The December 2020 Newsletter

This issue of the Athletes Connected newsletter is dedicated to U-M swimmer Ian Miskelley, who passed away in September.
Athletes Connected Unveils College Athlete
Mental Health Program Manual
To address the growing concern for college athlete mental health, requests by other institutions, and to promote general well-being, the University of Michigan’s Athletes Connected program has created a first-of-its-kind manual to aid in this quest.

The College Athlete Mental Health Program Manual, unveiled Tuesday, Dec. 8, is a roadmap to create programming and assist college athletes. [ Read More ]
Athletes Connected Welcomes U-M School of Social Work
Athletes Connected is proud to announce new collaborative partner, the University of Michigan School of Social Work. Athletes Connected continues to be supported by the U-M Athletic Department, the U-M Depression Center. The SSW will lead the research component of the program.
Q&A: Rower Ally Eggleton
U-M rowing senior Ally Eggleton is serving as the SAAC mental health liaison this year. She shares her thoughts on mental health, wanting to help others and coping with the pandemic. [ Learn More ]

“I’m so lucky because through athletics, the mental health resources are superb. The Athletics Counseling Team (ACT) has been so crucial to my success. Whenever I need something or I have a bad day I can shoot my counselor a text she gets right back to me, either to schedule an appointment or with words of encouragement."
Managing Long-Term Stress, Fatigue and Trauma
Uncertainty is often accompanied by stress. Loss is often accompanied by trauma. And prolonged stress often comes with fatigue. We provide some tips to recognize the signs and make positive decisions. [ Read More ]
The Unavoidable Worry of the Unknown
The sports world is handling the pandemic in different ways. We provide some questions to consider to help determine whether your worry is useful, or if it is only serving to increase anxiety levels. [ Read More ]

Ninety-six percent of student-athletes reported agreeing with the statement, “I know which resources are available if I needed support for mental or emotional health.”
Athletes Connected and Athletic Counseling support athletes during pandemic
The Michigan Daily featured Athletes Connected and Athletics Counseling support for student-athletes during the pandemic. [ Read More ]
  • In September, former U-M hockey forward Tyler Motte shared his story with The Vancouver Canucks star hope to inspire others to discuss their mental health.
  • "I achieved my wildest dreams. Then depression hit." Alexi Pappas's story was chronicled by the New York Times.
  • Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst wanted everything to be over, but he was given a second chance in life. [ Part 1 | Part 2 ]
  • Fifteen-year-old Morgan Urso disclosed her battle with mental health, but her state's hockey association gave her poor advice. She fought back, and learned she's not alone. Read her story on
  • Kayla McBride penned her story, "It's OK to Fall Apart," in The Players Tribune
ACC schools ramp up mental health service access
ACC schools like Pitt and UNC have worked hard to make their student-athletes aware that it’s okay to not be okay and that seeking help is a sign of strength. [ Read More ]
Murray State SAAC celebrates mental health awareness week
During the week of Oct. 5, Murray State student-athletes used Instagram to let the Racer Nation know that no one is alone, as well as offering some tips about managing stress and mental health. [ Read More ]
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