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Scott Lund
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Todd Schroeder

Hello from the OGHF Board of Directors! We sincerely hope you are doing well and staying healthy. We're doing alright considering the circumstances. Although we are 'grounded', we are still working hard behind the scenes to ensure our organization thrives even during this extraordinary time. We recently expanded by adding 3 new volunteer board members! We're excited to welcome Scott, Brenda and Todd who've been steadfast volunteers and are eager to help advance our mission.

"I’m grateful to be a part of such an incredible organization. Our Veterans are at the forefront of America and they deserve all the recognition and gratitude we can offer," said Brenda, an Army veteran.

Scott said, "It's quite humbling to be asked to be on the board of directors. Our veterans and their families have given so much; this is one small thing I can do to say 'thank you.'"

"I'm so excited to be part of such a fantastic organization. Veterans are near and dear to my heart." said Todd.

As we navigate the currently "flightless" season, we are remain undeterred and will continue to focus on veteran recruitment , flight preparation and fundraising to keep our organization solvent. Our community is a powerful thing and we have no doubt we will continue to thrive.

Thank you for your unwavering support!

Old Glory Honor Flight Board of Directors: Lorraine, Scott D., Chris, Steve, Drew, Tony, Renee, Pla, Dave, Scott L., Brenda & To dd
OGHF Virtual Classroom -
Mission Accomplished!
Once classrooms shutdown due to the pandemic, educators across the country had to get creative in order to keep teaching. Enter the virtual classroom! One classroom in Chicago was learning about the Vietnam War and they posed the question, "I wonder what it's like for veterans who return to Vietnam?" As you know, our veterans know a little something about that, so a virtual classroom was set up. The students 'met' four of our Return to Nam veterans, asked questions and learned about the vets' experiences.

Rocky G., said, "Even if you don't agree with the war, they were still young boys and it doesn't take much to simply say 'thank you'". Wise words from a student who learned an everlasting lesson.

Teachers- contact us if you're interested in future virtual classroom opportunities. Thanks to all who participated!
Love his smile?
Old Glory Honor Flight is still committed to flying veterans to Washington DC in 2020. Sadly,
we had to cancel our spring and summer flights due to the pandemic. This is heartbreaking news to our community, but most
of all to our veterans who’ve been waiting years to get their chance to heal, bond and reflect on their service. Additionally, a few of our major fundraising events have also been cancelled so we need to hustle.

But, there’s good news on the horizon! With your help, we can still reach our goal. Will you help us? 

Be a hero to our heroes and donate today. Text HONORVETS to
44321 to support an upcoming honor flight mission.

You have the power to put a smile on a veteran's face, heal painful wounds and change their life! Your gift, in any amount, will help us get back on track. Thank you!

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