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May 2019

“Let’s get a whole pig and have it roasted; that’s easy.”
“Naaaaaw, we should barbecue!”
“Well, we could just make it a potluck and have everyone bring their own

In the end, for the 1st of May (our Labor Day) so many people signed up to come and signed up their unsaved friends and family, that we ended up doing all three. We roasted a whole pig, barbecued additional meat, and had everyone bring side dishes or salads. It was a wonderful day of fellowship. The guys ended up going out to play paintball while us women drank coffee and fellowshipped together. Times like this are very important for a church. It gives us an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company outside of the ministry and be a witness to our unsaved friends and family. We don’t even have to formally tell them about Jesus. Loving one another and serving each other is a witness in and of itself.

This Saturday is our second Men’s Breakfast. There are always Christian events going on for women in Zagreb and the surrounding area- conferences or women’s breakfasts, night’s out... However, events for men are rare. That’s why we have tried to make a regular event for men an important part of our ministry and opened it up for anyone to attend. Our speaker this month is a brother from another church here in Zagreb. He is a very successful businessman with an incredible testimony. We expect this to be a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement for our men.
Our annual festival at the lake, Jarun Fest, is coming up next month. We’ve made some suggested changes to the festival this year that we hope will make it an even more successful one. Jarun Fest has become a favorite event among many Christians in Zagreb. We love coming together at the lake, fellowshipping, watching our kids play, and listening to the live Christian music. However it’s not just a fun time for Christians. Jarun Fest is also a time when we give back to the community. Along with free hot dogs and hamburgers, we hand out free New Testaments. And this year we will be collecting donations for “House of Opportunity.”which is a half way house for orphans that have turned 18 and have to leave the orphanage or foster care. They help these kids for a couple of years to find their way in life, find solid work and a place to live. Please, be in prayer for Jarun Fest. That hearts would be open to the Gospel and that all of the necessary finances would come in on time. 
Our family is doing well. Filip has been hard at work on a short movie that will be entered in a competition at a film festival in Karlovac. We all have our fingers crossed that he will win. We do have one concern as a family. The home we’ve been renting for the past four and a half years is being put on the market this month, and because the majority of our income is from donations, we cannot get a loan from the bank that is large enough to purchase a house or apartment. We have looked into several options, however we haven’t be able to come up with a solution as of yet. Please be in prayer with us that God would offer us a creative solution to our housing issue. He has always provided and we know that he will continue to do so. 
Prayer requests:
Jarun Fest - open heart & additional provision
Mission work in Virovitica
A solution to our housing issue
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support of our ministry. May the Lord bless you all this month as you serve him.

Mario & Bonnie Ducic
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach