August 2013

Join The FH Foundation's FH Specialist Referral Network!

Thank you for registering with The FH Foundation as a medical professional. As an expert in the treatment and care of individuals with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH), you are invited to join our FH Specialist Referral Network. The FH Foundation website has 2,000-3,000 visitors every month. We receive multiple calls and emails on a weekly basis requesting assistance in finding the right medical team for those with FH. Our newly designed website will be launched this September and will provide a search tool exclusively for lipid/FH specialists. 


There is no cost associated with joining our FH Specialist Referral Network. Simply click on the link below to complete a provider profile and authorize permission to post your practice information. Since this will be a resource for patients, we ask that only those who are actively treating patients sign up.




PS: Please pass this on to your colleagues who may not be aware of The FH Foundation and our mission. It is a simple process to register on and join the referral network.


As the FH Foundation continues to make substantive progress in raising awareness of FH and increasing the rate of diagnosis, we thank you for helping us fulfill our mission and save lives.




Katherine Wilemon


President & Founder

The FH Foundation
office: (626) 465-1234
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