From the Executive Director Gary Conner
As most of you know, White Pony Express has four core values : Selfless Service , Respect , Appreciation , and Collaboration .

All of us, volunteers and staff, strive to honor these values in all we do for WPE. In 2017, we honored the principle of Collaboration by changing how major decisions are made at WPE.

When WPE was experiencing sky-rocketing growth from an idea to a fact, it was probably best to have a single directive leader whose vision could be realized in our programs, processes, and procedures. But in becoming that well-established and well-regarded fact of our community, a different form of leadership becomes necessary, one that draws from several points of view and experience.

So, with the help of Mary Brooks , Isa Campbell , and Vince d’Assis , we formed the White Pony Express Leadership Team . To help us really learn how to collaborate, so this transition would bear good results, we asked business coach Michael Evans to teach us the necessary principles and be the process manager for our meetings (so that Respect, Appreciation, and other related values would be kept in focus, as diverse opinions looked for their points of convergence). Jim May joined the WPE Leadership Team this winter, when he became our Chief Financial Officer.

WPE's Leadership Team meets for three hours each Saturday, collaborating on strategies, tactics, and making decisions on direction and planning. We are also in touch with each other through the week as issues arise.

Each of us maintains our specific role in WPE, such as the Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer (Isa) and CFO (Jim), and we each work on various teams and projects. But when it comes to major decisions affecting the organization or our programs, the Leadership Team acts together as one unit. Despite an occasional bump, when one of us speaks about a specific issue, that person can be viewed as speaking for the entire Leadership Team .

Beginning in our next newsletter, these notes will come from the WPE Leadership Team as a whole, rather than the Executive Director.

To help us do our work better, please make suggestions or comments that come to your mind about how we can continue to work collaboratively and in alignment with our values and mission. It is a real pleasure to be doing this work with each of you inside of WPE and in the community of our friends and partners.
Free General Store Spotlight
Introducing Caroline Chiara, MSW
We are delighted to announce that Caroline joined White Pony Express as the Director of FGS (Free General Store) and Homeless Services.
Caroline relocated from Washington, D.C., and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) who has been successfully improving the quality of life for individuals, families and children through her extensive background with various non-profit agencies. She most recently held the position of Palliative Care Coordinator for Kaiser Permanente, with prior roles as a social worker for hospices and public schools.

Caroline’s graduate level clinical training focused primarily on individual and group counseling with women recovering from the trauma of living without shelter. She has worked with individuals experiencing homelessness throughout her career, including serving as an advocate in legal services and helping homeless individuals and families navigate the medical system. 

One of Caroline's roles will be to consult with the Leadership Team to create plan for future services for those without shelter and living at risk for homelessness.

Please offer Caroline a warm welcome and your support as she takes on this essential new role, which will enable the expansion of services WPE provides to uplift those in need. 
Celebrating 5 Years of Volunteerism
Calling All Volunteers Past and Present - RSVP today!
Sunday, September 30th
WPE Celebrates YOU! 


Please register today to join us on Sunday, September 30th, for our fun-filled birthday picnic in the park celebration.

White Pony Express is turning 5 years old and we couldn't have made it this far without each and every one of our past, present (and future) volunteers! 

Let's celebrate together with a catered picnic lunch, desserts, gifts, games, prizes and music -- all in recognition and appreciation of our wonderful community of WPE volunteers!

Details are in the link below. Please RSVP before September 18th!
FEATURED "Pony Tails" of the summer
Many children and families in Contra Costa County rely on WPE for healthy food and fresh clothing. To meet these needs, WPE requires year-round financial support from people like you.

Join WPE's special community of monthly donors and uplift lives all year long.

Feel rewarded knowing that every $1 you invest equates to $4 worth of goods or services for those who need it most.

Thank you for your generous support!