A Note from Scott and Marsha
September 16, 2021
All sorts of things happen behind the scenes around here. Some of it is obvious, like when we add on an addition or build something for interest while you are walking the garden center.  Then there are the things, and the people, that are behind the scenes and never "front and center."  

For example, our accountant, Shannon. If you work with our Lawn Maintenance and/or Landscape Divisions, you will have either emailed with her or spoken to her. She truly has made life more manageable at FGS. Scott says often when Shannon is on vacation, "I think if she ever left, I would resign as well," especially as he was doing her job a few weeks ago when she was on vacation!  

When she walked from vacatopm, I apologized to her. "Shannon, I am sorry for all the things Scott forgot how to do and for all the messes you are walking into." She laughed, thankfully, for Scott's sake!  

Shannon also handles all the payments and weekly, I am in the loop on when a payment is made to our business Visa. One afternoon, an email popped up for a scheduled payment of $10,000.  

I chuckle. And I waited a few minutes. Then I tore up the stairs running. I get to the top of the stairs and dramatically exclaim, "Shannon!! Did you mean to schedule a $100,000 payment to Capital One?  

I wish you could have seen her face. Literal panic. She grabs her mouse so fast and I burst out laughing to which she immediately started laughing and fell back into her chair! Shannon is in and out so she is a little trickier to plan something for so I had to be creative!  I have to work with what I have so an extra "0" was it!!  No accountant ever wants to hear extra zeros for sure. But she is awesome and greatly adored by us all. 

We may have nearly zero rain as of late, but we have a bazillion fun things for you to enjoy at FGS! Come one, come all!  For PUMPKINS GALORE!
Friday, September 17, 2021
Mark your calendars!

THIS Friday
 September 17, 2021
5-8 PM

Sterling Scott and Storm Adams will be here providing Live Music!
We're looking forward to an awesome night!
It's always a great idea to bring your own bagged chair to these types of events! Thank you!
Diffenbachia are a beautiful variety of houseplants. The flashy foliage has intricate, lovely patterns that can add pizzazz to any table or floor. Diffenbachia are drought tolerant (which is good for those of you who forget to water their houseplants) and do well in medium to bright light. Be aware that these lovelies are toxic, so use caution if you have pets or young children.
What screams "FALL" more than pumpkins... everywhere?!? On your porches, your patios, your table tops, your baked goods. Well, you are in luck because we have a HUGE selection of pumpkins to choose from that arrived this week. Come pick out your pumpkins, and be fall ready!
Natives and edibles are all the rage in the plant world right now, and the Paw Paw Tree is BOTH! The nation's largest native fruit tree might be foreign to you, but one taste of the fruit and you will be smitten. Imagine a tropical cross between and banana and a mango with a touch of citrus, and there you have it! You can use the fruit in cold or frozen desserts, smoothies or even salsas! The Paw Paw is also a gorgeous landscape tree--so win, win!
Meet Julia Sampson!
Role: Garden Center Manager
Started at FGS: March 2019
Ice Cream: Pistachio
TV Show: One Piece
Last Book Read: Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey
Plant: Crassula Ovata
Food: Southern or Soul
Restaurant: The Chicken Hut in Durham

Julia began as a part-time cashier and quickly moved her way through the ranks to administrative assistant, buyer, and then to Garden Center manager. She has a deep love and passion for plants and people that shines through. Her passion and dedication has been an integral part of the garden center's growth over the past couple of years. In her down time, she is working on budgets, pinching pennies, playing video games or watching manga with her partner Dajer.
Plant Tip of the Week:
We get it! You buy lots of fresh pumpkins and want to do all you can to keep them looking fabulous as long as you can. To help, we compiled tips for preserving your pumpkins--carved or whole--as long as possible. You'll find the tips in this helpful post.
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