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First Presbyterian Church
Roswell, New Mexico
September 2018
The Pastor's Reflections 
Confessions of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
The Nicene Creed
As I wrote you last month, over the next year or so I would like to briefly introduce one of the twelve creeds, confessions, statements, and catechisms that comprise the first part of the PC(USA) constitution, our Book of Confessions
The first document in the book is the Nicene Creed, a statement used by many Christian denominations and independent churches worldwide. 
After Emperor Constantine won control of the Roman Empire in 312 AD, he elevated Christianity to favored status in the empire.  However, he found that the church was fractured by theological disputes, and especially conflicting understandings of the nature of Christ.  Some factions claimed that Christ was created by God, and thus his divinity was similar to God's but not of the same essence.  This faction was opposed by another which affirmed that Christ's divinity must be of the same essence as the Father's, or else the church runs the risk of falling into polytheism (believe in multiple gods) and the doctrine that knowing Christ was somehow different from knowing the Father.
Constantine convened a council in Nicaea in 325 AD, and the latter understanding of the nature of Christ (same essence) was written and signed by a majority of the bishops present.  Conflict and disagreement continued in the years to follow, and in 381 AD  a second council met in Constantinople, revising and expanding the 325 creed, which by then was known as the Nicene Creed.
Disagreement over details of the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit continue to this day between Eastern Orthodox churches and churches derived from the Roman Catholic church.  Nevertheless, the Nicene Creed is affirmed and used worldwide by Christians of all kinds and types.
The creed is explicitly Trinitarian, with a section dedicated to each of the three Persons of the Trinity.  The section dedicated to the Son is understandably the most detailed, and the longest. 
Next month: the Apostles' Creed. 
Peace and joy, 
Pastor John
Communion Sunday
September 2nd

Come celebrate the Feast of the Lord!
If you would like to receive home Communion,
please call the Church Office at 622-4910. 
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September Calendar 
September 3rd
Labor Day Holiday - Church Office Closed
September 4th
Men's Fellowship Luncheon - Noon,  
Peppers Restaurant
September 6th
Deacons' Meeting - 5:00pm
September 7th
Church Management Committee -
7:00am, Cerritos Restaurant 
September 20th
Session Meeting at 5:30pm, Library
September 23rd
First Day of Autumn!
September 23rd
Stewardship Season Begins
September 26th
Pot Luck Dinner - 6:00pm, Hitchcock home
September 28th
Community Kitchen Crew - 9:15am
Sept 28-29 
Presbytery Meeting - Ancho and Corona
Wednesday Breakfast Group - 7:30am,
Martin's Capital Café
Choir Rehearsal - 7:00pm, Choir Room
Prayer Group - Noon, Parlor
September Worship Schedul e
Scripture Readings
September 2nd, the 15th Sunday after Pentecost
Celebration of the Lord's Supper
Song of Solomon 2:8-13; Psalm 45:1-2, 6-9; James 1:17-27
Mark 7:1-23 

September 9th, the 16th Sunday after Pentecost
Proverbs 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23; Psalm 125
James 2:1-17; Mark 7:24-37
September 16th, the 17th Sunday after Pentecost
Proverbs 1:20-33; Psalm 19; James 3:1-12;
Mark 8:27-38 
September 23rd, the 18th Sunday after Pentecost
Proverbs 31:10-31; Psalm 1; James 3:13-4:8
Mark 9:30-37 
September 30th, the 19th Sunday after Pentecost 
Esther 7:1-10; 9:20-22; Psalm 124; James 5:13-20
Mark 9:38-50
Scripture readings are subject to change for Stewardship Season, September 23 to October 14.   
Read the Scripture passages HERE.
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Serving in September
September 2nd
Service Elder:  Deb Prince
Liturgist:  Betty Young
Phone Message Reader:  Bill Wolf
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Connie Wolf
Chancel Guild:  Martha Mayer, Deb Prince
September 9th
Service Elder:   ________
Liturgist:  Kalith Smith
Phone Message Reader:  Paula Grieves
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  ________
Chancel Guild:  Lynn Karnes, Ann Hultman, Connie Wolf

September 16th
Service Elder:  Deb Prince
Liturgist:   Sally Anderson
Phone Message Reader:  Mary Hubbard
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  ________
Chancel Guild:  Mary Lou Glass, Rebecca Johnson, Roberta Pess

September 23rd
Service Elder:  Bob Kurtz
Liturgist:  Betty Young
Phone Message Reader:  Margo Fullinwider
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  ________
Chancel Guild:  Wendy Lunsford, Betsy Cunningham, Lucy Tucker

September 30th
Service Elder:  Bill Wolf
Liturgist:  Deb Prince
Phone Message Reader:  Michele Hillman
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  ________
Chancel Guild:  Margo Fullinwider, Martha Brown, Brenna Smith

Passing of the Rev. Dr. Hugh Burroughs
We have received word that Dr. Hugh Burroughs, Pastor of FPC from 2003 through 2012, has died.  Please hold Dr. Burroughs' wife, Gail, in your prayers, along with other family members and all who will be grieving his passing.
We give thanks for Dr. Burroughs' dedicated and faithful service to FPC-Roswell.  Christ said, "Because I live, you also shall live." 

Stewardship Season 2018
"Again, I say, Rejoice!" 
The season of stewardship for First Presbyterian Church will begin on Sunday, September 23 and conclude on Sunday, October 14.  On that concluding Sunday, Celebration Sunday, we will enjoy a catered luncheon in the Fellowship Hall following worship.  Please plan to be there!

We will not be mailing out pledge cards in advance this year; they will be available instead on Celebration Sunday.  In the meantime, please be praying and thinking about your pledge of giving to God, through our church, for 2018.  After Celebration Sunday we will mail cards to any individuals or families we miss on that date. 
The theme for Stewardship 2018 is drawn from Paul's letter to the Philippians (4:4):
"Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice!"
Earlier this year I joined with some FPC saints in a study of the Philippians letter.  In chapter 3 Paul writes this:
I regard everything as loss because of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things, and I regard them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but one that comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God based on faith.
Paul counts all of his achievements and his impeccable Jewish pedigree as so much garbage, compared to the value of knowing Christ, being found in Christ.  Paul finds value and merit only in this enterprise, and it is in pursuing this relationship that he finds authentic joy.  I pray the same for each one of you, and for myself.  Christ is the only true treasure. 
Rejoice in the Lord always!  Again, I say, rejoice! 
Pastor John  
New Email Addresses!
The office staff has new email addresses...  
Church Office:
Pastor John Guthrie: 
Admin Assistant Nova Rogers: 
Please update your email address book.  Thank you!  __________________
Pastor John Would Love
to Have Coffee or Lunch with You!
Call, text, or email him to set up an appointment!
New Bible Study for Adults
Pastor John will begin a new Bible study in September: "Disciple Fast Track: Bible Study for Busy Lives."  This study is a 24-week enterprise, with 12 weeks dedicated each to the Old Testament (in the fall of 2018) and the New Testament (in the spring of 2019). The class will meet on Mondays at 5:15pm.
Disciple is a high-commitment, high benefit study.  Participants will covenant to be faithful in preparation (roughly an hour a day), in attendance, and in participation.  It is understood that folks travel and sometimes fall ill, but barring those kinds of events, consistent preparation and participation is expected from all participants.
That's a high commitment.  What's the benefit?  Potentially, a giant leap forward in a participant's faith journey and commitment to Christ.  Potentially, a life-changing experience.  Ask Pastor John: he has had that kind of experience with Disciple.
Ready for the Spirit to do something astounding in your life?  Join us for Disciple Fast Track

Featured PC(USA)             
Mission Co-workers
for September
Bob and Kristi Rice
Bob and Kristi began in January 2010 as mission workers of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they served with the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC) as consultants and colleagues with an active involvement in visioning and implementing new initiatives in Christian education and evangelism, and assisting in the areas of reconciliation, care for vulnerable children, and helping community development initiatives seeking to lift up the poor.
In May 2017, they began a new role and call in South Sudan. Bob serves as an instructor at Nile Theological College and teaches a broad range of courses in theology and biblical studies.  Kristi serves as an economic and development advisor for the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church.  They live in Juba, the capital city.
Read more about the Rice's ministry HERE

Chancel Choir Rehearsals Resuming 
The Chancel Choir will resume rehearsals on Wednesday, September 5th, at 7:00pm in the Choir Room.  Please contact Ralph Kaler, Music Director, at the Church Office at (575) 622-4910 for more information.  New choir members are very welcome!  The Choir will resume worship leadership on Sunday, September 16th.
Men's Fellowship Luncheon Group Meets
Tuesday, September 4th 
The Men's Fellowship Luncheon Group will meet on Tuesday, September 4th, at noon at Peppers Restaurant.  Women are very welcome, too!
The guest speaker will be Chad Smith, Assistant Vice President of Technical Education at ENMU-Roswell.  He will be talking about the new "I Center" and will bring some samples of items made with 3D printers.

Please RSVP to Wayne Glass or call him for more information.
Wednesday Breakfast Group


You are invited to enjoy breakfast at

Martin's Capitol Café every Wednesday at 7:30am. 

See you there!



Prayer Group 
The Prayer Group gathers every Friday at noon in the Parlor.  Participants pray for our church and its members, and for our community, nation, and the world.
Come as you are able; everyone is welcome. Contact Pastor John for more information.
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August 2018 Session Retreat
The FPC Session met on Saturday, August 25 in order to consider regular business and also to "retreat," for training and some strategic planning.
Church Management Committee (Elders Lynn Karnes and Jim Bloodhart) Church Management reported on current building/property projects: roof/flashing/skylight repair (due to 2017 hail damage), exterior brick repair, front entrance tile repair, exterior lighting on Kentucky Street, the playground fence, replacement of the marquee sign at Kentucky and Third, and parking lot repair and resealing.
Worship Committee (Elder Bob Entrop).  Choir rehearsals resume September 5; first Choir participation in worship on September 23.
Personnel Committee (Elder Bob Kurtz).  Custodian Joe Fuentes had knee replacement surgery on July 31.  Joe is recovering well.  Joe's granddaughter, Miranda Fuentes, continues to provide custodial services during his absence.
Fellowship Committee (Elders Lynn Karnes & Deb Prince).  The  (catered) Stewardship Season Celebration Luncheon is schedules for Sunday, October 14.  A Holiday Luncheon is tentatively planned for November/December.  Christmas Eve refreshments are also planned.
Christian Education Committee (Elders Abie Smith and Roy Hayes).  The Pastor will lead a class for adults called "Disciple Fast Track" for twelve weeks beginning in September. 
Stewardship Committee (Pastor John Guthrie).  John reported on plans for the Stewardship Season, September 23 to October 14.  Components of this ministry are letters to the congregation from the Pastor, "Moments for Stewardship" before worship, stewardship-related sermons, thank you notes from the Pastor, and a catered Celebration Sunday luncheon arranged by the Fellowship Committee.
Other Business.  New risers for the choir are under construction.  A draft emergency action plan (for emergencies such as storms and armed intruders) will be complete soon.
New Session Committee/Ministry Assignments.  Some new and some continuing committee/ministry assignments were made for the current Session members.  See those assignments in a separate article in this newsletter.
Training for Elders: "Ten Things Ruling Elders Should Know."  Including topics like being called to service, Presbyterian polity, elders as commissioners (not delegates), the PC(USA) constitution, and our connections to other PC(USA) churches, our presbytery, our synod, and the national church.
Planning.  Some proposals for new directions/initiatives: new/improved building signage, a new website, more effective use of social media, audio recordings of worship services, complete renovation of the hallway restrooms, a new photographic directory, a midweek ministry for children, and hiring a part-time Director of Communications.  These proposals will be pursued as personnel, volunteer, and financial resources allow.
________ __________________ 
Session Committee/Ministry Assignments

Christian Education
John Guthrie (Abie Smith assisting)
Bob Entrop (Wayne Bevers assisting)
Lynn Karnes (Deb Prince assisting)
Deb Prince (Bob Entrop assisting)
Abie Smith
Bob Kurtz
Church Management
Jim Bloodhart (Lynn Karnes and Roy Hayes assisting)
Mike Hunter
Presbytery Commissioners
Bob Kurtz and Mike Hunter
Clerk of  Session
Bob Kurtz

Peace & Global Witness Special Offering!
Now may the Lord of peace...give you peace at all times in all ways.  
(2 Thessalonians 3:16)

The Peace & Global Witness Offering of the Presbyterian Church (USA) provides the tools and resources for active peacemakers, at all times, in all ways.   The offering will be collected on Sunday, October 7th.

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Daily Inspirational Phone Message
Start your day with an inspiring message!
(575) 622-4923


September Birthdays!
4th T.K. Cully
6th Nancy Barbour
Margy Barbour
Martha Brown
7th Karen Bloodhart
Mary Lou Glass
Sara Montgomery
12th B.J. Johnson
Kate Williams
Helen Ferrell
Debbie Fallon
Lynn Karnes
John Kling
25th Carlton Edwards
Betty Miller
Andy Miller
27th Michele Hillman
28th Melinda Creamer

September Anniversaries!
24th Doug & Wendy Lunsford
Joan Arnold and Wayne Beavers singing
"His Eye is on the Sparrow" on
Sunday, August 19th.
  The new handrail on the Chancel
(installed by Jim Bloodhart, Mark Daniels, and Kate Daniels) 
The New Community Kitchen is Open! 
114 East Bland Street
Pastor John Guthrie, Bob Carroll, Connie Wolf, and Matt Hinkle serve on August 24th.  Photo courtesy of Lynn Karnes.