April 2021
Committing to Change In Order to "Level Up"
Mindset Buzz
Over the course of the last year, we have been forced to learn new ways of doing business; and conferences have been one of the biggest adjustments. As someone who prides herself on continual growth and learning, preaching the necessity to adapt and survive has been relatively natural for me.

However, I am currently in the middle of a book that's been sitting on my desk for (embarrassingly) 4 years and it has helped me realize that just because things have "been going well" for the last couple of years (including this year of adjustment/adapting), there are still changes I need to make to get to wherever the next stage of career success is for me.

OK- not trying to make this article about me.... so what is the point? The point is that even though those of you reading this e-publication are likely very successful in our profession and leaders in your workplace - there are changes you very likely need to make to get to the next level as well!

So now let's bring this to the exhibitor perspective.....
As we embark on getting back to on-site shows, what worked pre-pandemic may not work in the post-pandemic exhibitor hall.

The book I'm referring to is called, "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" by Marshall Goldsmith. While I'm not finished with the text quite yet, I'm finding that the bulk of self-discovery is going through what Goldsmith calls "The Twenty Habits that Hold You Back from The Top."

The habit that most resonated with me.... and that could be most relevant in terms of exhibitor habits was this: "An Excessive Need to Be Me."

The gist of this habit is that we continue to do the things we do (even if we know they may be flaws) because that's just who I am... and for better or worse I'm proud of it. And who knows? Maybe it's part of the reason why I am successful.

I'm not going to get into the flaws of mine that I just straight-up own and haven't taken the time to change, because I'd rather focus on this question for YOU....

What are the elements of your tradeshow process that you are pretty certain are flawed, but you just keep doing them over and over and over again because as far as you know, they haven't had a major negative impact on your tradeshow success?

Just because you don't see a blatant negative impact, doesn't mean that it's not keeping your tradeshow successes from getting to the next level. Sometimes it's not about what you're not losing.... it's about what you're not gaining.

So I challenge each of you to take the question seriously and to step up to the plate to get out of your own stubborn ways. Make the changes you've been putting off or just simply been ignoring.

This has only been a year of change. Accept that we need to change ourselves in order to get to the next level. To circle back to the fact that this last year has flipped us all on our ends, the concept of "What Got You Here Won't Get You There," has never rang more true.

Sales & Marketing Buzz
We are all well understanding that conferences are the perfect combination of sales and marketing. Often I get the question, "what's the difference between sales and marketing." I always answer with this...

It's similar to leading a horse to water... marketing leads the horse to water, and the sales representative makes the horse drink.

So now I ask YOU a question. How synergistic are your sales and marketing team members?

Continuing to consider that "what got you here won't get you there," it could be time to evaluate how well these two separate but similar entities are coordinating efforts to create a successful tradeshow.

It's extremely easy for marketing teams to be immersed in tasks such as creating beautiful artwork for brochures... or determining what the next ad for PM News (for example) is going to look like. When we get so busy with all of the day-to-day marketing tasks, we can often forget about how important it is to work with the sales team to ensure the tools we have lined up for a tradeshow are going to greatly increase the likelihood of closing a sale.

I remember when I was the marketing director for a prevalent orthotics lab, I would constantly look at every tool that was drafted and ask myself "how is the sales rep going to utilize this material?" If it didn't make sense logistically, I would start over.

So, as we roll into face-to-face meetings again, take some time to make sure the sales team who is going to be attending shows has a "pow-wow" with the marketing team and go over with a fine-tooth comb everything that is going to be presented - from the backdrop to flyers, and videos to order forms.

Logistics Buzz and Vendor Download
Finally, we’re looking at a return of trade shows and conferences, many are 100% in-person. It’s been a while since you have planned to exhibit live.

I live and die by checklists for planning and packing. Now is the time to review your planning and packing processes to ensure everything is in place or to reorganize and streamline your procedures.

I created a checklist for planning and a checklist for packing that I use when we exhibit and I encourage all my clients to use as well. You can download mine by clicking on the links below.

Feel free to use these as a template and customize to suit your company’s needs. 

As soon as you receive the exhibitor prospectus, make notes on all the important information such as deadlines, what is included (do you have to order tables and carpet?), how to reserve your booth location, and anything else relevant to your success at the conference. Be sure to order services and furniture before the early bird deadline so you get the best deal!

Survey Survey Survey!!
Really just a short quick poll...

Do you plan on exhibiting at the APMA National Conference in person this year?
Choose one of the options below:
Yes, we are sending an individual and/or a team.
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Travel Buzz
If you had flight credits from cancelled travel in 2020, be sure to check the expiration of the credits.

Many airlines extended the date but there may be some action required on your part.

For example, I had a flight booked through Orbitz on Delta and I had to go in and manually request the credits be moved over to a Delta certificate.

Plan 3-6 Months In Advance
No More Last Minute Decisions! Effective Shows Take Time to Plan. Use Our Calendar to Make Your Calendar.
Some important notes for upcoming meetings
FPMA Summer will be 100% in person June 10-13 in Bonita Springs, Florida. This intimate conference will feature several leisure activities, including our favorite, a mixology class. Click here for more information and stay tuned for our newsletter next week featuring a video interview with the FPMA team.

APMA National will be held in Denver, Colorado July 29 – August 1. We are excited to announce that PodiatryMeetings.com will be exhibiting this year! We hope to see you all there. Stay tuned for information about a meetup or appreciation event with – you guessed it – Ann & Sarah!
What are We Up To?
Just Some Fun With Ann and Sarah
We love getting to know our exhibitor family... and that usually starts by sharing tidbits about ourselves! So while this section won't give you any grand ideas for your next conference... we do hope that it gives you an opportunity to get to know us better! So when you see us out and about on the tradeshow circuit, feel free to stop us and say hello!
This month, we're sharing the things we just can't live without...

Ann simply cannot live without tacos and margaritas. (Note from Sarah - this is 100% true. Every time we get together the first place we stop from the airport is a taco joint! And just so you know, she likes them on the rocks without salt!) Ann also cannot live without a half-finished project to avoid (I'm picturing these projects just staring her down in the office) and leopard print. Ann definitely has a bold fashion sense and it suits her personality to a T!

Sarah cannot live without rare steak... the bloodier the better. Throw it on the grill.. sear, flip, sear and serve!! She also cannot live without dry-erase markers... everywhere. The bathroom mirror isn't used for primping at Sarah's house - it's used for writing business plans... please do not erase! And finally, Sarah cannot live without Toms (the slipper shoes). Rarely will you see her donning any other footwear. Probably not DPM recommended, but keep it on the DL.
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