The FPC Herald
The Newsletter of 
First Presbyterian Church
Roswell, New Mexico
May 2019

The Pastor's Reflections 

We Serve a Risen Savior

During our Holy Week Midday Gatherings we had Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodists, Nazarenes, Presbyterians, and folks from other traditions present.  From Monday through Friday of Holy week we gathered for a meal and worship.  The ministers of the five hosting churches preached using one of the chapters of John 13-17 as their focus.  Those chapters comprise Jesus's Farewell Discourse, delivered to his disciples on the night of his arrest.

The disciples are already anxious and afraid: they know (in some way) that he will soon be taken away.  What will they do without him?  Are they to continue his ministry and his message?  And if so, how, if he is not present to guide and encourage them?  These are the questions Jesus addresses in the Farewell Discourse.  Some two thousand years later, we modern-day Jesus followers still rely on his words...

We are to love one another, with the kind of love that seeks the good of the other, that sacrifices, even to the point of death, a very costly kind of love...the kind of love he displayed on the cross...

We are to trust his statement that we will be able to do, in his physical absence, even greater things than he has done (somehow)...that we are to ask his Father for what we need (to carry on his work) in his name, and we will receive it...

We are to trust in the presence and strength of the Advocate, God's Holy Spirit, as we love (sacrificially) and serve and tell...

We are to abide in him, while he is physically absent, just as the branches of a grapevine abide in the vine...without him we can do nothing...

We are to vigorously seek unity, oneness with each other, as we are wrapped in the oneness of himself and his Father...

We are to rest in the peace only he can give, and to be courageous...he has conquered the world...

After his rising, he says to the disciples, amazed at his being among them again, "As the Father has sent me, so I send you."  We are also sent, with the assurance and encouragement and instruction of his final words to his friends.

We serve a risen Savior, and he has told us how we are to carry on.  Let us carry on...with joy and thanksgiving.

Pastor John
The Lord's Supper
Sunday, May 5th
Come celebrate the Feast of the Lord!
If you would like to receive home Communion,
please call the Church Office at 622-4910.  
May Calendar  
May 5th
Communion Worship Service - 10:00am
May 7th
Men's Fellowship Luncheon - Noon,
Peppers Restaurant

May 9th
Deacons Meeting - 5:00pm
May 10th
Church Management Meeting - 7:00am
May 12th Mother's Day!
May 16th
Stated Session Meeting - 5:00pm  
May 27th
Memorial Day Holiday - Church Office Closed
May 30th  Fifth Thursday Potluck Dinner, 6:00pm

Wednesday Breakfast Group - 7:30am,
Martin's Capital Café
Choir Rehearsal - 7:00pm through May 15th
Prayer Group - Noon, Parlor
Every Day
Noon Prayer and Meditation
May Worship Schedule and Scripture Readings
May 5th - The 3rd Sunday of Easter
Acts 9:1-20; Psalm 30; Revelation 5:11-14; John 21:1-19 
May 12th - The 4th Sunday of Easter
Acts 9:36-43; Psalm 23; Revelation 7:9-17, John 10:22-30
May 19th - The 5th Sunday of Easter
Acts 11:1-18; Psalm 148; Revelation 21:1-6; John 13:31-35
May 26th - The 6th Sunday of Easter
Acts 16:9-15; Psalm 67; Revelation 21:10; 21:22-22:5; John 14:23-29 
Read the Scripture passages HERE. 

Serving in May
May 5
Service Elder:  Bill Wolf
Liturgist:  Margo Fullinwider
Phone Message Reader:  Margy Barbour
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Lorrie Miller
Chancel Guild:  Martha Mayer, Deb Prince, Jacqueline Allen, Kate Daniels
May 12
Service Elder:  Deb Prince
Liturgist:  Betty Young
Phone Message Reader:  Ann Ruback
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Rebecca Johnson
Chancel Guild:  Lynn Karnes, Ann Hultman, Connie Wolf 

May 19
Service Elder:  ________
Liturgist:  Bob Carroll
Phone Message Reader:  Matt Hinkle
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Connie Wolf 
Chancel Guild:  Mary Lou Glass, Rebecca Johnson, Roberta Pess
May 26
Service Elder:  _______
Liturgist:  ________
Phone Message Reader:  Mary Lou Glass
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Lorrie Miller 
Chancel Guild:  Wendy Lunsford, Betsy Cunningham, Lucy Tucker

New License Plates and Window Decals!
The Evangelism Committee and Communications Director Joan Arnold have specified and purchased custom FPC license plates.  Pick up your plate (or plates) in the Narthex or drop by the church office.

Car window decals (5x5 inches) will be available soon!
Show your FPC pride!  A great way to start conversations about our church! 
Men's Fellowship Luncheon
Tuesday, May 7th
The Men's Fellowship Luncheon group will meet on Tuesday, May 7th, at noon at Peppers Restaurant.  Women are very welcome!
The guest speaker will be Stella Ross, an Advocate Supervisor for the Roswell Refuge.  Stella will speak about the Refuge's Women's Empowerment Group, Children's Helping Hands Group, and Domestic Violence Offenders Education.  
 Please RSVP to Wayne Glass.
First Presbyterian Church Has a New Website!
Check it out!
Communications Director Joan Arnold built and maintains the site.  Please send website ideas and recommendations to Joan:  

Highlights of the Session Meeting  
April 25, 2019
The Clerk of Session, Bob Kurtz, is pursuing property and liability insurance bids from at least two providers.

Session approved recommendations from the Church Management Committee to replace windows in the pastor's office and to authorize Pena Construction to replace the main entrance steps, repair various sidewalks, replace pavers in the courtyard, install new light pole bases along Kentucky Avenue, and replace the wooden part of the playground fence with chain link fencing.  A new handrail has been installed in the stairwell leading from the choir room to the Sanctuary chancel.

The Nominating Committee continues its work to identify nominees for Session, the Board of Deacons, and the 2019-2020 Nominating Committee.

The Fellowship Committee reported very a very satisfactory Holy Week luncheon, Easter breakfast, and Easter egg hunt.

The Worship Committee reported on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday joint worship services with Westminster Presbyterian Church, and Resurrection Sunday worship.

The Evangelism Committee reported progress on specifying and purchasing car front license plates and window decals for use by FPC members and friends.
2019 Fifth Thursday Potluck Dinners
Fifth Thursday Potluck Dinners are scheduled for the following dates in 2019.  If you would like to host one of these dinners please see or call Karen Bloodhart.
May 30
August 29
October 31
The Chancel Choir Rests Over the Summer
The Chancel Choir will take a well-deserved summer break after Sunday, May 19th, and will resume rehearsal and worship leadership in September.
Wednesday Breakfast Group


You are invited to enjoy breakfast at

Martin's Capitol Café any Wednesday at 7:30am. 


Friday Prayer Group 
The Prayer Group gathers every Friday at noon in the Parlor.  Participants pray for our church and its members, and for our community, nation, and the world.
Come as you are able. Everyone is welcome. Contact Pastor John for more information.
A New Ministry of Prayer

The Sunday bulletin insert will shortly include a new feature: the names of a few members and friends of First Presbyterian, intended to promote prayer for those saints each week.  Each week will feature a new set of families and individuals for us to lift in prayer.  The daily prayer and meditation volunteers and the Friday Prayer Group will also pray for the weekly list of folks.  Join us as we pray through the roll of our friends and members.
Pastor John
Daily Inspirational Phone Message
Start your day with an inspiring message!
(575) 622-4923
A Message from Jeanette Schaffer, Director
Presbyterian Outreach Ministry
May 2019
"He is not here; He has risen, just as He said..." Matthew 28:6
"And God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by 
His power." 1 Cor. 6:14
Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection of our precious Lord, Jesus Christ. What a great reminder of the hope that is instilled in us, in knowing that because He lives, we also find our strength and life in Him. I think it's important for us to know the power of the life that is in us, because, as I'm sure you know, death tries to creep in, in so many ways.  Each of us have had our own experiences with death, but God never intended it to rule over us.  Even if you come to the end of your days on this earth, do not allow death to have victory over you.  Remember these words, Jesus said..., "I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live," John 11:25. 

Featured PC(USA) 
for May
Jim and Jodi McGill  
The McGill's are mission co-workers serving in Niger and South Sudan for the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger (EERN) and for the Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency.
Jim is a facilitator for water and works with the EERN and the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) to ensure sustainability for clean water and sanitation at the community level.  He ensures the church is a strong presence in the rural development of Niger and South Sudan and also an effective advocate for the health of its people.  Jodi works with Sanitation Programs/Nursing and Public Health Educators for EERN in its efforts to create and staff church-run health clinics and to train students in its new nursing school.


May Birthdays!
5th Knox Smith
19th Larry Barbour
20th Susan Hinkle
20th Rachel Mysza
28th Lucy Tucker
31st Leslie Lawner

May Anniversaries!
15th John & Mary Kling
The FPC Board of Deacons and Session
Board of Deacons
Betty Young, Moderator
John Guthrie, Moderator
Bob Carroll
Wayne Bevers
T.K. Cully
Jim Bloodhart
Tracie Edwards
Bob Entrop
Margo Fullinwider
Roy Hayes
Mary Lou Glass
Mike Hunter
Stacye Hunter
Lynn Karnes
Rebecca Johnson 
Bob Kurtz
Martha Mayer
Deb Prince
Lorrie Miller

Roberta Pess

Ann Ruback

Lucy Tucker

Connie Wolf

Wayne Glass, Nanette Schumacher, Joan Arnold, and Wayne Bevers Sunday, March 31st

Saints from several churches in the Southeast Cluster of the Presbytery of Sierra Blanca met for lunch and service at FPC on Saturday, April 6th.  Attendees organized supplies in the storage pantry of Roswell Community Disaster Relief Services (RCDRS).

First Presbyterian hosted the Holy Week Ecumenical Midday Gathering of Roswell churches on Thursday, April 18th.  Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Nazarenes, and others were present.

Westminster Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian Church joined for worship on Good Friday, April 19th. The combined choirs of the two churches performed a cantata entitled "Behold The Darkness" by Benjamin Harlan.  

The Fellowship Committee hosted an Easter Breakfast on April 21st.  Pictured above are Dixie Loy, Ann Ruback, and Joy Kurtz.


The Fellowship Committee hosted an Easter Egg Hunt on April 21st! 

Resurrection Sunday Worship
April 21st
He is Risen!