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A Message From Mr. Robert Goodall
Monroe Township School District Acting Superintendent

On behalf of the entire Monroe Township School District, we want to wish a Happy New Year to our families and friends in Monroe Township and Jamesburg.
On March 12, 2019, the community will have the opportunity to VOTE on a referendum to build a new 1000 student, second middle school on Applegarth Road and a 1000 student addition to our high school. The high school addition can only be approved if the middle school project is approved. The Referendum Fact Sheet provides details on the projects and a tax impact analysis for appraised home values for each project. If passed successfully, the middle school project is expected to open for students in September 2022 and the high school project in December 2022.
The referendum is designed to prioritize the building of our new middle school, which is currently operating beyond its functional capacity and has already required the installation of 10 temporary leased classroom trailers. The projections for continued student enrollment forecasts growth beyond 2000 students in the next 5-10 years, so the need to provide permanent classroom space is imperative. The high school is also operating beyond its functional capacity and is projected to experience student enrollment growth beyond 3000 students in the next 5-10 years. The high school has been able to manage without the need for classroom trailers until this point; however, unless permanent classroom space is provided, the high school will also require trailer installations in the near future. Classroom trailers are extremely expensive to lease and operate, potentially impacting valuable student programs in the operating budget. The current overcrowding is creating an environment of unproductive class sizes in core academic courses, including science labs, mathematics and language arts courses.
The district administration will distribute referendum information to residents so they can make an informed decision on their referendum vote. We are strongly encouraging residents to follow our district social media sites for factual information on the referendum.
If you have any further questions on our referendum projects please contact me at 732.521.2111, extension #5224. Please mark your calendar to Vote on March 12, 2019.
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Applegarth 9:05 am - 3:34 pm
Barclay Brook 9:05 am - 3:34 pm
Brookside 9:05 am - 3:34 pm
Mill Lake 8:50 am - 3:19 pm
Monroe Township High School 7:27 am - 2:00 pm
Monroe Township Middle School 8:10 am - 2:39 pm
Oak Tree 8:55 am - 3:24 pm
Woodland 8:10 am - 2:39 pm
January 1-2, 2019
All Schools Closed 
January 18, 2019
Staff In-Service-4 Hour Session for Students
January 21, 2019
All Schools Closed 
Monroe Township School District

January 23, 2019

Board of Education meetings are held at 
Monroe Township High School in the Media Center at 7:00pm

Committee meetings will be held on January 15, 2019
Committee meetings are held at the Board office
 Personnel - 4:00pm  (*Not open to the public)
Building Grounds & Transportation - 5:00pm 
Policy - 6:00pm
 Finance - 7:00pm

Curriculum Committee Meeting
February 13, 2019 at 5:30pm
held at Monroe Township High School  in the
Media Center conference room

Educational Advocacy Committee Meeting
January 22, 2019 - 5:00pm 
held at the Board office

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2019 Board Members
Ms. Kathy Kolupanowich, Board President
Mr. Steven Riback, Vice President
Ms. Michele Arminio
Mr. Ken Chiarella
Ms. Jill DeMaio
Ms. Patricia Lang
Mr. Andy Paluri
Ms. Rupa Siegel
Mr. Peter Tufano

Jamesburg Representative
Mr. Paul Rutsky

Student Board Members
Ms. Sreeja Mamillapalli
Mr. Manan Shah
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Happy Holidays from Woodland School!
Over the past several years, Rosanna DiLieto from the Woodland Mill Lake PTO has been decorating the halls of the school for the holiday!  This year's theme is taken from the book, "Snowmen at Night" by Caralyn Buehner and Illustrated by Mark Buehner.
In addition, our 5th grade students from Character Crew, facilitated by Ms. Danielle Kutcher, 5th grade teacher and Mrs. Jamie Newcomb, School Counselor, assembled "Calming Caddy's" for teachers at Woodland School.  Each caddy contains items used to help students become calm and self-regulate, including Yoga 4 Classrooms breathing cards, stress balls, mindful jars and fidget spinners.  

Fall STEM Portfolio Workshop

On Tuesday, December 4, more than 25 students in the class of 2020 and 2021 STEM Academy, interested in pursuing careers in STEM-related fields along with 15 teachers participated in the Fall STEM Portfolio Workshop. The topics that were part of this unique event included networking, portfolio development and branding yourself for a STEM-based career. This event continued a multi-year effort of teacher-lead project-based activities and one-on-one mentorship to STEM students as they develop their personal digital portfolio. Thanks goes out to the teachers that participated in this very special event, including Sharon DeMarco (Language Arts), Vanitha Gaurishanker (Engineering), Eugene Giaquinto (Business), Victoria Giblin (Special Education), Nicole Gross (Language Arts), Nicolette Hommer (Mathematics),  Larissa Miller (Video Production), George Pangalos (Science), Megan Price (Language Arts), Kelly Rick (Science), Tim Riesz (Science), Pete Ruckdeschel (Mathematics), Varsha Sharma (Science), and Richard Suhr (Mathematics), which was developed and coordinated by Mark Stranieri (Science) and Terri Weiss (Business). 

Monroe Township UNIFIED Program

The Monroe Township High School Unified programs have earned the honor of being recognized by the Special Olympics New Jersey as the Unified School of the Year and the Special Olympics National as a National Unified Champion school.  Our unified programs have grown tremendously at MTHS. We have very unique unified offerings which includes two Unified PE Classes (Falcon P.A.L.S.), a 18-21-year-old Community Based Fitness Unified class. Our Unified PE classes are used as a model program for the Special Olympics NJ. New to our program this year is an amazing unified music appreciation class which offers a cutting-edge approach to inclusion through music and our unified "living on your own class" which provides students with the skills needed to flourish as adults. All of the unified classes in our program are being sought out to be implemented in schools across the North East.
Our unified activities carry over into after school with various clubs and sports. Our unified club, Project F.U.N. (Falcons Unified Now), UP (unified partnership) Dance and UP fitness which includes yoga, Zumba and strength training. We also over three unified athletic teams which include, soccer, basketball and track and field.

We are extending our UP programs to the elementary schools with the help of our 18-21-year-old unified CBF class and our senior Falcon P.A.L.S. we will be visiting our lower level schools to conduct activities that engage students with intellectual disabilities in a unified setting with their "typical" peers.

Our philosophy at MTHS is to afford every student the opportunity to engage in activities that will help them grow and thrive in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  We believe that every student has the right to have fun and learn together
Ms. Kathleen Dillon
Coordinator of Health and Physical Education
Unified Physical Education Instructor

>During the week of November 12, Ms. Montgomery's 8th grade Computer Science students enjoyed participating in the 2018 Code-a-thon sponsored by

>MTMS PTO sponsored a book fair November 26th-30th in the PAC Lobby. All students had the opportunity to visit the book fair and make purchases.
>Sixth graders in Ms. Montgomery's Computer Literacy 1st marking period cycle finished up their time in class by completing a Breakout.  Students had to use clues to find the Mastermind's hidden stash! They had to use cooperation, collaboration and problem solving skills to solve clues to open locks.  Great job to everyone involved!
>"Knock, Knock, Bring the Socks!" The MTMS Builders Club will be sponsoring a sock drive for two weeks beginning this Thursday, December 6. Students are asked to bring in new pairs of socks. They can be colorful, decorative, or just simple and warm. The socks will be donated through local churches in coordination with Social Ministry.

>MTMS's Mrs. Levine, School Counselor and Ms. Consiglio's World Cultures class facilitated a yoga and mindfulness lesson.  Students were engaged and excited to talk about ways yoga and mindfulness helps them calm down their bodies when they are feeling different types of stress.

>On December 4th, Mrs. McAdams and Mrs. Nguyen's classes presented their Polis Projects to each other - did an awesome job creating a new Greek city-state from the ground up! Heard lots of creative and informative details about their polis's to recruit new citizens! Awesome job Team Alpha & Team Inspire! Looking forward to the text co-team project à Julius Caesar Mock Trial!
>The MTMS Science Olympiad team, moderated by Mr. Mike Cappo and Ms. Jacquie Hong, will be competing in their first Science Competition on January 10, 2019 at Camden County College. The events span all branches of science at the middle-school level. To all of our participants: Break a leg!
>Professoressa Mari-Celeste Massaro, MTMS Italian teacher, visited Guatemala during the November break as a delegate and translator for her church. Their mission was to help people develop the skills for starting and owning businesses, with the goal to be self-sufficient. MTMS is very proud of Ms. Massaro's service mission!

>Five of Mrs. Nina Schmetterer's 8th grade chorus students, Gargi Chitre, Anjana Kottaiveedu, Nidhi Nimmala, Ishani Rameshbabu, and Jordan Viszoki were accepted into the OAKE (Organization of American Kodaly Educators) National Youth Choir. On December 19th, Mrs. Schmetterer and her students will be recognized by the Board of Education. Congratulations!
>Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), December 3rd-December 7th, is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science.  Students in Ms. Montgomery's 6th grade Computer Literacy class, 8th grade Computer Science class and after school Programming Club celebrated the week by participating in the Hour of Code!  6th graders and the Programming Club explored sites that were listed on  8th graders spent their class time programming Sphero robots to play Bocce and Bowling! All involved students had a great time experimenting with different codes!

>Congratulations to Mrs. Nina Schmetterer and the MTMS Chorus for a fabulous winter concert held on December 12th in the PAC!
Congratulations to the sixth grade cast of Harmony High on a wonderful performance! You brought fun, excitement, and 100% cheese factor to the stage on Friday, December 7th!
>Congratulations to the 148 sixth grade students who performed in the first MTMS winter concert of 2018 on December 10th! The students rehearsed and performed a variety of pieces for their friends and family.
>On November 13th, MTMS STEM TAG students participated in the AMC 8 mathematics competition for middle school students. The MAA's American Mathematics Competitions (MAA AMC) program leads the nation in strengthening the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem-solvers. The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development of problem-solving skills. Congratulations to our 2018 AMC 8 winners!

In a tie for the Bronze, 3rd Place, with 14 correct solutions:
Pranet Pudale, Rithvik Mattipalli, Amrinpreet Sohpal, Marc DeBrito
In a tie for the Silver, 2nd Place, with 15 correct solutions:
Aarush Desai, Nabeel Zafar, Emily Bai
Our 1st Place, Gold winner is Arjun Yadalla with 16 correct solutions.
Both our 1st and 2nd place winner's scores placed them in the top 5% nationally. Congratulations to all!

Upcoming Events:
December 18                        
Winter Band Concert - Gr 7/8 - 7:00-9:00 PAC, All percussion/Jazz Ensemble

January 10               
Winter Band Concert, Gr 7/8, 7:00-9:00 PAC, Concert band  (Snow Date, 1/17)

January 18               
Honor Society Induction Ceremony, 8:00-12:10, PAC

January 25               
Winter Pep Rally-Activity Bell Schedule

The Monroe Township Special Education Parent Advisory Group along with members of the Mill Lake Staff hosted a wonderful evening where students from Mill Lake, Barclay Brook, and Oak Tree had a night filled with fun games and laughter. High school students from the Unified UP program and members of the 3 rd  grade student council at Mill Lake joined in on the fun as well. District Administration, members of the Board of the Education, and parents and guardians were able to witness inclusive, fun-filled activities that were scheduled throughout the evening. This evening showcased that the work we do during the school day with the PALs program has truly promoted a sense of community. All in all, it was a wonderful district event that was enjoyed by all.                                                                                                                          


Hear ye, hear ye! Brookside fourth graders were recently sent back in time to the Colonial period. Students and teachers dressed as colonial people including wigs and buckles on their shoes. They traveled throughout the fourth grade classes to learn about the games, trades, and clothing of that time. Students also danced and learned about the buildings and the quilts from Colonial times.  According to one student the highlight of the day was dancing, "It was so fun to dance around and learn the steps. It was so much fun." Other students loved the costume contest where they dressed the part. "I love seeing the students in handmade wigs and tri-cornered hats. The best part of the day is the chatter at the end of the day because you can tell what a success the day was!" said Ms. Cruz.
The third grade students at Brookside are thankful! To get in the spirit of giving, we participated in a Thanksgiving Rotation. Each activity challenged the students in different ways. Some of the activities the students participated in were Thanksgiving Yoga, Disguise the Turkey, a Scavenger Hunt, Native American Picture Writing, Kahoot Trivia, and an I Have Who Has game! Each classroom hosted one of these activities and the students rotated around for a day of education and fun!

Oak Tree's First Annual 3 rd
Grade Native American Day!
This year, the third grade teachers decided to team up and plan a morning dedicated to learning about Native Americans! The 3rd graders rotated through stations created and instructed by the third grade team! Students read informational passages about who the Native Americans were and how they lived. They also were able to see some awesome pictures of the different types of homes they lived in and the clothes they wore. These lucky 3rd graders even had the chance to create their own totem pole and build a Native American longhouse during an exciting Makerspace challenge! It was such a fun filled day of learning!

"Two Schools, One Mission"
By: Amanda McGarry, Kimberly Synarski, Ashley Lizzio, Tara Palino
When you drive down Applegarth Road, you will find two schools facing one
 another. On one side is Oak Tree Elementary School, which houses students from grades Pre-K to third. One the other side you will find Applegarth
 Elementary, which houses students in grades four and five. We are two schools with one very important mission. That mission is to help spread holiday cheer to those in need.

During the month of December, Applegarth and Oak Tree 
Elem entary  Schools worked together to host our annual holiday gift drive to collect donations for over 100 children across Middlesex County, some of 
whom reside in Monroe Township. Student Council members at both schools helped organize and run the gift drive. Homeroom representatives were 
responsible  for decorating the halls with posters, speaking to classrooms and organizing gifts. Teachers and staff members worked diligently to ensure all gifts were wrapped and ready for children to open.

For the past several years, Student Council has worked alongside an outside organization called "The Odd Fellows." This organization hosts an annual
 holiday party where those in need are able to enjoy a nice meal, play games  and relax amongst good company. The gifts collected during the gift drive are then dispersed to the children in attendance. The room is quickly filled with children laughing and screeches of excitement as they open presents.

At the end of the gift drive, our mission is complete. Together, we have successfully spread holiday cheer to those who truly may need it the most.

Fourth Grade Thanksgiving Carousel at Applegarth School
Did you hear gobbling noises coming from Applegarth School?  Applegarth fourth graders got to take part in a fantastic day of learning and traveling around to different classrooms to learn more about Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving.  Students learned the movements of a Native American rain dance designed to bring rains for their crops. With a rain stick and a gourd instrument, students added a beat to the beautiful music of the dance.  Students created turkey gobblers with cups and string, and using a wet paper towel, made a whole chorus of gobbles! In other classrooms, students played a competitive Native American stick toss game. Finally, students made a Native American satchel with yarn and brown bags, decorated with native symbols.  
Fourth grade teachers dressed up in native clothing to add an authentic aura to the exciting day.  What an engaging celebration of our history in the fourth grade!
Hour of Code Night at Oak Tree
    The Hour of Code, an introduction to computer science, is a worldwide movement that takes place during the week of December 3-9 th , 2018 Computer Science Education Week.   But Hour of Code can be completed all year round. Here at Oak Tree, teachers incorporate coding activities both in the classroom setting and in our Makerspace throughout the school year. This year second grade teachers John Gleason and Stephanie Chin hosted an Hour of Code Night on December 6, inviting students and their parents to explore coding. Parents worked side by side with their child coding through various challenges. It was an incredible turnout in which participants could learn the basics in a fun interactive way.


"Place your compassion cards here, 
to help spread some winter cheer!"

The words above are all too familiar for the students at Oak Tree School for Compassion was our Word of the Month in December. Students learn that compassion means caring about others and doing things to help others feel happy. We emphasize how great it feels to be able to put a smile on someone's face. Beginning in December and lasting throughout the winter months, students can write "Compassion Cards" to any student or staff member in the building.

First, each student receives a compassion card written by someone in their class, during their guidance lessons in December. Students are asked to write about "inside traits" or thank someone for something they have done. Students understand that writing about how people are "on the inside" or things that they are good at, makes them feel the best. Students are encouraged to especially write to others who may have had a bad day or may need some extra cheering up. The compassion cards that students send to one another are truly heart-warming. We have found that this is another great way to connect our school so that we feel like one big family that cares and respects each other. Students can certainly see that "showing compassion is good for others and good for you too!"


49 FBLA members placed in 24 events at the FBLA RCE (Regional Competitive Events) in December 2018. These students qualified to compete at the  FBLA SLC (State Leadership Conference) in March 2019 in Atlantic City, NJ.
We are beyond proud of their achievements, dedication, leadership and success! Please see the FINAL RESULT list below, broken down by Monroe Township event/award winners, who placed in each event.
Congratulations to all on a job well done! 

EVENT First Name Last Name Place Qualifier
Computer Problem Solving Paul Barsa 1 State Qualifier
Management Information Systems Shreya
1 State Qualifier
Organizational Leadership Saanya Lingineni 1 State Qualifier
Computer Applications Megha Jain 2 State Qualifier
Journalism Melissa Tan 2 State Qualifier
Networking Concepts Abahy Sheshadri 2 State Qualifier
Business Communications Adit Mandadi 3 State Qualifier
Database Design & Development Nikhil Ghate 3 State Qualifier
Entrepreneurship Pranav
3 State Qualifier
Help Desk Bhakti Ramani 3 State Qualifier
Hospitality Management Riyana
3 State Qualifier
Insurance Risk & Management Soham Patel 3 State Qualifier
Introduction to Business Procedures Thanmayee Kavuri 3 State Qualifier
Introduction to Financial Math Jason Chin 3 State Qualifier
Networking Concepts Naveen Gedupoori 3 State Qualifier
Organizational Leadership Monisha Kapadia 3 State Qualifier
Computer Applications Pranav Polasam 4 State Qualifier
Help Desk Hanna Zelcer 4 State Qualifier
Journalism Riya Patel 4 State Qualifier
Management Information Systems Aman
4 State Qualifier
Management Information Systems Vidhi
5 State Qualifier
Network Design Ishani
Anklesaria Gundlapalli
5 State Qualifier
Organizational Leadership Dhruv Reddy 5 State Qualifier
Political Science Ria Patel 5 State Qualifier
Business Communications Sarina Kapadia 6 State Qualifier
Help Desk Hari Koppuri 6 State Qualifier
Insurance Risk & Management Misaal Singh 6 State Qualifier
Journalism Seva Soni 6 State Qualifier
Word Processing Jack Farina 6 State Qualifier
Economics Nikola Daninski 7 State Qualifier
Help Desk Gina Scalero 7 State Qualifier
Introduction to Information Technology Keerthana Talla 7 State Qualifier
Networking Concepts Harshit Gupta 7 State Qualifier
Business Law Saahithi Dantuluri 8 State Qualifier
Computer Applications Anirudha Uppugunduri 8 State Qualifier
Healthcare Administration Pranathi Miryala 8 State Qualifier
Introduction to Business Samarth Sharma 8 State Qualifier
Introduction to Business Procedures Shelly Singhvi 8 State Qualifier
Networking Concepts Navya Malapanagudi 8 State Qualifier
Personal Finance Karan Nayak 8 State Qualifier
Securities & Investments Rushil Parikh 8 State Qualifier

 FBLA is directed by Ms. Deanna Dale and operates within 
the Department for the Applied Arts and Careers Technology
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