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The Expansion Issue
AStuff extends products and support globally
Since our foundation in 2010, our mission has always been to enable the future of mobility. As the industry matures, it's our job to continue to add value and help drive our customers forward. Today, we have more than 2,000 happy customers worldwide.

The team at AutonomouStuff has worked hard to build strong relationships with an entire ecosystem of amazing partners in the industry. As that ecosystem has expanded, so has our team. We've expanded our offerings globally to better support our technology suppliers and customers. We are very excited about where we've been and where the future will take us!

A few of our product and service expansions that have taken place recently include:

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Silicon Valley open house
We recently celebrated the opening of our new office in San Jose with an open house! We would sincerely like to thank the many partners, customers and friends who showed their support!

With so many of our customers located in Silicon Valley, we saw the need to increase our presence and make sure we offer the resources to take care of them properly.

Our new office allows us to:

  • continue providing world class local support to Silicon Valley based customers
  • maintain, service and upgrade the many automated R&D vehicles already existing in the area
  • host workshops and meet ups to address various industry topics
  • host technical trainings to pass our expertise along to customers
  • connect with new and old friends, customers and partners (this is our favorite part)!

The office itself is a reflection of the AStuff culture we've perfected at HQ and hope to bring to our new locations as well.

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AutonomouStuff HQ doubles in size
We now take up a little more space in the midwest. A huge part of our recent expansion is our added office space in central Illinois.

This new space:

  • houses many of our quickly growing team members
  • has plenty of shop space to ensure were producing our automated R&D vehicles efficiently
  • has become our shipping and receiving hub
  • is home to our in-house ping pong tournaments and RC races!
AutonomouStuff GmbH founded in Germany
AutonomouStuff GmbH is official! It is based in Germany and is a wholly owned subsidiary of AutonomouStuff LLC. AStuff GmbH will focus on providing the same world class products and services that have become synonymous with the AStuff name. We're really excited to have a stronger presence in Europe and better serve our customers across the pond. Stay tuned for more information!
AStuff opens office in China
Part of our global expansion includes a new garage/office space located in the heart of Beijing. It's a great start to an incredibly bright future of supporting our customers throughout China. Our services are already well underway and the demand increases each day!

The Chinese market is aggressively investing in the future of transportation and the AStuff team is happy to step up and provide a key piece of the puzzle!
Data intelligence workshop

Mark your calendars for November 8th!

Massive amounts of data are collected in the industry each day and we are here to make sure you know just how to manage this information. If you are looking for ways to better manage your growing data and need suggestions on leveraging AI to accelerate your development process, we have just the workshop for you!

We will soon share more detail on an exciting, hands-on workshop with Quantum at our San Jose office that will address these hot topics. Look for more information in our October newsletter.

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