The 2019 FRA Awards Program is Now Open! 

The FRA Awards are back, better than ever and ready for your entries! 

Celebrating the most innovative and effective redevelopment programs in Florida, the FRA Awards honor the hard  work  and dedication of individuals, communities and professionals striving to make our state a better place. 

Along with our usual 13 categories, this year we are giving special consideration to small projects and programs. W hether your entry is a small part of a larger redevelopment program or a larger part of a small redevelopment program, make sure to check the box if you qualify to be considered for this additional category.

Mark your calendar - the deadline to submit your entry for the 2019 FRA Awards Program is June 17, 2019!
Redevelopment Advocates Voice their Support for CRAs

In an op-ed recently featured in the Northwest Florida Daily News, Fort Walton Beach City Manager Michael Beedie highlights the importance of local CRAs to cities across the state and voices his concerns with the many CRA limitations proposed in  CS/HB 9  and  CS/SB 1054 .

He writes:

"Community redevelopment plans that are created and implemented by CRAs are uniquely designed to address that area's specific needs for revitalization. Without CRAs, cities will lose an important economic development tool that helps create jobs, promote safety, increase and maintain workforce housing, and improve infrastructure. I urge Florida lawmakers to protect CRAs and the progress they have made throughout Fort Walton Beach and the rest of Florida."

With Florida's legislative session ending soon, time is running out. We encourage FRA members and CRA advocates to continue reaching out to lawmakers and urging them to protect our CRAs.

For messaging points and sample letters, visit our Redevelopment Works page.

To read Michael's op-ed, click here. 
The Latest RFPs and RFQs 

Search the latest RFPs and RFQs in the state of Florida,  here.

Development and Disposition of CRA Properties - D elray Beac h

The Delray Beach CRA has issued a request for proposal  from a qualified, not-for-profit entity for the purpose of creating affordable/workforce housing for 10 residential properties located within the SW Neighborhood of the CRA district.

To view the full request,   click here.
Annual Conference Scam Reminder
FRA staff, members and those registered for the annual conference have  received several scam calls regarding hotel reservations and rates.

The scammers have asked for conference information, hotel details and contact information, so you can sign-up for a "special rate." Please do not give them any of this information. 

If you are contacted by anyone other than Samantha Pedrosa regarding hotel reservations for the conference (via phone OR email), please disregard the contact as it will be a scam.

For official conference information,  click here
CRAs: Everything You Need to Know 

Are you looking to provide your team with the most comprehensive CRA training?

MyFRA provides a "CRA Boot Camp" to give you and your team CRA basics and best practices.

This 54-page CRA training guide covers everything from how redevelopment works to how to be an effective CRA leader, along with many more helpful tips.

To access the CRA boot camp training guide, click here.

If you're interested in joining MyFRA, click here.
Show Your Support for Redevelopment By:


Reaching out to Florida lawmakers to voice your opposition to HB 9 and SB 1054. For talking points, sample letters and other valuable resources, click here.
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