The Eviction Moratorium and Coming Crisis
Illinois' eviction moratorium was due to expire on August 22nd, but it has been renewed until September 19th (as it has each month since April). The executive order prevents economically vulnerable households, who may have taken pay cuts, been furloughed, or been laid off, from being evicted during the pandemic. Property owners have challenged the moratorium on the grounds it represents a state seizure of property and forces them to subsidize nonpaying tenants, but they have not been successful to date. To get perspective, let’s look at the eviction process, moratorium extent, and what’s next.

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Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program Available
The Illinois Housing Development Authority is working to assist households impacted by COVID-19. Click the video links below to find out more about the Emergency Mortgage Assistance program. The IHDA will accept applications through Friday for emergency mortgage assistance.

For information on how to get help from BEDS with an application, go here:

Emergency Mortgage Assistance:

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