from living in harmony for the past 200 years--about the time when our population hit the one billion mark. Since then, we've added another six billion people and built over two billion automobiles. 

By mid-century, we'll add at least another two billion people and will build another four billion cars. Why am I picking on human population numbers and their cars? Because they represent the kind of life that our planet cannot sustain. 

The people on Easter Island failed to   connect the dots regarding lifestyle.

Today, on planet Earth, we have a lot of work to do in order for our species to learn how to live sustainably on this finite planet. The people on Easter Island failed to connect the dots and their civilization collapsed. Fortunately, we have their demise to help show us how to prevent the same fate for ourselves in the 21st century. But so far, none of our leaders seems to be listening. 

My conclusion: Urgently shifting NOW toward a plant-based diet for humans is the ONLY way that we can  buy the time needed to solve those other huge sustainability issues.

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